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Tourist SIM card for Thailand

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Put together the verdant and thick forests, white beaches and lapped by a beautiful sea of ​​Phuket and Koh Samui, a rich exotic wildlife hub, beautiful Buddhist temples and archaeological sites, a varied and delicious cuisine.

Here are the main ingredients that distinguish Thailand, a marvelous realm inhabited by friendly and hospitable and friendly people, so far as to define this country as the Land of Smiles. Thailand is the perfect place for a unique holiday and cut according to your needs, always varied and able to enrich the eyes, the heart and the spirit.

A country of oriental charm, which is now an increasingly popular tourist destination, Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles perhaps because it is so beautiful that you just have to look around to find peace and serenity, safe for the warmth of its people, so welcoming and positive to smile always. Thailand is a country so devoted to tourism and so full of accommodation for every need that is not hard to please everyone.

Whether you prefer the area to the north, rich in forests and vegetation, the one in the middle with the plains, the succession of cultivated fields and the capital Bangkok, the northeast with imposing mountains, the south, the peninsula, rich in wonderful beaches, animals and pristine vegetation or the island of Phuket which for many is pure beauty, the holidays in Thailand with breathtaking sceneries.

Who knows how many times did you leave for a vacation in a foreign country and find yourself spending a lot of money even though you were careful to call only for a few minutes? This is the drama of each trip, the classic factor that is never put into account when calculating the budget.

There are those who pass the weeks before departure to unravel the maze of telephone plans to consume as little as possible. There are those who end up running out of credit after a few calls. And then there are those travellers who solve the problem off the cell phone but not their own.

It’s a great excuse to disappear for a period and recover from the stress of the constant ringing that beset us every day, but who can it explain it to parents and partners.

A little trick to make a vacation much more easy in Bangkok and Thailand is surely to buy a local phone sim to avoid the expensive international roaming. Lately many services gives directly the sim to foreigners who land at Thailand in their hotels or preferred destinations to save your holiday time and avoid very long and crowded queue in the telecom counter at the airport after a long flight as also getting your SIM card in town is proved to be not as easy as you think and the size of the SIM card can also be selected according to device.

It’s better to sort this out even before you leave home as you can get your phone number before you travel to share the new number with your friends and family members.

There are many Thai companies based in Bangkok with the aim to enhance the experience of mobile access for foreign tourists, students and business travellers who visit Thailand, reducing complexity, in the acquisition and activation of prepaid mobile phone plans.

The sim is also suitable surfing the web, if you own a smartphone, to surf the Internet at attractive tariff packages offered by the company. The sim is immediately activated to send and receive text messages and you can make and receive international calls and others can call directly to your local number in Thailand. With this card you can go around Thailand talking, writing text messages and even browsing at very favourable rates.

With the unlocked GSM mobile, you can make calls and send text messages during your stay up to the credit limit in each package with unlimited internet based calls and text call, line call or whatsapp at no extra charge.

To meet those who want to keep in touch with the rest of the world and relatives at home without spending all the money, arrived one travel tool really useful, a new prepaid sim card service that you can use for your trip around Thailand.

Thailand offers excellent value for money, and you will have unparalleled hospitality where the people are very kind, there are bars and clubs for the enjoyment of tourists and the sea which will leave you speechless. If you need a bit of joy and a dream holiday in a paradise on earth, then Thailand is waiting for you.


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