No One Killed Jessica

Sunday, April 07, 2013

This political thriller directed by Raj Kumar Gupta (Aamir) and produced by Ronnie Screwvala (Rang De Basanti, Jodhaa Akbar) was inspired by the true story of Jessica Lall. The young and bubbly Jessica Lall (Myra Karn), refused to serve a drink to a trio of friends already well soaked during a chic evening Delhi. Angered by this refusal, one of them, Manish Bhardwaj (Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub), gets angry, pulls out his gun and kills with a bullet in the head, before the three hundred guests witnessed the scene.

No, do not think I have to reveal to the bottom of the story you already revealing the name of the killer, or by saying that he and his accomplices will be arrested shortly afterwards and charged for the trial. The story is only beginning.

For here "Manu" and his two friends are the son of wealthy and influential Indian politicians. If influential than 300 witnesses, only 7 agree to testify - at least at the police station, before retracting the trial under Mr Bhardwaj father death threats. To the sister of Jessica, Sabrina Lall (Vidya Balan) begins a long struggle in the hope that the murderer charged. But what can she do, alone to face the rich and powerful, who handle the evidence and buy cookies? Six years after the start of the trial the verdict: lack of sufficient evidence and testimonies, Manish Bhardwaj is considered "innocent". No one killed Jessica.

It was then that the famous reporter Gaiety Meera (Rani Mukherjee) is very interested in the case. In the surmédiatisant, she managed to raise the whole country, which is now crying with one voice Justice for Jessica. He appealed the decision of the trial judge. The pressure of the people and the media will she because of corruption at all levels of the judicial system? She is the murderer shall he finally punished and justice done for Jessica?

The story of Jessica Lall, young model murdered in a bar in New Delhi in 1999, is one of several highlights of contemporary India. Her killer, Manu Sharma, son of a wealthy and influential Indian politician who terrorized witnesses at the time, was acquitted on 21 February 2006. This injustice aroused huge media outcry and anger of the population, which led to a retrial ... RK Gupta therefore takes this true story and we book a compelling movie that is more documentary than fiction. Be aware that some scenes that could have been typical Bollywood actually occurred: March 4, 2006, 2500 people gathered at the India Gate for a vigil in memory of Jessica; Manu Sharma's parents actually visited Lall ... And above all, the outcome of the film shows that this legal mural.

And if the film deserves the success he has achieved with the public, it is also thanks to the first female roles. Vidya Balan, we could appreciate in Paa , here is glaring truth. No shedding tears or screams, Vidya plays while restraint. We share the pain of this sister, his struggle, his fears, his fatigue also. Rani Mukherjee is now far from his model fiancée roles or love numb release Mujhse Dosti Karoge . Her character, Meera Gaity, is a brilliant journalist-reporter, she has a strong character, swears like a trooper, smokes and lives alone (yes, without a husband!). But Rani is at times too caricatured in its interpretation of the "modern woman" and she is easily upstaged by Vidya, or by Myra Karn. 

The big unknown with no experience is doing very well in his few flashbacks in the memories of Sabrina. As Anushka Sharma in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi , it is natural and seems simply to be herself. 

The film may seem slow to develop in its first part. Sabrina turns round and can not do much, if not try to convince witnesses to tell the truth at the trial, remembering the happy times spent with his sister. But that is what ultimately makes us share his struggle and keeps us hooked to the film, the pace of which logically accelerates with the intervention of Rani. It is the voice of the latter which tells us, from the first frame, what New Delhi and a certain vision of India today, reinforcing the documentary side and activist film. 

For in addition to a solid scenario, No One Killed Jessica shows a reality which leads us to reflect on the efficiency of justice, instead the media, the situation of women, or what is the worst whole story the murder of a person and the impunity of the murderer. Diving most of the time in a dark atmosphere or in the crowded streets of Delhi, the image reflects the grave about the film and contrasts between the smallest and powerful. 

The very pop-rock music of Amit Trivedi (Wake up Sid, Dev. D, Aisha) and the words of Amitabh Bhattacharya (Anjaana Anjaani, Delhi Belly) are inserted at strategic times, but without remaining very long head. 

A film that stays away from our Bollywood classics. We do not sell us the dream; the film is realistic and militant here in the background. But the movie still leaves you on a hopeful note: see justice and unity to overcome the power, wealth and corruption.

After nearly three years after his wonderful debut, Aamir, director Rajkumar Gupta confirms his talent and come back with another good film: the story of a true story actually happened. Delhi, while working as a bartender at a party, Jessica (Myra Karn) is killed by a gunshot from a young, Manish Bharadwaj (Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub), to whom he had refused a drink. Despite the party involving more than three hundred potential witnesses and are present at the time of the incident Manish's friends and colleagues of Jessica, get the guilty pay for the crime committed will prove more difficult than the appearance would suggest. Manish is in fact the son of an influential politician, without scruples or morals. 

Based on the murder of model Jessica Lall in 1999 in a local Uptown Delhi, and the desire for justice sister Sabrina Lall, the film shows exactly how contemporary India. The story is well known, but the director Rajkumar Gupta who had already proven his talent in Aamir handles it so exciting to create a new interest. No one killed Jessica, unlike the typical superhero sagas, not only narrates the struggle of two women, but that of an entire country that joins them. There are many pitfalls to deal with when you decide to make a film that is inspired by a true story. 

NOKJ could develop as an aseptic documentary, instead the director and the actors infuse body and soul in the film, which is offered as a tense thriller. The excellent screenplay (Rajkumar Gupta), dialogues (which is in Delhi to come to life) and the actors capture the attention. The interpretation of Rani Mukherjee is adrenaline. But it is Vidya Balan steal the show. The rest of the cast is perfect. The film also boasts an impeccable first half and a daring soundtrack (Amit Trivedi). NOKJ is a memorable experience. 

Vidya Balan is beautifully natural, but Rani Mukherjee seems unsuited to the role. The location is New Delhi, a city that is both in appearance and urban infrastructure, and rural feudally arrogant mentality based on a show of influential friends. Can a movie in a couple of hours to tell the truth on a true story? Maybe not. But it can represent it in a convincing way. And that's what makes good director and screenwriter Rajkumar Gupta. The narrative is engaging, the soundtrack (Amit Trivedi) is uplifting, the film pulled well some slip is allowed only towards the end. 

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