Saturday, February 8, 2014

Bible World on Tablet

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Inter Mirifica and the centenary of the founding of the Society of St. Paul (1914-2014), San Paolo renews the original mission of bringing the Bible to every person by all means. So, in the era tablet, with an App for iPad Bible World.

The presentation of the event is scheduled for Thursday, December 5, 2013, at 15.30 , at the Sala Marconi ( Radio Vatican , Piazza Pia 3). In the presence of the Prefect of the Papal Household, Msgr. Georg Gänswein, speakers include: Don Antonio Sciortino, editor of Famiglia Cristiana, Don Giacomo Perego, director of Edizioni San Paolo, Walter Carraro, curator of the project.

The Bible grows with the reader, World Bible contains the Word of God and allows you to navigate it by exploring the places, the figures, the text in a modern way, and sensory technology, enhancing the story and the specific aspects of new media.

Navigate through the pages of Bible World is a journey from generation to generation, experiencing the cultural experience of a work whose facts are initiated at the dawn of man. The digital work recovers the main elements of Christian culture and the biblical tradition, including the centuries that preceded the Gutenberg Press the illuminated manuscripts, symbols and gestures, the Biblia Pauperum of sacred art in cathedrals.

Compared to the paper editions of the Bible, this work presents a new format, optimized for 'publishing on tablet , characterized by the interaction touch, from multimedia, visual interface and immersion in 3D content.

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