Wednesday, July 16, 2014

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A day of work, a day of fatigue, with the only hope that soon it's over. Tough week, but time has already passed but you can, forget about it, and make it your day. Be the man in Black, and you can stand aside out of others. Black, of any shape, size, or tissue, is the winning colour. The original meaning of the word elegance comes from the Latin word eligere, with the art of knowing how to choose it is not identifiable with a season, and gives security and that’s the real master key.

Black is the colour of the primordial void and the archetype of the principle of the potential already present that precedes creation. In this view, the black accurately reflect the darkness of the unconscious, and expresses the threat present in the forces that can overwhelm the conscious whose power is equal to the together form a pair of opposites that often touch, and it becomes the synthesis.

So, first of all, we must know how to choose what is most appropriate to us, to our personality, the role we occupy in society and the circumstances with which we are confronted in our everyday life.

For me Black is the colour of versatility, which you can carry anywhere any moment with the quality and versatility that you can combine with each other with trendy accessories for both office and for social occasions.

Admittedly a black dress solves many situations  A heavenly casual and sporty black shirt matched with sporty tweed jacket with zipper, lined, and preferably without pockets and, and of course a pair of timeless black jeans is one of my favourite for the day and for the city for the modern metropolitan style. For the winters a black crew neck sweater open in the front, with buttons or zipper, exude sensuality more than in any other colour.

On occasions of special events such as galas, movie shows, ceremonies more or less official or clubs, according to the canons of classic elegance, the tuxedo is essential in my wardrobe which remain a symbol of a radical change. Tuxedo was born at the end of the nineteenth century as a simplified version of the smoking jacket.

Black can be extremely aggressive, provocative, with all the accessories like zip and studs. A more elegant and a more sporty versace leather black belt to highlight the waist is one on my must haves.

A pair of perforated elegant fine leather black shoes with thick soles gives me confidence more than anything else to handle any kind of situation.

Among accessories a pure steel watch, in the most elegant black that shines and catches the eye of the passer by is essential for me along with a classic black to stand out for a memorable day, full of adventure and excitement to give a free rein to style and creativity that gives a sense of creative freedom to think, to write, to be myself.

The bag that it seems to be relented, it is instead a male deprecated synonym for vulgarity. Better a black handmade wallet is a must for my pockets along with a classic black handbag.

And then a classic black metal and classy lighter which once I take out entices even non-smokers, as also catches the attention of the ladies who smoke. Just as a statutory warning, this practice is now out of place as compared to past centuries, and is a fact the most harmful effects of smoking, both active and passive. Smoking today, compared to past centuries, is considered vulgar, old, which gives an image of lack of care and respect for the fellow mates. This is true for both men and women.

A warm timeless classic hat ideal for a relaxed look, for a Sunday brunch or an afternoon of shopping is an accessory not only to combat the cold, but is also a real must-have for winters to match with the outfit, and is the finishing touch that gives me a unique and personal touch.

The insignificant person follows fashion, exaggerates the conceited, and the good taste to come to terms with it the choice of accessories which objectively do not mean anything if you do not meet a psychological need, adapt it to the real possibilities of state of shape, your age, your sensitivity.