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All spoke of Andhra Pradesh Chirutha months before its release. Imagine, the son of Megastar Chiranjeevi will debut in the cinema! Everyone hopes that the young Ram Charan Teja will one day following his father in the hearts of fans. Every photos are stalked, dad is interviewed on the prowess of offspring, one speculates on heroin, the story, the actor is it talent?

This film has been an impressive mass communication, no one could ignore the release of this film. All telugu movie websites were talking, squares have sold in advance for gold on the black market, some have even written to local politicians to get tickets ...

With all this, the viewer could expect to see a movie, if not great, innovative, at least interesting and friendly. Well it will not this time! Puri Jagannadh wanted too highlight Megastar junior and simply forgot to write something that makes sense. It is understood the poor, it would also have had pressure in his place. On the other hand, how to complain why did you choose to continue after the first day of shooting, when he must have realized that he was to direct the blank? Great question to which the answer would rather financial.

Ram Charan is the cause of this film. Yet another son candy without any talent that the family wants to propel the rank starlet. The young man we sellotape on the screen as the game is bad, we almost want to see how far he can go through sort of morbid curiosity. With the charisma of an octopus and the blank stare of a cod, you can not go far especially when one is disguised as a stolen truck with a foundation stung Vivek Oberoi in his bad days, Ram Charan yet has an asset in his legs; he knows rather dance, but trying too hard to impress it comes to perform choreographies that everyone would like to forget ... Contrary to the popular saying proclaims, ridicule kills at least kills credibility!

At the tapestry department, Chirutha brings a nice sample. Neha Sharma is a beautiful young model in Mumbai, which will surely delight the eye of those gentlemen, but that is an insult to the acting profession. Next to her, Trisha, yet Empress green plants, could almost pass for Sridevi. The young woman had apparently really wanted to see his face on the big screen, I see no other explanation for the fact of accepting a role in this film the dubious message.

Yes, our young heroine has a genuine character tigress that the "Leopard" will hasten to subdue with a lot of slaps and other degrading situations, of course impress the girl and make her fall in love until now hidden from the actor. Prakash "I am everywhere" Raj made ​​an appearance quite forgettable in the role of the rich dad, unbearable and some nasty all the same, the shooting took place long before the ban takes place telugue industry.

The radius comedy was right a trio of idiots and one transvestite not very funny but very, very heavy, which adds a little more to the affliction of the viewer.

Finally, Puri Jagannadh has actually read the bible of southern filmmakers Good use of symbols among the wicked , available in three editions of the bound volumes Anyone Whatever. The ugly not beautiful pursuing its ardor pretty tapestry course washable ink tattooed on the neck (yes, he wears suits, so we would not see him on the arm), it has a look of evil , not to mention his intonations when declaims his long speeches, no surprises, he wears a wig of long hair and stiff, badly cut and capped with a vacuum cleaner (curly wig is only for anonymous avengers the threefold personality). And what about the last fight in the mud pumped directly I do not know what Rambo ...

You will understand, gain two and half hours of your life by saving you watch this film, and rather choose a movie dad Chiranjeevi or better, cousin Allu Arjun!

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