Saturday, December 6, 2014

Premarital sex What does the Bible say

A young boy and a girl love each other and find they want a life together and, perhaps, maybe one day will become husband and wife solemnly and publicly. But a period of time, longer or shorter, separate them from the moment, unless until they are joined in marriage. Then how to live this very special time of life between love and marriage? According to the current mentality, nothing is more normal that those young people who behave as if they were already married.

Sex before marriage has become so common for many reasons. In today's society, any time of day is stimulated by advertising, articles, news, and entertainment based on sex. Television and movies regularly show premarital sex as a natural consequence of a love relationship and all too often we focus on the ‘recreational’ side of the sex without recognizing the ‘effect and consequence’ side of it which is done without assuming any commitment.

Sure, sex is pleasurable however, the main purpose of sex is not always pleasure, as sexual intercourse before marriage causes a blinding avalanche effect, since it is so emotionally strong to cloud the choice of the person which can lead to unwanted pregnancies and children born to parents who do not want them or to which they are not prepared as also painful abortions and emotional pain.

Sexual union finds its proper context only in marriage because only in marriage, sexuality can express the two fundamental dimensions of conjugal love, communion and fertility, as also knowing how to wait strengthens the marital bond, because the sexual relationship becomes something that the spouses have shared only with each other, after overcoming their desires for a certain period, as also in a happy marriage sexual intimacy is more enjoyable and meaningful.

Sexuality is much broader than what you can consume between the sheets since that describes the entire life of each of us, especially in the relational dimension while abstinence saves lives, protects children, and gives the appropriate value to sexual relations and so then the object of derision takes the shape of joyful steps towards marital happiness. That is not at all as we said what is at hand, but an award that requires the patience to love each other day after day, step by step, until we come up high enough as to be ready to say a promise of eternity.

Despite these arguments, it is now very difficult to convince people that it is better to strive to wait for the wedding night and that sexuality is not a commodity or a source of gratification but should be placed in the light of truth when the union of bodies symbolizes and celebrates the union of existence and, therefore, expresses a relationship of total involvement, mutual understanding, co-responsibility, and sharing.

Joining physically outside of this context trivializes sexuality, flattens on the genital and empties its true meaning, making it a empty and superficial word, even if momentarily exhilarating.