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Harry Styles lead singer of the band White Eskimo is a member of One Direction along with Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan

Harry Edward Styles born February 1, 1994 is a member of One Direction, along with Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan. He is the youngest member of the band. Harry Styles was born in Redditch, Worcestershire, England from Des Styles and Anne Cox. He has an older sister, Gemma. When Harry was seven years old, his parents divorced. His mother remarried in early June 2013 with Robin Twist. Harry loved to sing as a child. Elvis Presley has listed as one of his influences. Harry lived in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England and attended the Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School.

Harry was the lead singer of the band White Eskimo with Haydn Morris (guitarist), Nick Clough (bass) and Will Sweeny (drummer). They came together to compete in a "Battle of the Bands". The band won the contest, and helped Harry to realize that he loved performing in front of people. In 2010, when he was sixteen, Harry auditioned for the seventh season of The X Factor . He wanted a professional opinion on his singing, because until then her mom was the one who told him he was a good singer. Before his hearing said, "Song of what I do, and if the people who can make that happen for me not to believe that I should do, then this is a major setback in my plans."

Harry sang "Isn't She Lovely" and received positive comments from Simon Cowell and Nicole Scherzinger , while Louis Walsh had no doubt that he was ready to move forward in the competition. At bootcamp, Harry sang "Stop Crying Your Heart Out", before being rejected and then put in One Direction.

Following The X Factor, One Direction signed a recording contract with Sony Music subsidiary Syco Music . They have released four albums, Up All Night , Take Me Home , Midnight Memories and Four . All four albums are a number 1 America, while in the UK Up All Night debuted in second place while all the others first.

Harry is very close to his mother, Anne, and her sister, Gemma. He also has a tattoo "m" dedicated to them and often shows his love for them. Harry attended briefly Caroline Flack in 2011, when he was 17 and she was 32. Their relationship has caused widespread controversy due to the fifteen years between them. They met in 2010 while Harry was a contestant of The X Factor , and Caroline was the co-host of the show The Xtra Factor.

Harry would often flirted with Caroline during interviews, and admitted he was attracted to her. rumors of a story grew after October 16, 2011 when it was reported that Harry and Caroline were seen kissing at a party after X Factor. Both have denied there was a relationship. There were just rumors until December 2011, when it was seen leaving her home in London in the early hours of the morning, after spending the night there.

During intercourse, Caroline received death threats from many fans of One Direction and control means intense during the relationship. Although currently they not confirmed that they were together, January 26, 2012, through Twitter Harry revealed the relationship had ended by mutual agreement. She and Harry are friends.

Harry Edward Styles or Harold Edward Milward Styles (name invented by dairescioners), more commonly known as Cupcake or Hazza or with the epithet Harry the bottom , in Italian  Harriet Styles  ( Cheshire , February 1, 1994) is a singer part of the half-boy gay band One Direction and actor English. Her boyfriend is Louis Tomlinson, part of his own band.

He was discovered by  Simon Maccabee on Television on his show The X Factor in 2010. Simone knew that Harry was gay, but the program, as has forbidden the coming-out to all participants. Harry spent his childhood in Holmes Chapel, along with her sister Gemma, who was constantly playing with dolls with her, with her mother Anne and with his dogs. As a child he showed interested in the opposite sex, loved galloping fences with his friends, wearing bras biggest of her head, kissed with his friends.

It is said that harry before joining the 1D, was the singer of a band placed there at the first, called White Eskimo, composed by him and his friends. In 2010 he decided to participate in the program The X Factor talent scout, created by Simone Muccabene. He was with his mother, his father, his sister and the whole family can unimaginable. They supported him a lot, his mother became excited even at the sight of his son and said the presenter: I do not believe!

My son has grown so much, it managed to position right on the X drawn on the floor. "The fact is that it was his time. He took the song Isn't she lovely? by Stevie Wonder. Simone, the one who always says no , and also very pleased. A Louis Walsh did suck, however. He spent the hearings but, alas, the bootcamp the scaciĆ² great. It was placed in the discard pile, but then, he was miraculously rescued and guess riddle? Simone decided to fish out another four boys and formed a group, which later named its Harry One Direction.

After X Factor, came news of Harry and Xtra Factor presenter Caroline Flack. Around it was said that they were together and the scandal it was for the age difference. She was nearly 20 years older than him, so Harry was labeled 'What he likes older women', 'the milfone' etc. Harry did not accept these compliments very data from newspapers, moreover, he has never confirmed a relationship with the woman.

Harry touched pass the end of 2012 with Taylor Swift, country singer known the XXI century. Blonde, blue eyes, 1.78 m high. Too bad he is not a damn anything: the classic Beard was given by Modest! to believe Harry as a genuine man lover of women. Harry did not seem very happy to be with her, he saw her more as a friend.

In 2013/14, however, he appeared a note girl, Kendall Jenner, half-sister of Kim Kardashian. In short, there were rumors of an alleged boy from Kendall, which upset the life of Harry? The two were seen together in concert, where everything was dark except for two of them, or skiing, where in the photos, in the reflection of the people instead of other glasses appeared. In short, the same technique Modest! Three relation was totally false. I mean, who would fall so low when you have a Bronze Statues as a boyfriend?

It is not known with precision when the two began to be together. However, during the X Factor they are tied very right in the true sense of the word. In fact, in many interviews, the two claimed to live together and do not want to live with anyone else of bandmates, who knows why? They were afraid to make too much fuss and bother friends? Many of these moments also appear in the famous " Video Diaries " , where the couple is sent sentences indirect glances and outright marriage proposals. A bit 'too early for our liking, but we'd like.

From here, born of this couple or ship: The Larry Shippers, more than 12 million people around the world who, indeed, could create a religion.

Since Louis Tomlinson is "engaged" with the beard Eleanor Calder, these girls have started making videos, giving reasons why the false relationship with the girl and because Larry Stylinson is real. A detailed reference are videos of Chocablock You Just Have To Pay Attention.

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