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Ways to Propose your Love on Propose Day 2017

Propose Day valentine

And finally comes the long awaited moment. The first appointment and the propose day. He or she says yes. Your first evening together, perhaps the first and the last, or perhaps the first of a long series. Who knows? Let's leave aside the feelings, expectations and preparation. We focus instead on the first date etiquette. You know things like who should pay for dinner, what should be the film? Here are 10 ways to propose your love.

Therefore you have been looking for a original idea on how to propose your love on Valentine's Day, right? Of course, after so many years, it is hard to find an original idea. Or are you part of the class that at the very mention of love gets the pinch, who at the sight of heart-shaped chocolates and soft toys with the words "I love you" get goose bumps.

But we do not go off topic. I bet that, like it or not, you have experience or not, you still have not decided how to spend Valentine's Day in 2017 and would like to arrange a surprise for your lover. Do not get caught by anxiety, we have listed for you the 10 ways to make the perfect propose day.

Propose Day valentine

What do you do on Valentine's Day? The most popular question of the moment is hated not only by singles but also by couples, who have not yet made plans. The days go by and your partner would like to spend a special day or, at the very least, expect an invitation to dinner or a nice gift. Here are our tips.

1) A dinner at the restaurant

The idea of dinner is trivial, of course, but always a great success. Think of a nice, romantic restaurant where you can bring your partner, and then at the right time over a sweet dessert, you can utter those magical words.

2) A dip in the memories

When you are together for a long time, it becomes difficult to be original in choosing the gift. For this you can surprise the other playing on the complicity and remembering the special moments spent together. Sometimes it does not matter where or how you spend your time, it is important to pass it along.

3) An elopement

Take advantage of this special occasion to treat yourself to a relaxing day in the company of your sweetheart. A tour in some cities of art or an afternoon at the spa will let you break the routine and find the time for two.

4) A dinner by candlelight

If you are looking for a low cost solution, home-cooked dinner is for you. First think of a simple but delicious menu, that requires little time to prepare, but which harbors excellent results. Organize then the location to create the atmosphere, flowers and candles, which are always appreciated by women and make the super romantic setting.

5) A romantic bath

Before your partner reaches, prepare the bathtub with warm water with scented bubble bath and rose petals. A bottle of sparkling wine and strawberries will make an extra special surprise. It is a relaxing way to spend time with yours, who definitely will not be able to say no!

6) The breakfast in bed

If you have not had time to organize a dinner you can always surprise her with breakfast in bed. Get up thirty minutes before and prepare pancakes or buy muffins and croissants. A gentle awakening will be more than welcome.

7) A relaxing massage

Make the bedroom super romantic using special sheets, scented candles and rose petals. Buy oil and give a relaxing massage to your partner. Always remember that it's the thought that counts!

8) A surprise

Even if you are far from your partner, you must not give up the romance. In addition to sending a love dedication or flowers, you could give a surprise visit without saying anything. You will see that the element of surprise will be endured. Often men are convinced that to give a special day to the other half is enough with a dinner invitation. In fact the most delicious and fun opportunities are those that are organized outside the box. Try to get carried away by the desire of the moment and impress the woman with a weekend on the lake or in a castle.

9) A message of love

Just a few words, written in a letter or a note to remind your other half of what is important to you. It has often been taken from everyday life to appreciate the person who you have next.

10) A film about love

If you prefer to spend a quiet evening at home instead of in a crowded club, you might propose to your partner to watch a romantic movie, and the opportunity is definitely the best to get instant approval!

Propose Day valentine


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