Ta Ra Rum Pum

Ta Ra Rum Pum is also not nearly as annoying as gamy experimentation retro Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, another production Chopra spring 2007, and even better than Salaam Namaste, already with the same director Saif Ali Khan

Welcome to the magical world of Yash Raj. The Indian production house offers us a family tale sanitized where traits are forced. However, 2 years after Salaam Namaste , director Siddarth Anand offers a film full of good intentions that makes a pleasant time.

Rajveer Singh ( Saif Ali Khan ) and Radhika Shekar Rai Banerjee ( Rani Mukherjee ) have diametrically opposed characters. Rajveer is extravagant, dreamer, from a working environment and do not graduate. Radhika, she is thoughtful, realistic, from a middle-class family and has all the attributes to become a great pianist after graduating from Columbia University. But fate brings and they marry despite the reluctance of the father of Radhika. From this union were born Priya and Ranveer, dynamic children who used to live in a cozy and quite luxurious cocoon.

For after years of struggling, Rajveer, racing fan, became a pilot to whom everything smiles. It becomes even NASCAR driver # 1 in the US. Radhika has stopped his studies to get married, and did not need to work because her husband member provides perfectly to family needs. It lives in the success of the Rajveer career, until this one is seriously injured after an output particularly dangerous race. Overnight, the family will have to completely change his lifestyle. The couple had not placed money Rajveer being particularly extravagant, Radhika not working. Both parents will then build an imaginary world to hide the truth to their children and excuse to be part of a game ...

From the beginning of the film, there are the images of NRI stereotyped in a Western universe formatted own productions Yash Raj . The streets of New York as a backdrop, an overdose of luxury and wealthy people, no doubt, is at the Yash Raj we know.

Ta Ra Rum Pum onomatopoeia imitating the sound produced by the engine of Indian car is a romantic comedy, the ultra-classic genre par excellence in Bollywood. Its main asset is to be a production (officially Indo-US) of the young master Aditya Chopra , who brings to his usual single tab, ie an impeccable photography and a nice soundtrack, two ingredients that guarantee sequences musical quality. Note especially the video for the title track, which takes place in a busy world where Rajveer family plays with their animated alter-ego. This scene is the fruit of a collaboration with Disney which resulted in the signing of an alliance contract two months after the film's release.

The winning duo Hum Tum (2004) is back in action, so no surprise on the chemistry between the two stars, Yash Raj productions regulars. The theme of motor racing is a twist for a Hindi film, although there is a revival of sports movies in 2007, but fails to make the film as entertaining as Hum Tum , more conventional romantic comedy less crossover that had just more irresistible drag scenes between his two heroes.

As for the moral of the film yes there is one, Yash Raj plays a paradoxical game. In fact, known to exhibit rupees in their films, with huge budgets, the production company No. 1 in India warns us about the need to save money to ensure his rear during the hard times of life . A beautiful body close to The Cicada and the Ant, which is effective in the film even though we would have liked a lot more realism. The director knows the luxury show in the first part, but can not make us feel the harsh reality of life in the second. The dirt is not really dirty, fairly popular area sanitized.

Without being a great freshness, Ta Ra Rum Pum is also not nearly as annoying as gamy experimentation retro Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, another production Chopra spring 2007, and even better than Salaam Namaste, already with the same director Saif Ali Khan. It is well signposted entertainment and quite successful thanks to its commercial expertise and the charm of its stars.

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