Daddy's Home 2 for Mel Gibson and John Lithgow

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Daddy's Home 2 is a film directed together by Sean Anders and John Morris starring actors Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell. The couple seen in The Other Guys are back together on the big screen to play the roles of two really hilarious dads.

In the first chapter of the saga, Brad (Ferrell) dealt with Dusty (Wahlberg), the fascinating biological father of the children of his wife Sarah. He appeared at his bedside in order to make it look bad in front of the family. After a moment of conflict, in fact, in which the two quirky parents tried to corner the title of the model father even managed to become friends, becoming an unlikely example of family.

In Daddy's Home 2, set during the romantic holiday season, are added to the cast the actor, director and screenwriter American Mel Gibson, Oscar winner for directing Braveheart - Fearless Heart in 1996 and the actor, writer and screenwriter John Lithgow, the star of the television series, a third type of family and the equally famous Dexter in the role of two, equally super fun grandparents visiting for Christmas.

Paramount Pictures would be dealing with the two actors to put them alongside the original duo in the second chapter. The film of 2015, directed by Sean Anders and scripted by Brian Burnsto, saw Will Ferrell in the role of a stepfather who tries to win the affection of the children of his new wife to put a spoke in the wheels get Mark Wahlberg, natural father of children determined to recover his family.

Daddy's Home will have a sequel and Will Ferrel and Mark Wahlberg will be the dads. The film released by Paramount in 2015 telling the conflict between the former Will Ferrell and his partner as well as the natural father of her children, the extrovert, and muscular Mark Wahlberg. In the sequel, Mel Gibson and John Lithgow are respectively the fathers of Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell, who will risk ruining Christmas when the family finally reassemble.

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