Tata Vista Review

Tata Vista is a good green car, combining low fuel consumption, spaciousness and a truly competitive list price, but you can find the model even less thanks to some offers fielded from the Indian automobile house. Powered by a Fiat source 1.3 with a good relationship between performance and fuel consumption, provides an exceptionally comfortable interior compared to just 380 cm in body length; the trunk, however, is penalized.

On the road the view is appreciated for its comfort, but soft and not very powerful brakes suspension: gives his best to calm gaits, also taking into account the fact that the safety equipment includes front airbags only, and that the ESP is not planned even as an option. But it is also true that it is hard to find a small car turbo diesel that costs less.

In line recalls the Indica, which takes the place and proposes the solution of five doors, but this Indian small car is more modern, the result of a new project involving both the bodywork, both mechanics. Despite the compact dimensions (380 cm long) the space is high : if you wish, you can travel in five without excessive sacrifice. Conversely space for luggage is not much: only 232 liters.

The 1.3 turbodiesel Fiat origin has 75 hp and makes too much noise; more than for the absolute performance is appreciated for the roundness of operation and for power consumption , low even in the city. Agree that does not have a particulate filter and that the approval is still 4 Euro (the Euro 5 version is expected after summer 2011), but this must also be considered Tata's offer in an almost unbeatable.

The suspensions are anything but sports and cornering the car tends to lie down a lot of the side: a behavior that - even if the grip is enough - makes it advisable to keep quiet gaits. Because the braking is not very effective and the safety equipment is unsatisfactory: you can only count on the pair of front airbags and on ABS, while the ESP is not even available for an extra charge.

To be that of a low cost, in other aspects the budget is discreet: are included in the price of electric power window in front and behind, fog lamps and manual air conditioning . They must instead be paid separately alloy wheels 14 ", radio (with CD, AUX and USB outlets, and Bluetooth hands-free) and metallic paint; for "insatiable" There are also leather interior. Among the positive notes there also the three-year warranty (or 100,000 km).

The interior is simple and there are finishes and details that leave something to be desired, but at least the dashboard and door panels are upholstered in soft plastic and instrumentation - even with some damage readability - is complete. Although the space seats are not adjustable in height for front seat does not fail, and behind things go even better: the sofa accommodates three adults without great sacrifice, but the expense is the trunk, small and impractical.

The dashboard is covered at the top with soft plastic, like the door panels; leave, however, to want some details finished in a perfunctory manner, as the air vents or overflowing profile of the roof lining. The (few) commands are identified with ease, but the knobs of the climate are too low and not very precise: to adjust the exact temperature needed patience. Also criticized the radio sound quality, with only two speakers (but is prepared for four). The dashboard is in the center of the dashboard: an original choice that you pay in terms of the small tachometer reading, closer to the passenger than the driver; Moreover, at 130 times the speedometer needle will cover the microscopic water thermometer.

The well-shaped front seats are comfortable, but do not offer the height adjustment (while at the wheel lacks the deep). The interior space is also remarkable behind, thanks to the wide and flat couch and the tunnel that protrudes slightly from the floor: three medium build adults are there without difficulty (but the head restraints are only two). Useful the two drink holder in front of the gear lever, where there is also a small storage room, although for larger items should use the large drawer in front of the passenger (in addition to lighting and lockable, also offers and internal compartments in the lid).

The car is not long and the seats are comfortable behind: it was inevitable that sacrificed the trunk, shallow and too "cluttered" by prominent wheel arches. Therefore, does not abound neither space nor practical, especially since the opening narrows down a lot and the threshold, to well 73 cm from the ground, is not flush with the loading floor; disturbs even lock the door, projecting and at risk of damage if you lean heavy objects. Instead, there is the split backrest as standard and, on the right, next to the ceiling, even a power outlet (in addition to that present in the cockpit). In the era of "small wheels" and repair kits, it is a welcome surprise the standard size spare wheel.

The compact body, the sweetness of the controls and the high driving position which determines good visibility facilitate in city driving. The filter soft suspension well the hole but they are also at the origin of the tendency to sway that is found in the winding roads: better to drive relaxed, enjoying the elasticity of the turbodiesel park. Motorway is penalized by the short fifth gear, and agrees to be a bit 'below the maximum allowed for "keep down" noise and fuel consumption. It also gains the security, because the braking is long and the precision in the corners latita.

The size of the Tata Vista are the right ones to not have parking problems, and the relatively high seating position promotes visibility in all directions thanks to the extensive glass surfaces it is hard even for maneuver. Also promoted steering, gearbox and clutch, smooth to operate, while the same can be said of the brake pedal hard and "connected" to an underpowered system. Ok comfort: the suspension work well even on potholes and the engine - also sleek and parsimonious - never raises his voice.

Among the curves soft suspensions cause high roll and feeling of lack of precision, however, accentuated by the narrow tires: to limit the muzzle widens the trajectory and if you release the gas (or brake) tail off balance. Even if it comes to reactions that neutralize almost automatically and can be controlled with ease, with Vista should adopt a relaxed driving style, enjoying the elasticity bursar turbodiesel without too much attention allows you to touch the 20 km/l. Focus on long descents: the effectiveness of the brakes is affected by prolonged use.

traveling on the highway is advisable to set the cruising speed on 120 times , a pace commensurate to tackle the bends safely even and does not involve too many problems in the event of sudden braking (in which case, in addition to the lack of biting brakes pays well some winding of the tail). If, instead, we are coming close to the limit set by the Code, the comfort is penalized by engine noise (which at 130 times already works at 3300 rpm) and also increase consumption: a liter of diesel will not even run through 13 km.

Braking is weak, the only and sufficient road holding, even if the reactions to the limit are easy to control, the Exp would be convenient. Too bad that is not even expected to pay: as with other low cost, saving weighs about security, and we must be content with only the front airbags, while the side ones and head did not even speak. The EuroNCAP crash tests have not yet been made.

The lists of car warheads are not yet included models of Tata, and so judgment on Vista should be given based only on the provision. Which, incidentally, it is quite thin and can even be enriched for a fee: in addition to the fog and the ABS there are only the two front airbags ; the right one is excluded (using a key) switch, arrangement required to transport a child using a child seat installed backwards on the front seat.

Anything but sports, the view has little powerful brakes and can be improved in the grip: releasing the gas or braking on bends, the tail tends to widen the path. On the other hand the narrow tires warning in advance of approaching the limit making quite progressive reactions and easy to check: just as well, given that there is Esp.

Practical and spacious, it boasts discrete performance and consumes little, especially in cities. Given that it is a thrifty turbodiesel, the price / content ratio is favorable: even if the finishes are below average, there are the standard fog lights, the "climate" and four electric window switch; well even the guarantee, which covers three years. The mournful notes come from the security: the budget is thin and can not be integrated for a fee.

The Tata Vista is one of the few small cars with five seats, equipped with a valid thrifty turbodiesel and boasts a very attractive price in relation to the envelope: considered that are included fog, climate and four electric window switch, it remains to add only radio and, mostly for aesthetic reasons, the alloy wheels. What, however, can not even integrate a fee is the safety feature: the ESP is not expected and two airbags are few even for a low cost.

Who lives in a metropolis should also consider that the engine is Euro 4 and without particle filter: in order to escape from possible restrictions on the movement may be appropriate to wait for the Euro version 5. Nevertheless, this Tata - plus guaranteed three years - represents a good deal for those who want a "town" practical and affordable, and is willing to turn a blind eye to the finish and on the trunk, which is not very large.

When you consider that the length of the body is well below 4 meters, there really to complain about: the space in the cockpit there is even for those behind, so much so that on the couch can fit three adults.

In the city traffic this Indian utility runs on average 16.1 kilometers on a liter of diesel fuel: it is a very favorable value in absolute terms, and even better than that declared by the House (15.5 km / l).
Warranty coverage has a duration of three years (or 100,000 km), that is one more than the law requires and what they offer rival: not bad for a low cost.

The Fiat origin 1.3 has a very wide use arc, which extends from just above the minimum speeds up to over 5000 rpm: the power is not high but it exploits well, and without the need to continuously exchange. Contained noise and vibration. The design has not sacrificed the width of the glass surfaces, the posts are quite thin and the driving position more elevated than usual: the view is good both when dealing with sharp curves, and maneuver.

In addition to the inconvenience of access due to the opening which narrows down serving a capacity lower than that of competitors. In addition, the internal profile just regular forces to take good measures to stow your luggage. The only two front airbags are insufficient. I agree that it is a low cost car, but an important accessory such as Esp should be expected, at least for a fee, and the same applies to the side airbags and head.

By now the standard is Euro 5, and the old approval even beyond the important considerations related to the environment exposes to the increasingly frequent traffic jams due to pollution. Given the price of the car, the quality of materials is higher than what you expect. A disappointment, though, there are many elements made ​​roughly and assemblies often inaccurate.

Vista does not weigh a blunder and poor performance, but the braking system appears underpowered as stopping distances are long and with intense use, efficiency decreases still further. Also, if it "mache" firmly on the car's stability control is affected.


Jeevan said...

The car looks stunning and technically advanced in tata’s series of cars. I got very good reviews about this lately.

Ramakant Pradhan said...

I will be more happy if the number of domestic carries increases. Kingfisher's exit and now SpiceJet's troubles are not helping the situation. Hopefully, the Tatas with their experience in pretty much everything from salt to software will be able to change the paradigm.