Supernatural Season 11

Supernatural is a United States television series of paranormal genre and a drama created by Eric Kripke produced by Warner Bros

Supernatural is a United States television series of paranormal genre and a drama created by Eric Kripke, and produced since 2005. The show follows the adventures of brothers Sam and Dean Winchester, played respectively by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, hunter of demons and other figures of the paranormal.

Filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, she was in development for almost ten years, until Kripke was able to throw it on the small screen. The pilot episode was followed by almost 5.7 million people, and the ratings of the first four episodes prompted the network to broadcast an entire first season, consisting of 22 episodes. The series is produced by Warner Bros. Television in association with Wonderland Sound and Vision.

The team includes executive producers Eric Kripke, McG, and Robert Singer; former executive producer Kim Manners died of lung cancer during production of the fourth season. Supernatural debuted 13 September 2005 on the network The WB, and then move on, from the second season onwards, in the schedule of the newly formed The CW. In the US in fact began on February 13 2007 , when the US was aired instead the second half of the second season.

Originally, Kripke planned the series for three seasons, which later became five; the fifth concludes in fact the main plot of the show as well as the imagined Kripke. However, in the years following The CW officially renewed Supernatural for new seasons as a result of this, Kripke was working as executive producer but not more as show runner , a role for which he was replaced first by Sera Gamble and then by Jeremy Carver.

Like the Colt is surely one of the most powerful weapons appeared in the series, apparently seems capable of killing anything, including angels, demons and reapers, also it is the only weapon capable of killing the demons of the circle of the Knights of Hell. The first owner of the weapon was Cain, who carved the blade from the bone of the jaw of an animal, used the weapon to kill his brother Abel. Cain used the weapon to kill the other Knights of Hell, except for Abaddon, who managed to escape.

The blade actually in itself has no power, the source of its energy is the mark of Cain, which contains the essence enclosed in primordial darkness, and to give it power to the blade, the blade and in fact the brand they act as if they were one. Dean Cain goes to the brand, so the hunter gets the power to use the first blade, Dean uses it to kill Abaddon, and also the same Cain. In the final of the tenth season the blade loses all his power, by virtue of the fact that Castiel, Crowley and his mother Rowena destroy the brand with a spell, then removing the weapon the source of his power.

Are the tablets of stone written by the angel Metatron request of God, the tables are three in all and serve to confine the creatures in their dimensional planes, like leviathans in Purgatory, the angels in heaven and the demons in Hell. The tables contain the statements to run to constrain the creatures in various sizes, they can be read only by Metatron or a prophet of God, also if the table breaks the prophet can reassemble.

Four rings belonging to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, each ring is worn by a knight. The fifth season is focused on the research of the rings, for if together they create a seal very powerful, thanks to seal the Winchester brothers trap in the Underworld angels Michael and Lucifer. The seal is very powerful, enough to hold the two most powerful angels, it seems that in addition to the riders (as did Death taking Sam's soul from the cage) nobody else can break the seal, although Castiel, after God has brought back to life by increasing its powers, he has proved capable of breaking it freeing Sam.

On one occasion, Sam faces a leprechaun who said that, while not as powerful as the angels, it would be perfectly capable of stemming the seal rings with his magic. It seems that the knights derive their just power from the rings, in fact Sam, Dean and Castiel defeated War and Pestilence cutting their fingers when the rings were squeezed, but the power of the Knight of Death did not seem necessarily bound to the ring, as Dean sold the object to be without problems. In the sixth season Dean wears the ring being made a knight of Death, only to lose his powers after asserselo marched.

It appears for the first time in the third season, Ruby delivers it to Winchester, his blade has the ability to kill a demon, in fact, is one of the few weapons in the world, in addition to Colt, who has this power. Dean and Sam make more use in their struggles against the demons, even the same Ruby's over with perish at the hands of Dean because of the knife, also Bobby, in the first episode of the fifth season was successful and free from the control of a demon hurting the leg with the knife. The dagger still does not produce any effect against the demons belonging to the caste of the Knights of Hell , as Abaddon, which precisely are immune.

The Colt , and thirteen original bullets, were created by Samuel Colt for a paranormal hunter in 1835. According to legend, it can kill anything, including creatures normally immune to any kind of weapon. Also, it can open one of the gates of Hell. 6 of the bullets had been used before the Colt fall into the hands of a hunter named Daniel Elkins. Investigating his death, the Winchesters meet a clan of vampires who have come into possession of the weapon. Vampires mistake it for one of their classmates taken hostage by John, who eventually handed over to Azazel in exchange for the life of his son Dean, almost died in the car accident that ended the first season.

At the end of the second season, the last bullet is used to kill Azazel after opening the Gates of Hell located in Wyoming . Anyway, Ruby succeed later to help Bobby to build projectiles adaptable to the gun. Towards the end of the third season, Bela steals the gun to the brothers and delivery to the demon Lilith to cancel the deal she had made ​​a decade earlier.

Although absent in the fourth season, the Colt back in the fifth, when Dean tries to use it to kill Lucifer, but turns out to be immune to it. Colt will disappear again, but it will review in the sixth season episode "Borderland", where Dean and Sam go back in time, in the old Wild West, to meet Samuel Colt , into giving him precisely the gun, which they use to kill a Phoenix . Once accomplished the feat, Sam and Dean leave the Colt in the past.

After trying to close the gates of hell Sam falls into a coma and Dean to save a prayer addressed to the angels, now fallen all (except Metatron) on Earth. This prayer attracts Dean various angels who want to kill him, but one in particular that comes to him as Ezekiel, wants to help him to save Sam. The situation is desperate, however, and the only option to save Sam would do possess the angel, too weak, so Sam and Ezekiel would live in harmony, recovering in time; But this would never be accepted by Sam. The latter, already prepared to die was about to be taken away from "Death" when Ezekiel and Dean with a deception they give Sam consent for possession of the angel. From here begins the possession of Sam Ezekiel, which "eliminates" the memories of Sam after the attempt of closing the gates of hell.

On the other side, namely hell Crowley is a prisoner of Sam and Dean that keep him imprisoned in the bunker and Abaddon tries to gain supremacy over the demons. Kevin meanwhile continues his translation of the tablet angelic to fix the situation of the fallen angels, while Castiel, now fallen and human because of his grace stolen from Metatron, vague dejected because of what has happened, many angels also hold him responsible and accomplice of Metatron.

This creates various "factions" of angels, the most numerous and powerful is to Bartholomew (right arm of the late Naomi). Meanwhile, Castiel is kidnapped by a group of angels, but manages to kill one of them, Theodore, absorbing the thanks regaining the angelic powers, but not being the true grace of Castiel, the latter can no longer rely on the extraordinary powers he had before . Castiel discovers that Ezekiel had died during the fall of the angels and informs Dean, then the angel who saved Sam is a fraud, in fact his name is Gadreel, went to prison for having allowed in the past to enter the Garden of Serpent Eden.

Gadreel kill Kevin, as Metatron had commissioned the murder of the Prophet offering him the chance to become his right-hand. With the help of Sam Crowley is freed from the control of the angel (who returns to his old through), Dean feels guilty for the death of Kevin, then separates from Sam for a while 'time, promising himself that will kill Gadreel. Meanwhile Crowley convinces Dean to help him kill Abaddon, using the only weapon that can kill a Knight of Hell, the "first blade", Dean and Crowley are the first knight, Cain , it infuses Dean his mark, that will the first blade the power needed to kill Abaddon, warning however that the brand requires a price to pay.

Dean and Sam return to hunt together, despite their disagreements, while Castiel kills Bartholomew, after the latter tried to convince him to go with the bad on his side. Dean manages to find the first blade, with which starts killing, Sam realizes, however, that the mark of Cain is negatively affecting Dean, who eventually kills Abaddon.

Gadrael repented of having allied himself with Metatron, trying to forge an alliance with Castiel, Dean and Sam, realizing that his boss is just a despot. Dean, out of control because of the mark of Cain, attacks Gadrael with the first blade, but Sam and Castiel stop; Metatron has allowed the angels to return to Heaven, now all the faithful are also Metatron falls among men performing miracles, he does not want to dominate only the Paradise, but also humanity by presenting to them as a Messiah. Dean faces Metatron, but the latter defeated him.

Castiel decides to confront Metatron, with the help of Gadreel, who dies to help Castiel. Castiel and Metatron face off in the end Metatron confesses its plans, claiming to want to dominate both the angels that humans, unaware that the other angels were listening to him, so everyone understands that Metatron is only a megalomaniac, they come back on the side of Castiel . Metatron is locked up in a prison angelic.

Castiel is aware, however, that needs to regain its original grace, while Sam is desperate because Dean (as a result of the clash with Metatron) is dying, but Crowley reassures the hunter revealing that the mark of Cain is more powerful even death, it resurrects Dean a new life, but the problem is that it has turned into a demon, a Knight of Hell.

After spending a year in Purgatory, Dean manages to get out and back to hunt with his brother, while Castiel seems to have remained in Purgatory. The two hunters come into possession of the Word of God, a stone table that explains how to seal forever the gates of hell and stop the demons put back foot on Earth. Meanwhile, Sam gets to know Benny, a vampire who knew a friend of Dean in Purgatory, and that helped him get out. Castiel manages to get out of purgatory through an angel named Naomi who plagiarize his mind to control the Winchesters, Dean happy to have him back next ignores it.

Dean and Sam meet their paternal grandfather, Henry Winchester, from the past, discovering that he is a man of letters, or a member belonging to a congregation that has the largest collection of information about the supernatural exists, but dies in the attempt to help his grandchildren to defeat the demon Abaddon, a Knight of Hell. The Winchester defeat the demon by cutting his body into pieces.

The prophet Kevin translates Word and discovers that only fulfills three tests can close the gates of Hell. Sam passes the first, killing a Cerberus and bathe his body in his blood. Meg informs the Winchesters that Crowley is in search of the table can also shut the doors of Paradise. Crowley and Castiel kills Meg tries to kill Dean because of the influence of Naomi, that forces the angel to do his bidding, but Dean helps his friend freeing it from the control of Naomi. Kevin discovers that the second test is to save a soul from hell to make it ascend to Heaven, Sam saves the soul of Bobby, with the help of Benny who sacrifices his life to help.

The Winchesters track down a fallen angel, Metatron, who wrote the Word of God, and reveals that the third and final test is to heal a demon. Metatron convinces Castiel to pass tests to close the gates of Heaven, Castiel accepted belief that angels have caused too many problems to humans, so as to prevent him to put foot on Earth again. Castiel passes the first test, killing a Nephilim (a hybrid half angel and half human), meanwhile the Winchesters discover that treat a demon means reignite his humanity, Dean and Sam then decided to reassemble the body of Abaddon to cure it, but she manages to flee; the two hunters capture Crowley and Sam tries to rekindle his humanity by giving him his blood every hour for eight hours.

Dean Castiel helps with the second round to close the gates of Heaven, or steal Cupid's bow, but in the end Metatron Castiel reveals that he used for his own purposes, in fact, he wanted revenge for being kicked out of Paradise by killing Naomi, revealing to Dean when Sam will complete the ultimate test will die. Dean runs to stop Sam saving time, even though his health conditions are very bad, while Metatron is able to expel all the angels from Heaven. Dean and Castiel, became human, look at the sky studded with lights that fall to Earth, where each of them corresponds to a fallen angel.

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