Fulcrum Racing Zero

The wheel Fulcrum Zero has become the gold standard with regard to the performance of aluminum wheels for road races and, as such, the margin of improvement is very limited. Nevertheless, the technical research and development office Fulcrum always want to go over the results achieved this and their constant desire to improve each examining in minute detail would never have allowed them to settle Wheel Racing Zero in its current version, although already widely appreciated and admired.

The task of improving an already fully functioning wheel was hard and never, in the development process, engineers wanted to change what has already proved to be extremely powerful and durable. The only way to maintain the advanced performance characteristics of this wheel, while preserving its structure extremely reliable and solid, was to further enhance its capabilities in braking. After countless trials, tests and hours of research, it is finally born the wheel NITE RACING ZERO, the innovative solution of the family Racing Zero wheels, high performance aluminum.

As noted earlier, it was a clear imperative leaving unchanged the design performance features, solid construction and the overall reliability of this set of wheels, since the efforts to lighten, stiffen or change the property in any way they could change what had already been confirmed as one of the most popular wheels ever produced. Without this premise, at first glance it is quite clear that the structure and design of the wheel have remained virtually unchanged compared to the previous version, except for a sharp color change. The new darker color choice for the Racing Zero explains why the name "Nite", which refers to the treatment applied to whole new circle: a plasma electrolytic oxidation process that not only serves to make the wheels aesthetics extraordinarily renewed, but also to improve the braking performance.

the process, in fact, it hardens the metal, increasing the wear resistance, as well as creating a surface that improves braking performance on dry and wet. Especially designed to be combined with red shoes Fulcrum specific carbon wheels, developed in-house, the new wheel brings a new element of versatility to those who want to compete and train with carbon wheels with aluminum wheels. To those, however, want to train and run at peak performance with aluminum wheels, the grip allow you to brake late and also ensuring greater efficiency in all conditions. 

Perhaps less obvious is the change to the front hub, the profile smaller and thinner. The new design results in a slight reduction of weight without compromising in any way the performance. The rear hub is almost unchanged compared to the original version as both the front and rear hub flanges are oversized that contribute to torsional rigidity and increased power transmission, regardless of the carbon structure that helps to further reduce weight. Efficiency is also ensured by the fantastic USB ceramic bearings that ensure low rolling avoiding waste of valuable energy in the saddle.

These extraordinary performance characteristics, combined with the well-proven profiles of the different circles, 26 mm front and 30 mm at the rear, in a structure with triple milling, light but solid, creating one of the best wheels race currently on the market. Available with Shimano freewheel body Inc and Campagnolo, Fulcrum Racing Zero Nite will soon be sold to the best specialty stores in the world.

For many, however, have begun to appreciate the Fulcrum Racing Zero classic, there is no reason to fear: the original wheel will continue to be available in the catalog. The same product Fulcrum Racing Zero, superstar in the category of aluminum wheels from the race, will be included in the list of models in 2015 at a price more affordable.

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