8x10 Tasveer

8x10 Tasveer is a psychological thriller built on a model that American cinema has declined at will for at least 30 years. Nagesh Kukunoor took his courage in both hands and tried to fit the mold, writing and then making the film.

Jai Puri (Akshay Kumar) is a store that lives near Calgary, Canada. With a colleague, it track a poacher. Even being played by our two conservationists, the villain finds a way to send the bear trap that had just placed at the bottom of a lake to several tens of meters away. With a satisfied smile, Jai off his jacket, says his gun to his partner, and go in a frantic race that ends with a 50m drop into the lake. Four minutes under water later he emerges victorious with the famous trap hand, evidence which justice requires.

Jai is not an incredible athlete, he also has paranormal power back into the past by focusing on a very strong image. But the trance should not last more than 60 seconds, otherwise it could happen to him. Exactly, his father, with whom he was cold, just died in a fall from his boat. Habibullah Pasha, called "Happi" (Javed Jaffrey), a very strange detective handicapped by severe compulsive disorders, convinces him that it is perhaps no accident. Then Jai decides to "enter" the last photograph of his father, taken by his mother ( Sharmila Tagore ) just before the fatal fall, hoping to find the truth ...

8x10 Tasveer is a psychological thriller built on a model that American cinema has declined at will for at least 30 years. After The Dead Zone or Intuitions, extra-lucid abilities are hardly surprise us. The stories of solitary individuals who seek the truth, while the killer prowls are innumerable. In Blow Out Brian de Palma or even the newest Whiteout with Kate Beckinsale, to name only two at random, the narrative process is almost always the same. The hero is alone to face the villain who does not hesitate to strike despite the hunt. On the wrong track index, it progresses to the denouement. His entourage does not believe him, of course, and even trying to dissuade him from going further. It is also always someone to be on his side, but how to trust him?

Indian cinema we did not used to this kind very formatted. Nagesh Kukunoor took his courage in both hands and tried to fit the mold, writing and then making the film. He applied the recipe zealously. You might think at times in an American thriller, except that Bruce Willis is not there. Even the background music could be used in disorders of Wolfgang Petersen without our realizing substitution. Everything is there. But in the disorder. And then he innovated where it was really not ...

First, it is unclear to whom we are dealing. The characters are not really NRI (Non-Resident Indians) belonging to a migrant community in this distant land. Their manners, interiors, clothes, everything suggests that these are ordinary Canadians ... who speak Hindi. This own lack of identity leaves us imagine a pure American film juices. But one quickly realizes that he lacks the rigor of the scenario. The detective disabled, yet a central character, is totally incongruous. Why have decked OCD? What can make him believe that this is a murder anyway? We will not know anything.

We will not know either where does the strange power of Jai nor the reason for the restriction to one minute battery visions. Besides, how does he know himself that he must not exceed the fateful minute? And when he does well tired, why does he need a blood transfusion? Even the parties in clear, the message is garbled. The benevolent spectator could miss so many inconsistencies that culminate in the "anything" in the last half hour. However, the viewer worse public could annoy grow up loudly when the criminal and his mobile as improbable that drugs are unveiled.

The representative of the production company Percept, clearly says in the DVD bonus: "This will be one of the biggest releases by Percept. (...) It will bring the brand Percept Picture Company where was the original vision: to build a relationship between the consumer and the brand Percept Picture Company. ". To listen, it is not very sure who is this famous consumer. We maybe ... Still, they put the funds in front of their marketing objectives by first choosing a major star actor. Aksahy Kumar out of consecutive failures of Chandni Chowk To China and Tashan . Tasveer 8x10 was an opportunity to renew itself in a genre more seriously.

Percept well be proud of his "take", Akshay does not seem to know very well where to take his absurd figure. Ayesha Takia, who plays the girlfriend of Jai, spends three quarters of the time in his usual role and perfectly controlled decorative vase. However, she surprises in the final by changing completely register. This short passage is perhaps one reason to see the film. It can not be said of the great Sharmila Tagore who he was not given much to do. Javed Jaffrey - remember, it was the cowboy Salaam Namaste - is amazing. It is not known whether his character is comic or tragic, it makes no sense. But what a lovely voice!

Before 8x10 Tasveer Nagesh Kukunoor knew achieve authentically Indian and endearing works such as Dor and Iqbal . But to answer the international trade sirens, he got lost on what makes generally weak Bollywood: writing. Now it is a key element of a psychological thriller, one that decides his fate public. The special effects were very well be done correctly - the cables are invisible - the images can be beautiful and flawless installation; the film is hardly watchable past 12 years.

Even if the DVD does not have the traditional sign "Intermission," so it remains Indian and had to have songs. They are three in number. Kuch Iss Tarah is a sweet melody without much interest that seems to be placed only because it must also sell CDs. Nazaara Hai , played during the opening credits, is a rather energetic rock that you can listen with pleasure. The end credits was awarded to the rapper Bohemia for I Got The Picture . In this final clip that has no relation to the film, Akshay Kumar offers the same head as in Om Shanti Om . Perhaps to say that ultimately, it was all a joke.

8x10 Tasveer is a bit like Canada Dry  : it looks like an American psychological thriller, but it is far from being one. If the achievement is up, the supposed history we paste on the screen will not jump as younger. Other spectators will be surprised at best as inconsistencies. The film was a commercial disaster largely deserved. It remains however that does not get bored. And this is not bad.

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