Saturday, June 8, 2013

Let's Talk Money by Akhil Khanna

The endeavour of Lets Talk Money by Akhil Khanna is to aid individuals from non pecuniary conditions to turn out to be sentient of the globe of wealth. In a trouble-free, open terminology lingo, it attempts to accustom us with this planet with an assortment of choices a individual has of empowering and the stuff an individual have to abide in intellect whilst opting an alternative. We draw closer to be on familiar terms with the convolution of the universal outlay environment we exist in at the moment and the threat to our savings. Bear in mind it is not essential what individual brings in, exact prosperity is what one supervises to maintain.

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Author: Akhil Khanna ◘ Publisher: Times Books ◘ Published: 2012 ◘ ISBN 13: 978-93-80942-88-9 
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