McFarland USA

McFarland USA is a film of 2015 directed by Niki Caro starring Kevin Costner, Maria Bello, Morgan Saylor, Vincent Martella, Elsie Fisher. The film was released in US theaters February 20, 2015. Based on a true story, this drama background sports plays in a farming town in California and follows a group of novice runners who give their best to build a team of distance running, under the direction of Coach Jim White, a newcomer in a school composed by Hispanic students.

Inspired by a true story, the film follows Jim White, a sports coach who is transferred to a high school in the Central Valley in California. Will attempt to build a track team with his students, predominantly Hispanic and equipped not only to physical qualities but also the spirit of sacrifice and great humanity. The unlikely band of runners will overcome all odds and win the regional championship.

McFarland, USA  follows some novice runners from McFarland, a thriving town in California's Central Valley. To build a team of runners as they should, this city of Valley invests in capacity of Coach Jim White (Kevin Costner), a newcomer in a high school mainly to Latin ethnicity. The Coach and students of  McFarland  have much to learn from each other, but when  Jim  begins to realize the exceptional ability of the guys, things begin to change.

Soon something beyond their physical skills becomes apparent: the power of family relationships, their constant commitment, their incredible work ethic and dedication to lived with grit and determination changes them from unlikely runners in a team worthy of the championship, with prospects long term competitions far more challenging. Along the way,  Jim  realizes that his family has finally found a place to call home, and he and his team try to reach their ideal of the American Dream.

The film's cast also includes Maria Bello, Morgan Saylor, Vincent Martella, Daniel Moncada and Mariann Gavelo. The film is directed by New Zealander Niki Caro, former director of North Country History of Josey and Whale Rider.

Inspired by a true story, the film stars Kevin Costner in the role of a coach of distance running that finds a job in a predominantly Hispanic school in the Central Valley of California, where it will shape a losing team that will become one of the team to beat in regional competitions.

The trailer has all the hallmarks of the plays sports Disney, an engaging story and relatable characters and inspirational, with the addition of overcoming cultural barriers and the perfect use of an uplifting pop song which in this case is Where the Streets Have No Name by U2.

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