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Punjabi Cuisine in Mumbai

recipe Punjabi Food makki di roti sarson da saag

The state of Punjab in northwest India is made ​​up of lush green fields and a wide range of delicious specialties, strong people and good food lovers. Much can be said about the culture and cuisine of this land of rivers with Punjabi cuisine tends to correspond to the concept of Indian cuisine for most people, when in reality it is only a part.

If you are curious traveller, fearless explorers of Indian beauties and want to enjoy the mysteries that lurk behind every corner and angle, you cannot miss the surprises of Indian street food where a daring traveller, willing for some inconvenience, can get in the mood to enjoy Punjabi cuisine in Mumbai and experience the true punjabi taste!

In fact, by following a few tips and a little common sense, you can enjoy authentic delicacies with a unique taste to enjoy them in the midst of the most diverse street corners and places where at the railway station of Mumbai itself you can be greeted, to the sound of the chaiwala selling one of the most popular punjabi street food, the triangular samosas, fried golden brown and crispy dumplings stuffed with vegetables floating in the large iron pot.

Often, alongside Samosa, there are also the pakora, vegetable fritters of all types and mirchi bada i.e. large green chillies dipped in batter and fried, bit spicy but it's worth it! Passing across you can get chicken rolls, and Bhurji made with scrambled eggs with tomatoes, spices and lots of green chilli.

Punjabi cuisine is characterized by the ghee, the clarified butter in which cooks fry the spices, which is the basis for every preparation of many types of bread, grilled meats, few sauces and a preference for the yogurt. In the state of Punjab, was born the famous tandoor, a clay oven used to bake bread meat, where it is put the coal that powers it, and at the top where the mouth goes down the food to be cooked.

The oven reaches very high temperatures and originally was used in the Mughal kitchen to bake bread, but then its use was extended to cooking meat. The bread is hung raw to the internal walls of the oven where it cooks in a few minutes, while the meat is threaded in pieces in the vertical and cooking skewers loses its liquid dripping from top to bottom to allow pieces on the bottom, in contact with embers, not too dry.

To enjoy an authentic and robust Aloo Gobi dish, you have to make a trip to a Punjabi Dhaba or restaurant dotting the streets all over Mumbai where every restaurant has developed its own version of this dish, with the addition of ingredients to suit their taste and or those available with the basic ingredients, however, are found in most versions are onions, tomatoes, chillies, turmeric, ginger, garlic and coriander.

The Kulcha a typical Punjabi cuisine from the region of Punjab is a type of maida based bread mixed with potatoes, onions and spices mixed before being stretched and pulled by hand very popular in Punjabi restaurants in Mumbai usually consumed along with the chana masala.

The mixture is identical to that used for cooking the Bhatura, other typical bread, but unlike the latter kulcha is not fried but baked in an oven to wood or gas. Once cooked, the bread is sprinkled with butter ghee and consumed together with a typical curry made ​​with chickpeas, the chana masala.

One of the typical dishes of Punjab, available in the streets of Mumbai is the countless variations of the Shorba, generally, a soup, with a preparation of cashews.

The continuous replacement of the crowd allows the food not to be stationed much with eateries teeming with customers with the food tasty and well prepared, probably with a wink and everything that you eat is hot where in every corner you will find something new with the street food is always evolving and to circumvent competition many sellers unsheathe their culinary genius.


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