Free Comic Book Day

While we questioned what could be expected from the comic book Star Wars, today is the traditional Free Comic Book Day celebrated for many years overseas and England in first Saturday of May. But publishers have responded to the call and given us the opportunity to discover many of their publications catalog. The operation took place in bookstores throughout the world.

Living with Panini Comics, we are treated to three short stories drawn in the anthology for 75 years of Marvel. The first will be devoted to a review of significant events in the Marvel universe told through the eyes of Ben Urich, recently seen in the Daredevil series. The second story will return to Jessica Jones, who will be entitled to a series on Netflix before the end of the year. The latest offer us a small confrontation between Spider-Man and Wilson Fisk, also seen in the Daredevil series.

Delcourt adopt the same model as Panini proposing a magazine bringing together excerpts of its future publications, Hellboy Star Wars through Outcast, new work of the creator of The Walking Dead and The Guardians of the Globe. Urban Comics also released the great game, not one but two revealing books. The first will allow us to discover the next big event what DC Comics Future Ends , before its official release in June. Urban will also unveil a preview of Wytches, a comic book written by Scott Snyder , the man behind the excellent Batman New52 at the American publisher.

Glénat Comics propose you to discover the mysterious The Infinite Loop while Wanga Comics will also offer several excerpts from his forthcoming titles, of Ultraduck to Leviathan, to name a few. Ankama editions offer meanwhile take a look on their two comics that are Sons of Anarchy and Intrepid. And for those who have bothered to move up a library, know that the site Comixology offers free the first chapter of Team Chaos on its platform. With all this, you have no excuses not to go visit your local bookstore!

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