IBM buys CrossIdeas

IBM has just completed the acquisition of CrossIdeas, a company that provides software solutions for the security and regulating, in particular, user access to applications and data within the company and in the cloud. The transaction is part of a clear strategy from IBM that only in the first half of 2014, increased by 20% on business in the field of cybersecurity that, globally, is worth $ 28 billion.

The reason is obvious: in the light of an increasing regulatory and public security threats become more sophisticated, the companies applying policies and access management solutions that provide greater transparency and information on operational risks.

Since 2012, or since IBM created the Division Security Services that supports 4,000 customers worldwide, the group monitors 15 billion security events per day linked to in more than 130 countries and holds more than 3,000 patents in the field. This growth is the result of acquisitions which over time have resulted in the enclosure of companies such as IBM Trusteer, Guardium, Big Fix, Watchfire and Internet Security Systems.

Now is the time to CrossIdeas, roman company that produces software to reduce the risk of computer fraud, but also the conflict between tasks and errors within the company. For example, a trader of a financial institution may receive a promotion that gives access to the approval of the transaction in a new system but, at the same time, does not inhibit the previous one. The dual access would allow the trader to defraud the institution and the conflict of duties would expose him to a failure to meet the compliance requirements. With the technology of CrossIdeas, you can identify and remedy any violations before they turn into a security risk and vulnerability to an inspection.

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