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5 Tips for Choosing a Good Hotel in Kolkata

One thing that many will agree is that finding the best hotels in Kolkata can be a real challenge and now how to choose the best hotel and best suits your needs? Finding an ideal list of hotels in Kolkata is not always an easy thing especially if you decide to opt for an economical solution.

In Kolkata a large number of hotels are in the neighbourhood of Chowringhee and precisely in Sudder street but not all hotels are comfortable in Chowringhee and are decent often hiding behind facades with rooms in poor condition. In some cases, is the exact opposite, which is why you should always ask to see the room before you occupy it.

There are certain criteria that you should definitely consider before choosing or for hotel bookings in kolkata.

- Where do you come from?

If you arrive with a cheap flight that lands after 22.00 hours you are likely to arrive in the central hub of the city at midnight, if not later. At this point you will not want to waste any time, and hours of sleep, wandering into the night in search of the right bus or an expensive taxi. Then choose a hotel near the airport, and you will be fresh and rested for your first morning in Kolkata.

- Cultural holiday in Kolkata.

If it is the festivals and culture that pushes you to Kolkata then I recommend a hotel in North or South Kolkata positioned to attend the festivals conveniently, so that you can return to your room after an evening walk to the festivals. Keep in mind that of course the hotels in East and South Kolkata are more expensive than other areas.

- Kolkata by night

If it is the Kolkata nightlife, with its rock'n'roll and its club of electronic music that attracts you then you should stay in a hotel near Park Street in order to avoid long journeys on buses at night.

- Hunting for sale in Kolkata.

Whether you want to take advantage of sales during the spring sale, but also at any other time of year, places like Chowringhee and Sudder Street is a paradise for anyone hunting for balances and missed opportunities or even just for shopping. For this be at a hotel in the centre, so you do not have to get on public transport loads of bags, try to find a hotel near Sudder Street, there are many, economical, and it is not too far away from your shopping list.

If you're looking for cheap hotels for your stay in Kolkata then I recommend some areas a little more distant from the centre but easily accessible by public transport and offer economical prices for the hotels.

An alternative place where to look for hotels is the area south of Kolkata, a little less congested than the centre and served by the underground metro railway. The prices are higher than at Chowringhee. Hotels in the Bengal capital is no shortage but, for those accustomed to quality standards choosing a good hotel is definitely complex.

Choosing a hotel in Kolkata depends mainly on two factors closely related to one another the distance from the central hub and the price you want to pay. Obviously most hotels in the central area is definitely much more comfortable. You can walk to the main tourist attractions and you may return to your room whenever you feel like it.

In this case you have to be aware that you will hardly find a good hotel at a price too low or, if not, before you book a room it is good that you ask the hotel manager about cleaning and services offered.
Kolkata compared to other neighbouring cities, has a highly efficient transport network and also has the metro and you will have countless Taxis and buses that will lead from one side of the city without problems.

Moving a little to the central Kolkata towards North Kolkata will allow you to find more easily find cheap hotels bur keep in mind that you may have to compromise with the quality.

My tips on choosing a good hotel in Kolkata will be to first setting yourself a budget;

decide how many days you stay in Kolkata; consider whether it is better to stay downtown and spend more on the hotel or move to peripheral areas saving in hotel bills but spending on tickets; take a ride on the metro to obtain information on accommodation, the neighbourhood, etc.

Calculate the displacements and the time that you put to achieve the desired goals as if your hotel is far away you will need much more time, and money, to get to the centre. Kolkata is quite a very economic city therefore evaluate well when you choose your hotel. In the end what you save with the hotel you are going to spend on transport.


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