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After a remarkable debut with Arya , his first film, the director Sukumar here makes a thunderous return by placing the masala to a higher technical level, while inserting a rather new thinking in the genre.

Sreenu (Ram) developed since childhood fascination with violence: at a young age, he observed the city gangster, Manikyam (Pradeep Rawat), which imposed its law by killing anyone put across his way. It is with this vision that the young Sreenu grew, putting himself at the head of the gang join Manikyam soon as he could. On the first occasion, he pointed out with his friends, and joined the group of gangsters who had so impressed. The latter, having identified potential Seenu, will make her climb the ladder quickly. But this growth will rise at the head of Sreenu, who will decide to start his own gang and compete with his former mentor ...

Obviously inspired by the great Brazilian film City of God for the spirit and context, Sukumar also managed to break away from that influence to offer its own vision of a ubiquitous urban violence. The first part of the film is very well paced and rather consistent. The big sequences are linked and the sharp dialogues are legion. We are witnessing a spectacle that commands attention even if we attach little characters. It must be said that they are hardly engaging. It was on one side of unsympathetic mobsters who kill faster than their shadow while jostling to climb the ladder of power, and the other a completely agreed between romance and unnecessary Sreenu and Subbalakshmi, a young girl whose Almost nothing is known, both at the beginning and end of the film.

Even if there has been for a good part of the film to an overdose of testosterone, the female presence Subbalakshmi seemed the least we can do to soften the serious tone of the whole. But it is a discription from Sukumar! The actress Isha Sahani is obviously not cut out for the meager role that was granted. We are not talking here about big role, but a presence close to the glamor green plant next to the elevator on the fourth floor. An actress with a strong presence could stand up to Sreenu and win in a thankless role, but there is nothing here, and we forget very quickly Isha exists. This romance is a mere pretext, not bringing anything to the film, if not heaviness in the pace, mainly in the second half.

For despite many twists and turns, the second act of Jagadam does not match the first. A floating appeared shortly after the resumption, so that the intensity falls experienced previously, and it seems to be in a fairly classic action masala.

Never short of ideas to capture the attention, Sukumar we nevertheless gratifies a final rather successful, although it may surprise. This is the way for him to pass a fairly original thinking for a Telugu movie: how to show violence in movies, on TV or on the street gives rise to vocations among young people, and generates an increasingly violent strong. The animal instinct of every individual is so awake, and the thirst for power and money grows to follow the examples of success are the Mafia and other gangsters. The scene where Sreenu see how the violence distilled Manikyam gives him authority and respect of the entire city is the most striking example; but violence is not only in the street; known for its bloody action masalas that starifient a hero castagnant faster than his shadow, the movie is yet Tollywood company looked younger family, who are most impressionable. Without going into the sociological counter analyzes Jagadam therefore puts Telugu cinema facing its own contradictions.

Speaking of young people, is one who has all the cards to become a future star. After launching the career of stylish Allu Arjun in Arya , Ram Sukumar gives a strong and prominent role. If the cast of this young man of 19 years in this type of role perplexing (it's not really impressive in his build), energy and the aggressiveness which demonstrated Ram are surprising. Although it seems just physically, mentally it is totally built for the film. After being introduced to viewers in 2006 in the success Devdasu Ram shows a rather promising potential on the eve of its 20th anniversary. Will be seen soon in a lighter genre alongside actress Genelia in Ready , headed by the director of Dhee .

From a technical standpoint, Jagadam brand spirits: the team of technicians who attends Sukumar has done impressive work, and photography Ratnavelu really upscale. Once the credits, we feel that production is well above the average. The budget of 14 crores has contributed largely to this technical success (the date of the junior artists are not very high). The fight scenes are realistic, well choreographed and served by an excellent mounting Sreekar Prasad. This is not a novice in this field since collaborated again with Mani Ratnam ( Guru , Yuva , Kannathil Muthamittal ) and contributed to the success of Pokiri .

The musical sequences are in a modern style, but again very controlled (the item numbers include the program). Neat choreography, set original position and sense of rhythm are all qualities present in the clips. The music of Devi Sri Prasad is completely in the spirit of the film, urban, cold and rough. Thus, the melodies are minimized and swollen bass rhythms. This results in hits that card to the youth of Andhra Pradesh, including the anthem Violence is a Fashion . Nevertheless, beautiful melodies and traditional music lovers will be fairly unresponsive to her, after all, very techno.

Jagadam is really a movie to advise amateur action movies and gangster. Technically at the top, the film manages to combine style and substance with a strong message about the pervasiveness of violence, especially in the film industry ... Who knows, this relative uniqueness may be able to interest them resistant to violent movies!

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