Windows Phone Lumia Cyan

Microsoft has announced that it is available to download the Windows Phone 8.1 Lumia Cyan update for Lumia smartphones. The update is available in 35 countries but not for all models, and was initially released for the Lumia 625 and Lumia 925, and then passed on to other devices. To download the update via OTA go to Settings, Updates, Check for Updates and follow the instructions.

The new update Cyan Lumia brings with it a new look for the original home of the operating system that was added a third column to the live tiles regardless of the size of the screen and also now it is possible to set a background to the tiles as an alternative to classic color backgrounds only. There will also be a special app to choose and set the wallpaper that you most prefer.

One of the most interesting and expectations is undoubtedly Cortana, the digital voice assistant based on Bing, a sort of Apple's Siri for Windows Phone 8.1. The new feature, which owes its name to a character in the video game Halo saga, is designed to meet the needs of users and to improve over time, thanks to a system that allows him to learn from the questions asked of the user. Cortana will be used initially in the USA in beta, then the UK and China, followed by all other nations. It will be integrated with the agenda and provide information on travel schedules and routes better.

Operating Centre allows you to display notifications of any app, even if not added to the Start screen, and provides quick access to important settings, such as Wi-Fi, airplane mode, Bluetooth and rotation lock.
Calendar : The new calendar was with the addition of the new view for the week, great demand by users.
The hub has a higher fidelity in the updates of the content of social networks large photos and connects directly to third-party applications for social networking in order to have easy access to all functionality.

Box animated photos makes you direct access to your most recent photos and presents them as collections automatically organized, grouped by date and location. The online photo album is now supported by an extension application, then the third party can be connected to their services. Data Sense, Wi-Fi Sense, Sense and Storage Battery Saver have added a number of features on Windows Phone 8.1 designed to make the most of the data traffic, the battery life and storage space.

Data Sense allows you to keep track of your data connection during the month and provides an overview of the use for each app, allowing you to know which application is using most of the data traffic. When you approach the limit of the traffic data, Data Sense takes care of downloading the greatest possible amount of data via Wi-Fi and to restrict the use of the cell line. With Windows Phone 8.1 is also a new way of saving advanced, which increases the compression of the images when you browse the Web, increasing velocity and reducing the use of data traffic compared to WP8.

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