Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Interview

The Interview is a film of 2014 directed by Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen, star alongside James Franco. The host of a talk show, Dave Skylark, and his producer, Aaron Rapoport, get an interview with Kim Jong-un, the dictator of North Korea. But everything is complicated when the CIA asks them to assassinate him.

The film was to be released in US theaters on December 25th 2014. Because of the controversial plot of the film on the political leader Kim Jong-un, in June 2014, North Korea has threatened retaliation no mercy to the United States if they had not prevented the distribution of the film, labeling it as an act of war and a wanton act of terror, and defining Rogen himself a gangster film, but the distribution of the film was canceled.

On November 24, the Sony Pictures Entertainment has been the victim of a serious cyber attack by a group of hackers calling itself GOP (Guardians Of Peace), which would have taken away and partially published material concerning private thousands of employees of the distribution company, star of Hollywood such as George Clooney , Leonardo DiCaprio and Ryan Gosling, and movies always belong Sony still unreleased in the United States.

These would use such material as blackmail right to request the cancellation of the output of The Interview, fueling suspicions American in intelligence on North Korea as the instigator of the attack, whose authorities would, however, denied any involvement. The film was premiered in Los Angeles on 11 December 2014.

Following terrorist threats in style September 11 aimed at cinema that had screened the film, perpetrated by the GOP December 16 still considered difficult realization by higher authorities intelligence Rogen and Franco would have canceled all their public appearances scheduled for the promotion of the film, and subsequently many of the major multiplex chains US would refuse to project The Interview. On 17 December, the film's release is permanently deleted from Sony, specifying that are temporarily provided other releases film, television or home video of the film.

The Mess of The Interview you are spending rivers of bits. Especially on how Sony should have or could handle the bomb that has instead exploded in hand with resounding loss of investment, credibility and raising even more of a problem in terms of freedom of expression internationally. Also we have said our .

Meanwhile, someone who knows how to move and catch the public's tastes but certainly in a situation like that it took very little, it must be said is the bearded George RR Martin, deus ex machina of the A Song of Ice and Fire. Better known to the general public in format TV series such as Game of Thrones.

Well, the sly and now mythological author, spokesperson of a fantasy as it humanized builds character complex but without the rancorous greed of wanting to overcome the human being who carry around, he told us some time ago is taken the field. It has made ​​available Seth Rogen and James Franco his home movies. You can bet that the call will not go unheard, especially if the other side is a champion of social marketing Franco, in fact. Although the gloss is mainly addressed to fellow Canadian.

It's really surreal wrote on his blog not Martin in a devastating manifestation of cowardice Regal, AMC and every other major US cinema chain has deleted by programming the new comedy of Seth Rogen and James Franco, The Interview, because yes, seriously, is not a sketch of South Park though I expect it will be soon North Korean threat.

Then, after having built the trailer, takes hard: I mean, really? REALLY? These super corporations, many of which could buy North Korea with little cash, do not want to show the film because Kim Jong-un turn up their noses? And down again on the real point, but basically it is also the great mystery behind the story: that of cowardice. An explanation that seems really weak compared to the noise we hear for days.

The level of cowardice of these corporations is amazing, Martin writes, troubling a reference extraordinary it was a good thing that these guys were not around when Charlie Chaplin created The Great Dictator. If scares them Kim Jong-un with Adolf Hitler would directly in the pants.

The point is this the reflection of the author of the saga more followed in recent years is flawless. But since it was sheer fear and how, instead, of a decision taken on the basis of serious and worrying, much to bring up even Barack Obama? In depth must rotate something more serious. For strength and not for conspiracy. Otherwise, really, Martin is right across the board.

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