Monday, May 11, 2015

The Great Mother

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Growing up, every guy has his favorite superhero. When I was young, I was crazy about Spider-Man. I wanted to be like him, throw webs and combat crime. It took me 21 years to realize that, even if Spider-Man is undoubtedly the coolest superhero, I had the strongest superhero in front of me for all my life, and that is you, my mother.

When I take a step back and start to analyze my life as a whole then I realize the difficulties, the ups and downs, and all the problems in which you have helped me make me the person that I am today.

Many people of my age are afraid to show their true feelings. They are afraid of being ridiculed or being seen as too sweet by peers and friends. But I believe that if someone really means something to me, he or she must be informed as often as possible. That she needs to know the value that she has in your life and how much you appreciate it.

Today I am writing this letter to let you know my mother how important you are for me and I hope that by reading many more sons and daughters will stop only a second to feel the same emotions.

I wish I could have you at my side forever, but unfortunately, I know this is not possible. Until such time as I have to say goodbye, I'll do anything to remind me how lucky I am to have a woman like you in my life.

Mom, you were always by my side and you stay nearby at all times whether it was during the school days, football matches, during phone calls or when I asked you to help me look for something that I have lost in the house.

Many children grow up without the love and care that you gave me. I would like to share even a small percentage of unconditional love that you gave me with all those people because I believe that everyone deserves the love of a mother.

Having someone who can support like you and listen to you every day is one of the most incredible gifts of life. You've always been my number one fan. You seem to dress up to perfection in an infinite number of roles where you are the guardian, the best friend, the teacher and the list can go on and on. You have made me to express myself freely, be creative but above all be honest, come what may.

You showed me how to treat others with honesty, kindness, compassion, and love. I promise to teach my children the same things that you and Dad taught me, to show them that honesty in life is the most important thing.

I know I have not been the best son in the world. I made you angry, and I have been a headache to you countless times. You're the first person to whom I share the good news, and with whom I celebrate the successes.

I hope you can look at the man that I've become and be proud. Yes, there are so many people I have to thank the many people who have made me become the man I am today, but you are the first that deserves my gratitude.

Please never think that you have not done enough for me. You are the best thing that happened to me in life and you are my favourite superhero.