Seduction of the Innocent

Comics are considered good for learning to read and put on the same level as other types of readings. Their reading is actually a "simplified" version of the act of reading reading, which does not have the complexity of "real" books, with "dense columns of words and the lack of pictures. Reading a comic is more complex, because it is not simple absorption of text.

Reading comics is just as sophisticated as other forms of reading: the children they would benefit as much as they do from reading other types of books. Comics are much loved by the children and often equally detested by many parents who, in good faith, believe that children need to spend less time reading comics and more hours to study regular books, to improve school performance. 

Reading comics is not a waste of time but in some cases can prove invaluable. Some 12 hours reading comics improve the reading skills of dyslexic children do not get more than a year of voluntary reading, or a path of traditional reading, not to mention that while traditional treatments are often boring so much so that many children tend to abandon them, using comics to children can also have fun.  

Dyslexia, a disorder characterized by specific learning difficulties in selective reading, is a condition which affects a child of ten. The children who read comics and fantasy books are able to read faster without loss of accuracy and make progress in other tests of attention. Reading skills acquired are stable even after two months from the unusual "treatment". 

The comics improve many aspects of visual attention and favour the extraction of information from the environment that involves an ability of perception of the context and therefore rapid attention to detail that helps dyslexic children much more than an exercise in reading. Dyslexic children learn to guide and focus their attention in order to extract the relevant information of a word written in a more efficient, reducing the excessive interference side of which seem to suffer.   

The deficits of visual attention are the basis of dyslexia. It is known from literature that the sensitive period for the development of typical language skills and reading is to be found in the very early stages of life, well before the clinical manifestations of school age. Experimental evidence also suggests that an early detection of disorders of language preferably within 3 years of life allows you to set actions can evolve positively language skills and at the same time effective in preventing the onset of dyslexia. 

The ability to intervene by expanding the capacity of perception and attention, rather than language skills, raises the possibility of early treatment.

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