Money Monster

Tom Rothman of TriStar Productions  has just announced that it has acquired the rights to Monster Money, the second feature in the control room that will see Jodie Foster with George Clooney's character. Money Monster is the story of Lee Gates as Clooney, television personality thanks to his blown trend of the stock market has become the guru of Wall Street. When Kyle, a viewer who has lost all his money to have followed the advice of Lee, takes him hostage during a live broadcast, the ratings skyrocket and the whole nation tunes in to find out what it's worth the life of a man.

Based on an idea by Jamie Linden and Alan DiFore on a screenplay by Jim Kouf and later revised by Lara Alameddine and Jodie Foster, Money Monster is a kind of thriller told in real time that will follow the story of a television personality specializing on ' performance of the stock market on Wall Street that will be taken hostage by a spectator disappointed and angry after losing all the money thanks to his advice.

After Little Man Tate (1991), Home for the Holidays (1995) and Mr. Beaver (2011) Jodie Foster is ready to return for the fourth time behind the camera. His new film from director will in fact Money Monster : a thriller produced by TriStar focused on the obsession of wealth and celebrity.

With George Clooney hired in the shoes of the protagonist, the story is that of an expert in high finance and TV star who at one point is kidnapped by a man who accused him of having given him, through its programs on the small screen, the wrong advice and have made ​​him lose a lot of money. The abduction takes nothing less than a live TV with the ratings skyrocketing and an entire nation that morbidly following "live" the fate of the hostage.

The screenplay was written by Jamie Linden , starting from an initial draft of Jim Kouf and Alan DiFiore . To test its new director, actress Jodie Foster has chosen a story in between Wall Street and showbiz. Titled Money Monster, the film tells the story of a guru of high finance as well as well-known face of television who is kidnapped by a spectator furious against him.


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