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I write. It's my greatest passion and has always been. Usually when I write I do not know exactly what I'm scribbling at that time. I just let my heart go directly on my keyboard and my thoughts kept in heart that becomes real through my pen. Writing to me is my world and is everything that makes me ME. I have been fortunate in my life to pursue my passion and writing for me is not just a passion but is like a magical secret that can make me free to be myself.

Some time ago, I reflected on what it means to write about the meaning that each writer gives the creative act. It is one of the reasons why there is a course "Medicine of writing". The result is a very interesting mosaic, in which there are different approaches, come out of the most disparate motivations, united by love for art and writing in particular.

What it feels like when you are typing is a continuous voltage: happy to have put two good words here and there to start a new sentence, and who knows if we would like as the previous one. Personally, the greatest satisfaction I have the first reading of my work. That's where it usually pervades the feeling of having pulled down something interesting, profound or even funny, and in some cases harmonious. Of course, the value of our work one can never grasp: not known shortcomings, let's strengths.

The emotion trigger is rather far from matter. That is really unique and intense like few others. Happens to me who are on the street, in bed in the sleeping, at the table, all of a sudden I ponder for a while and, an idea pops up. It is the most precious moment, one in which I find any writable surface to record thoughts and do not let them fade away.

Then maybe, once re-read when I should give them a shape and meaning, I lie ahead in all their banality or even worse, their inextricable chaos: we do not realize right away, and sometimes we do not realize their own, but often we write things comprehensible only to ourselves, to understand at least at that moment and for a little while longer, and then we even ask ourselves to what kind of logic we had ventured flight, giving rise to those thoughts. What will never be thrown away, but not by pouring a third party.

Writing a story is like take a trip to an unknown destination. Travel for travel, with no other purpose. You live all the life, or at least think about how it would be. You seem to have the whole world in your hand, to move the wires of the soul of those who have imagined. To write is to materialize an image to make it real, to ask the same protagonist as he wants to be his destiny. Writing is always to choose from.

You look inside yourself and seek other faces. You look at other faces and lie. It's empty, fill, laugh and cry. You live by combining words and feel happy when the sound of a sentence vibrates emotion. You chase a different way to say something already said, is to cling to as. You love each other. You stop thinking not to forget it, capture it as something rare, unique, and for fear of not returning to nail a sheet.

At the end of the trip, any trip, you always swallow a sip of nostalgia. Only lasts for a moment that is used to look up the last page and blow it up on the horizon. You already know that the next day those eyes will see the dawn of a different journey. The art, along with the sky, is the only concept that I can envision major boundless.

For me there is a when. The desire to write is always alive in me and the need to do so. Regarding the final word on the paper, I do not remember ever when I write. When I write, the emotion or set of emotions that I feel are so many that when I leave what I left on a piece of paper through my need to vent or through my need to create something special with the my passion, I do not remember ever word with which I concluded what I wrote.

The flow of creativity never ends never dies, continues to live in me as long as they are not to precede the other emotions through writing am free, which is why many times when people ask me what it means for me to write, as well as respond it means to live, I also say that for me to write, love to write, is to have an infinite richness, a wealth of emotions, sensations, feelings, joys and sorrows in their union that define what they really are, those aspects of me I'm not able to explain to others.

Very often even I myself can not understand exactly how I feel when I write, one thing is certain, what I feel like so much love, and I write I feel loved, I feel that writing in any way he needs me, and I in Somehow I need her, is a true love, the one true love that can send me sap, security, joy and lifeblood.

I am not writing to offer my writing to publishers, I do not write to publish a book. I do not know if I could ever be a contribution to the arts in our country, but of course I love to write and I want many to know.

I will continue to write until the fantasy and the events that will live will help me to compose a story, to let my readers something about me, and something that will serve them in life. I do not write for interest or because I want to become my job. My only wish is that my words reach as many people as possible and that can give them small fragments of emotions.

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Max Coutinho said...

I loved this article. Thank you for sharing the Love for Writing.

Here's to writers and to's to us Bloggers ;)!