One Direction: You & I

Not content to be the biggest band in the world, the most beloved by the teenagers of the globe, One Direction have unveiled their new and highly anticipated perfume, YOU & I in an exclusive press conference at The London Hotel in New York. You & I is the third fragrance made after the success of That Moment and Our Moment.

The fragrance is composed of top notes from mango, grapefruit, flower const, in the base notes musk and sandalwood blend that makes the enveloping fragrance. The nose Richard Herpin said The scent embodies that unique moment between spring and summer when nature is in full bloom, and when everything is at its peak. Juicy fruits and gourmand notes are paired with fresh flowers in a perfectly balanced, reaching harmony much like the dynamic charisma of One Direction.

The perfume bottle has a hexagonal lilac color with a delicate line of gold, the packaging has pictures of each member of the band separated by a network of lines converging gold.

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