Jabong India Online Fashion Week

Fashion plays a major role, both in economic terms and in terms of image. And the fashion weeks are the catalyst event, the tip of the image of the system, because in addition to attracting buyers, qualified press and opinion makers from all over the world, it is an opportunity to spread the brands globally.

Fashion Week is the most anticipated event of the year to show off the clothes and accessories, and is there for anyone who keeps his identity, loves a sober but chic attitude, without renouncing the glamour with as much personality and character. It is not a coincidence that fashion week is also called as a carnival.

Within these brands there are, in fact, very different realities: from designer labels that use the parade as a big event picture, in which the figure of the designer is of central importance, in most industrial brands, which is a prevalent trend of the product, by the marks at a stage of maturity to young emerging. It's a reality that encompasses not only the different segments of the market from the upper crust, but also varied placements.

The increased attention devoted to fashion weeks is also to be related to the profound changes that have affected the fashion industry during the period considered by acquisitions, integration with downstream opening of single-brands, generational succession, diversification of products, changes that saw the online world often being the protagonist.

Business and image appear, therefore, two aspects more and more complementary from the point of view of the media returns which even attendance have validated the importance of online fashion week for the size, reputation and market recognition of brands that parade, in addition to the presence of a productive and integrated commercial system.

In addition to being an event at a very high impact communication, is the visible part of an articulated and complex in which the company invests. Promoting the event parade means, therefore, to facilitate the localization support of a wide range of services with high value addition, the showroom business, public relations, manufacturing itself, with a number of benefits, not only for the fashion system, but for the entire populace.

In iofw.com you will find day-to-day fashion shows of the Jabong Online Fashion Week, watch the videos, the pictures, the backstage and the details of the collections. Additionally on iofw.com you will see how they dress the supermodels. From July 25 to 30, keep an appointment with it in the calendar.

25th July: Vignettes and videos from the Model and Photographer auditions. In addition, there would be a video on the overall concept of India Online Fashion Week and its ‘shopable’ feature

26th July: Vignettes/ videos from the Makeup artist, Hairstylist and Designer auditions capturing the stylist’s thoughts on color for the season, makeup tips for a glamorous look

27th July: Vignettes/ videos from the Grooming, Look test and Fittings session showcase what goes on behind the scene during the making of a fashion show.

28th July: Launch of 5 exclusive designer collections namely by Aastha Bahl, ANS by Astha & Siddharth, Dressology by Amit Arora, Threesome, Sidharth K Kakkar

29th July: Launch of 5 exclusive designer collections namely ILK by Vinita & Shikha, Piquancy, Swagger by Saj, Armaan & Aiman, Timsy & Siddhartha

30th July: Launch of 5 exclusive designer collections namely Azalea by Aditi Gupta, Bhootsavaar by Nitin Bal Chauhan, DIR 69 by Tanu Bagai, Shreya Mistry, Rajdeep Ranawat and live streaming of the Grand Finale on www.iofw.com directly from the venue of the final event in the presence of Show stoppers Yami Gautam, and Aditya Roy Kapur.

Just remember only one thing, the exaggeration will never be the mirror of your personality. So that you can express yourself through fashion, always choose what is yourself. The fashion speaks. Each dress is a word. And the most beautiful message that an outfit can convey is nothing more than this: I am myself.

The Jabong IOFW is a fashion show that in six days of presentations of collections in catwalk moves the spotlight on the growing progressive retail industry and the industry as a whole. IOFW aims to be a platform for the advancement of fashion in India as a movement in fashion, and through presentations in the catwalk of aspiring and emerging designers, Models, Makeup Artists, Hair Stylists, Fashion Photographers in India that, aims to promote the industry as a whole.

Innovation, creativity, quality and research, are certainly the cornerstones for success in fashion, but the real driving factor is the passion. The life of a designer is filled with the study of fashion trends. They help to create all kinds of clothing and accessories for men, women and children. The designers frequently meet with clients, design drawings, research new trends and meet the producers.

Some designers who will participate in the Event:

Tanu Bagai with DIR 69, a design label for clothing and accessories gathered compliments for its eccentric style, that reflects contemporary and traditional trends that appeal to a kaleidoscope of emotions, with an exciting blend of traditional and retro chic in the midst of the vibrant essence of informal as well as contemporary street style which in its quintessence, celebrates the free lively urban wanderer in the women of now.

ILK by designers Vinita Adhikari & Shikha Grover was born in 2011, with modern fashion for women of global outlook entrenched to the way of life and customs of its belonging that at all times aims to add a touch of handmade textures.

Azalea by Aditi Gupta creates fashion design, diffusion, pret-e-porter and accessories which are Indian in make yet international in appeal with Saris, Formal Gowns, Suits and Tunics, which is stylish as well as personifies elegance.

Aastha Bahl, a NIFT, Delhi graduate and a regular at the Lakme Fashion Week and Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week since 2008, started her Women’s wear label Mistletoe in 2004, after gaining experience at Shantanu-Nikhil and Aki Narula with her creations embrace geometry inspired fabric manoeuvring, surface textures, stitching and prints in collections that are new, wearable, elegant as well as within your means.

Dressology by Amit Arora is a futurist with finesse for grace and one of a kind style, both fashionable and enduring in its appeal, and draws its influence as of a wide range of inspirations, from classic creations to modern ramps, at the same time as effectively maintaining a fresh approach to fashion.

Armaan Randhawa and Aiman Agha both graduates from NIIFT and NIFT respectively came together and co-founded the label ARMAAN AIMAN and went on winning the Lakme fashion week gen next designer competition 2013 autumn winter with the design ideas revolves around the faultless mix of stylish embellished and carefully customized silhouettes.

Piquancy empowers strong sense of fashion marinated well with fundamental ingredients to tender the finest platter of prêt-à-porter attire invigorating the spot on trends.

Nitin Bal Chauhan graduated from the NIFT with his work spans fashion, fine art and film and has received awards and approbation from a number of of the leading centres of fashion across the globe including Lakme Fashion Week, British Design Council, Japanese Grand Prix.

Sidharth K Kakkar, a NIFT graduate, and a ex-assistant to Karan Johar is a prêt-diffusion couture menswear label, envisioned to design for the crowd from casual shirts to wedding sherwanis, crisp fits, details and a dash of class is all that the label is made of.

Swagger by Sajid Dhar motivated by the well-heeled edifying history of arts in the Kashmir Valley, is a drapery of characteristic, unusual elements which make an out of the ordinary style statement with the colour palette, the fabrics and even the embroidery are an expression of the extravagant grandeur and exquisiteness of the Valley.

Timsy and Siddhartha have an unbelievable understanding of silhouette development and their individual penchant of more minimal and shipshape design make for conspicuously modern sensibility.

The Delhi based brand Threesome is being run by designers Kanika Seth , Mehak Pruthi and Ankit, and is about different design philosophies comprising into one with the core brand epitomizes genuine, minimalist opulence.

Shreya Mistry, a free spirited fashion enthusiast with timeless classics merge contemporary graphics and inimitable attributes.

If you’re looking for stylish and intrepid trend, you have found your answer in Rajdeep Ranawat, an Indian Fashion Label founded in 2004 that draws its direct muse as of nature and specialises in luxury goods like haute couture, ready-to-wear, resort wear, diffusion, among others to fabricate fine embellished, sequinned, beaded motifs and designs, unique digital and block prints on basic western silhouettes.

ANS by Astha and Sidharth initiated with a point to stir up effect thus designing clothes that are extremely down to business yet no-nonsense collection to all the attractive self-determined women there.

IOFW is a dynamic platform and continues to highlights the strengths, inspiring and nurturing the growth of the industry, with the ultimate goal of advancing the entire fashion industry in the region by giving prominence to the professional assistance of creativity and the talent of local designers from the region celebrating the individuality and style of this country.

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