Sunday, May 31, 2015

Book Review: Luxor: Julie Bettendorf

Luxor: Book of Past Lives by Julie Bettendorf set in a historical period against the rich tapestry of ancient Egypt, intends to transmit the spirit, behaviour and social conditions through realistic detail and adherence to documented facts with the story of Nebamun and Iramen, two brothers who are embalmers in Egypt during the era of the boy king, Tutankhamen.

It is the duty of Nebamun and Iramen to arrange the many bodies of the departed who land on their embalming board for a passage into the life after death and paralleling this primeval romance is the tale of two different brothers, Abdul and Karim, who make their living by robbing the primordial tombs of Egypt in the late 1800's, when the larceny and deal of artefacts was at its peak.

Woven all through the book are the mystifying intersections of the brothers' lives, even if divorced by thousands of years and is a masterful mix of creative writing and historical facets, with every section offering a fanlight into the times of yore, with facts gleaned from numerous past accounts in the midst of a spellbinding saga of sadism and self-indulgence, treasures and poverty, and good and evil in the time of the pharaohs and beyond.

A new work dedicated to the fascinating world of ancient Egypt and its mysterious traditions, with an exciting story that features a period during one of the most famous pharaohs and most discussed in history, is a novel really very special, divided into forty one chapters, when many more or less famous personalities lived during the reign of Tutankhamen and his neighbours, reconstructing the events that have made this sovereign era immortal in the history of ancient Egypt.

In each chapter you will find yourself in front of a story full of emotion and melancholy with the history during Tutankhamen’s rule is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating and even today is difficult to determine whether this was just madness or whether Egypt has known a period ambitious and far-sighted.

The book is a great and pleasant surprise, with a unique style that highlights the history of a land always full of mysteries and beauty that captivate readers from the first row for a better understanding of life in the days of the pharaohs, but because it helps us to understand how the human evil, the brutal madness of people, the bad faith of the command, that do not have age or era and how the evil, under different forms, can disrupt the lives of men.

The author does not absolve the protagonists from their unquestionable guilts but justifying it because of its fragile human nature and narrates their life full of adventure that takes the reader by the hand letting them know the most famous ancient civilizations and their most famous characteristics with a considerable attention to the psychology of the characters.

The writer uses in great ways to tell the Egyptians of that time and the precision with which makes use of historical events is astounding. Among the elements that denote the work we must emphasize the exoticism which consists of the escape from reality, addressing to places far from the places of origin, or to a time different from today, like the Middle Ages or the age old classic.

The crepuscular which is characterized by the desire of late and of confession, to the regret of the lost traditional values and a perennial dissatisfaction that there is unleashed in rebellion and pessimism would call historical futility of illusions, evil, pain, unhappiness and loneliness.

The language is simple, smooth and understandable with the historical accuracy of the author never fails and cannot be questioned with a novel worthy of great attention that give advice to those who are interested in ancient civilizations, especially the Egyptian one.

The book managed to paint a portrait of an extraordinary era, timeless, immortal represented in a historic period of the most beautiful of all time and a novel that is recommended to everyone who wants to take a step back in time and enjoy the magical world of ancient Egypt.

Format: Paperback ♥ Publisher: Outskirts Press ♥ Pages: 322 ♥ Published: April 2015 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-1478749479