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Zinio: Read your Favorite Magazines in Digital Format


Zinio is a portal containing hundreds of books in electronic format and digital magazines that you can subscribe annually and each month you will receive your copy directly at your email or, alternatively, in your iPhone so you can freely read both online and offline and synchronize your library on multiple devices. Explore and read articles for free from top News, Entertainment, Science and Technology, Arts, Lifestyle, Travel magazines and more.

Zinio is the newsstand and bookstore in the world. Thanks to its many services and digital products Zinio provides people new ways to benefit from editorial content. Readers have the opportunity to read the content on any support, purchasing them but only once. With Zinio you can buy, search, read, share and save digital content wherever you are in the world.

Thanks to ZINIO UNITY reading platform, readers can move easily within the pages of magazines and books are not just reading the text, but also with all the advantages of multimedia, such as interactive graphics, animated illustrations, videos and much more. The Zinio e-stores and applications are revolutionizing the world of reading and giving the opportunity for readers to choose from hundreds of thousands of titles.

On Zinio, you can browse magazines exactly as they appear in the paper, with the advantage of not having to buy the paper, and in fact has been optimized for reading online trying to replicate the mouse with the typical gestures of "turn the page". Read on colours, high-fidelity pages, or switch to enhanced text to resize the text for easier reading.

Add to Favourites articles, pages and photographs you love. Continue reading from where you left off, organize all Favorite together by date or title. Explore links from articles and pages and browse the Web from within the app.

Everything should be in favor of the environment and the wallet, since the price is significantly lower than that of the cover. Another very interesting aspect is that Zinio lets you read journals, which for those who live in small towns is particularly complex.

The magazines are bought our forever and you can then go and read them from a distance of time. Nothing prevents you from printing portions of the magazine you want, for storing at home in paper form, although, of course, the site is designed for an optimal reading of the online magazine.

This is certainly an exceptional opportunity to be exploited, with the magazines to choose from being heterogeneous among themselves, from Arts, Cars, home, entertainment, news, sports, science and technology, to political, current affairs, lifestyle, food, travel, photographs, insights and much more. So there is something for everyone. The free Zinio app provides readers with a wide range of magazines

The application of Zinio, designed to bring to life a unique experience of digital reading in high definition, allows readers to buy content by paying one time and having the opportunity to read them wherever they are, in any media on different devices including iPad, iPhone, PC or Mac. The application Zinio will allow access to over 2,500 magazines around the world.

Available for free in the App Store , the application uses full multi-touch gestures of the iPad to provide an optimal navigation between pages, to zoom in the photo, to access the web through the links, or to send an email to report an article. The application allows users to directly purchase a subscription to their favorite magazine and then share it with other platforms.

Buy thousands of magazines from around the world, single issues and subscriptions that will instantly using The Zinio Magazine Newsstand & Reader app for iPad and iPhone is available for free on the App Store or iTunes.


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