Naked Women Disappear from Playboy

No nudes in Playboy, as now the porn is everywhere on the Internet. From next March, a turning point awaits the US magazine launched in Chicago in 1953 with a picture of Marilyn Monroe on the cover. Why do you need to save the accounts, to new audiences. And to conquer the bunnies are dressed. Not everyone, however, are convinced that your editorial help sales. By that complaint Playboy betrays itself, he told FQ Magazine Ilona Staller, aka Cicciolina, singer and former porn actress, the first in the world to become parliamentary.

The decision was announced by the Director of Playboy, Scott Flanders , who told the New York Times stating that the choice was made ​​after a meeting with the magazine's founder, Hugh Hefner . Remain shots of beautiful women in provocative poses but implementing a revision in mind: women - the most beautiful and desired in the world - will never be immortalized completely bare. And just as in Italy arrives the program " The Island of Adam and Eve "that the customs clearance naked, we hide in what has been for decades the temple sex.

They are already many years that the magazine has to deal with a drop in sales, due in large part to the proliferation of porn sites , which are now over 30 million. It is the democracy of the web, the free sharing through which everyone can see photos and hot video for free. So why spend money? So the sites hard to pay, but also the magazines, are in crisis, the same that have been facing now long ago the movie theater.

The gains are made ​​with advertising. I confirm that the data of the crisis throughout the industry are dramatic says Ilona Staller but I think it is still a poor choice because sex has always pulled. I'm really upset. According to former porn actress sales are therefore destined to fall, If someone turns up his nose looking beautiful naked women is useless to look for in that segment of the market. Who does not appreciate that kind of image will purchase 'Famiglia Cristiana' certainly not a soft version of Playboy. It falls a myth.

In recent decades, millions of readers have abandoned Hefner and if in the seventies they sold 5 million and 600 thousand copies, are now just 800 thousand. The last answer was a video in slow-motion launched by historian magazine with women involved in sports action. But not enough. Hard times for the bunnies, it seems that not even have the benefit of the good old days. On the other hand there is a hole in the budget of millions of dollars and Hefner is no longer that of a time. In 89 years , after two divorces behind four children, he lives with his third wife who, needless to say, is the Bunny Crystal Harris, 29 .

In the age of the web disappear Playboy bunnies, who for over 60 years since 1953, when Hugh Hefner founded the magazine have fired the imagination of the men and pulled a magazine that challenged the bigotry of the right on the one hand and feminism but on the other peeking in unexpected places, from the trunk of the car familiar to intellectual circles. Playboy will not publish more naked, he reports the New York Times reporting the statements of the CEO of the magazine,

Today with a click you can find all the sex you want, said Flanders, noting that the Internet has transformed access to the world of sex. And so that the magazine that began with Marilyn Monroe on the cover has seen a drop in sales by 5.6 million copies in 1975 to 800,000 now, to change even the raison d'ĂȘtre the bunnies, in fact, intended to give way to simple black and white of an article.

Yet Playboy has for decades been the best-selling magazine in the United States, one that was ahead of its time. Thirty editions are published all over the world. In more than sixty years they have posed for the magazine - not all naked - the most beautiful women in the world and also the same Ilona Staller. Former first lady of France Carla Bruni to the model Bianca Balti, until Monica Bellucci starred, among others, a cover for the Japanese edition. Why Playboy was not any magazine. And now we just have to wait and see if this is really the end of an era .

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