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Love, Job or Country by Rohit Agarwal

Love, Job or Country by Rohit Agarwal is a polyvalent novel that encompasses different themes and complex with some of its diverse and opposite content, with terror and jihadis, political changes and espionage, love and hate, friendship and passion, adventure and action, revenge and betrayal, making it difficult to classify in a specific genre.

Avinash and Chetan live in different domains while one is an ambitious marketing professional another is a hard-core spy out to serve his country. Avinash, youthful, immature, uncontrolled is struggling to retain the new job he has joined while Chetan, fuelled by the fire of passion, is conscious, aware, and dedicated to his own land and the people, who grew up in the experience of the tortured events of Colombo and has recently shifted to Ahmedabad, as station head of R&AW, unaware that soon another occasion will give the chance to redeem himself.

Destiny brings them together when senile, thoughtful, melancholic Tamanna, the love interest of Avinash, follows the colours in her life, who is not afraid to follow his weaknesses with her curiosity leads him to an unthinkable terrorist plot emanating from a Pakistan based Jihadi group.

The book can be defined as a thriller as the events that unfold in the plot transiting within an authentic context of great depth, that takes you by the hand and leads you in the streets, places, situations and fro in the Indian subcontinent, from Pakistan to Bangladesh and Nepal to Sri lanka uncovering a deadly terrorist plot which can put India in danger and in the middle, between twists, humour, love and drama, Chetan is entrusted to stop the terrorists before they strike.

The uncertainty and the structure of the plot force Chetan to follow the trail of the terrorist's footsteps behind at times almost ethereal, sometimes sharp and well defined; sometimes even tracks seem to disappear into thin air and then resurface through a sign, knowledge, almost by magic, on another continent within a powerful terror network.

The concatenation of these events and their unpredictability offer to the narrative a changing variety of situations and twists, outlining in fact the life of the protagonist in an extremely adventurous mission with the book certainly is an adventure novel with the mystery that hovers around the characters, who will also pay in person their own contradictions and errors.

It is a compelling novel, exciting, fast-paced, with a well thought out plot and a narrative balanced and smooth with a work of great content, with a splendid gallery of minor characters sketched in a decisive manner, deep and credible not to be missed with its strength is there, in the mix of language, plot and narrative of the human being.

The novel is pleasant, very smooth, and will have you shaking, pulling sighs of relief, sometimes feeling horrified, and at times smile among the streets of the cities, where individuals wanders furtively in the shadows, with shy glances of passer-by’s.

A gripping story, very well written, the author has been able to deal with mastery the plot with a beautiful story and magical ambiance and as you go past the first few pages you can not wait to get to the end, between the passion and suffering of the protagonists.

The plot and the characters are strong, to whom it is impossible not to become attached, which conceals really fantastic twists within a strong narrative and the author with his pen enchants with the very strong emotions that the book transmits so intense, to deprive you of the desire to do anything that prevents you from being glued to their pages.

Among other things, the thread of the story is followed and told with documentary rigor and obviously appreciated objectivity with the book will amaze, captivate and awaken in you every kind of emotion, from joy to terror, the passion to more candid love with the author filling it with an overwhelming plot and creating a suspenseful story and drama that will touch your nerves.

Format: Paperback  ♥ Pages: 258 ♥ Publisher: Leadstart Publishing ♥ Published: November 2014 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9384226473


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