Windows Phone will support Android

The rumors about the possibility that Windows Phone is compatible with Android applications are certainly not new and we know that rumor like that outclasses the network for a long time and that Microsoft could carry out such a project very soon, in a climate of great change more recently, in fact, we learned that perhaps the surface tablets will be replaced with the Lumia, and that all smartphones with Windows Phone will be signed Nokia by Microsoft.

The conditions, in short, there are, and I'm not just those of which we have spoken now as you know, Nokia OS X is not an invention of the press, and the family Nokia X, among other things, is not a failure and is normal, then, that Microsoft may have begun the ability to make Android applications compatible with Windows Phone.

However, this is only speculation to throw in the network has been known to The Verge, in the person of Tom Warren, then the source is far from unreliable. Microsoft, however, did not say a word, and given the lack of success that BlackBerry has been following this path.

And if the hypothesis of a Lumia with Android there already seemed risky, how about the compatibility of Windows Phone with Android app.

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