Saturday, July 5, 2014

BlackBerry Assistant

Software engineers at BlackBerry have completed the development of BlackBerry Assistant, virtual assistant of the Canadian producer designed to revolutionize the user experience in favor of more modern interaction. Available this fall on all devices with BlackBerry 10.3, the next version of the operating system with which also debuts Passport, the smartphone, BlackBerry Assistant can be activated by voice and demands also included verbatim.

Like the others, Siri  for iOS, Google Now for Android and Cortana  for Windows Phone 8.1, will allow you to manage several tasks like searching for email or calendar appointments, events or create reminders, find information on the web or on social networks, or to interact within the native app with specific actions such as enabling or disabling the camera flash LED as a torch or access to the system settings of your device.

As reported by the company, who preferred not to reveal all the features, the BlackBerry Assistant will be able to learn the habits becoming more and more accurate with the passage of time and therefore responses will be all the more relevant as the user will talk with the assistant.

Last week, some analysts have predicted that the Canadian brand could disappear within a year, with 24/7 Wall Street that BlackBerry has entered the list of the 10 brands that will disappear in 2015. The reason would be found in the financial results of the company as the sales decline and the loss of money, as well as the loss of market share.

For BlackBerry these results are insufficient to make the company profitable, but considering the latest moves of the leadership led by  John Chen,  madly fascinated by QWERTY keyboards, the future could be about to change.

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