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Paper Boat Drinks Review

Paper Boat Drinks

Summer is the time to stack your refrigerator with fruit drinks when the season makes you feel the full force of the hot weather. This season is ideal as the non-alcoholic fruit drinks feels refreshing and thirst quenching and gives the much needed chill, leaving you with a full of energy for a long time, for its characteristic vitamins that gives you the charge.

Today we talk about a great way to quench your thirst, and the product of which we are going to talk about is a fruit juice, which is good, and healthy as recent studies have shown that the health properties of fruit and vegetables are not only due to the vitamins and minerals but is as well as for the fibre and naturally contain some special compounds, like phytochemicals.

Paper Boat is a new brand in the market for fruit based beverages, and has been able to distinguish right from the start by marketing the colourful line of fruit juices, to launch the juices in attractive tetra packs, thus guaranteeing perfectly unaltered flavour and properties, and create good products in step with the times, staying close to the needs of consumers that has been an innovator in the market for fruit-based beverages.

This fruit drink has variety of very specific tastes which are cool, non-carbonated good and healthy drink, creamy, delicious and special that is an innovator in the market for fruit-based beverages for the variety of very specific tastes with convenient packaging with flavours like of mangoes, jamun and jaljeera which are natural, and very tasty and definitely the natural supplements for our body with substances that have a protective action on the various systems of the body.

The product can be found in specially designed Tetra Paks, comfortable and convenient to carry anywhere in single-dose packs of 250 ml, which mentions in its back all the ingredients and nutritional values. On the front are depicted the types of fruit that make up the drink. Finally, there are the name of the manufacturer, helpline number and the Internet addresses and expiry date. At the top are the caps with knurled sides for ease of opening.

The packaging is convenient because it is not made of glass and therefore there is no risk that it breaks, the shape is really handy because the soft plastic does not give in to the weight of the liquid inside when it is poured, which instead it happens with many other products with little packaging. The fact that it also has the cap then it is also a safety factor because the juice does not stay open and you can open and close depending on your needs.

The drinks are very refreshing but at the same time very sweet and pleasant, sweetened to perfection, in light and comfortable packs presented graphically, each of which is characterized by a different colour having no colours or preservatives that tastes different which is better to keep in the refrigerator before serving, instead of adding ice cubes that dilute the drink.

To taste the juices, you have to break the plastic seal by unscrewing the cap that would make your taste buds jumping for joy, just shake well before pouring to enjoy the full pleasure that these drinks can take you where as soon as you open the box you can smell the smell of the flavours and feel a delicate scent.

However, it should be stressed that this drink contains the minimum percentages of juices that are added to 10 to 45% of fruit that contains no antimicrobial preservatives, and colouring agents. The rest are water, sugar, generic flavourings (to enhance the taste) and other natural substances, so it must be taken into account for calorie intake.

The juice is thick and creamy and, it is far from aqueous even if the water is the first among the ingredients, apparently this must be mixed well before drinking and is definitely recommended for who like fruits and fruit juices accordingly.


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