Vitara Brezza by Maruti Suzuki

Maruti lead to the Hall of Delhi Auto Expo, the unprecedented Vitara Brezza, the first model wholly designed in India

It will open to the press on February 3rd in the Delhi Auto Expo, the most important salon in Asia outside of China, and above all, entrance to the vast Indian market that has huge potential for further expansion in the direction of demand for premium models. A rapidly evolving situation, which has forced large groups that already operate their plants in India almost all to review plans that until a few years ago pointed to the low cost and mass motorization and that, after the flop Tata Nano, pointing correctly today on quality models and compact but not small, while remaining accessible in the purchase price.

It will debut at Auto Expo Delhi, with clear commercial ambitions in this area, the all-new Volkswagen sedan Ameo built at Indian Chakan. Built on the platform of the Polo, the new Ameo will be offered with the 1.2 MPI three-cylinder 75 hp and with the 4-cylinder 1.5 TDI 90 hp. The launch of the Ameo which will compete with Maruti Swift Dzire local models, Honda Amaze, Ford Figo and Tata Aspire Zest it sounds like a kind of response of the Group of Wolfsburg former partner Suzuki, which definitely came off after a long arbitration, and in particular the powerful Maruti Suzuki, manufacturer number one in India.

By his own Maruti lead to the Hall of Delhi the unprecedented Vitara Brezza, the first model wholly designed in India, which will offer the formula of the accessible crossover-SUV, such as Renault and Ford EcoSport Kwid who were born just thinking to evolution of the Indian market. The Vitara Brezza as for Ameo from the verb love another name linked to Italy echoes the design of the Vitara sold in Europe but with more compact, less than 4 meters, and is positioned in the local market under the S-Cross.

Two motors provided: 1.2 K Series petrol and 1.3 DDiS diesel, with only front wheel drive. Maruti Suzuki will lead to even the Delhi Auto Expo Concept Baleno RS engine 1.0 Jet Booster, the response to the growing demand of local giant Sport models. General Motors will debut in turn the new Chevrolet Beat Activ, crossover version of the model also known as Spark, which aims to counter the great success in India with Renault Kwid.

Other interesting news coming from Mahindra, the group has just bought Pininfarina, which will unveil at the New Delhi min crossover known as the S101 project and will present the brand new diesel engine 1.9 for the whole range. Ahead of the Auto Expo Delhi, the local press is giving great importance to the landing on the market - that is precisely the official February 3rd - the Jeep brand, the true object of desire on the part of the Indians. The range, which will be distributed through the network FCA India, includes Wrangler Unlimited, Grand Cherokee and Grand Cherokee SRT.

Suzuki is expected to close 2015 with 18,300 cars sold, a big improvement on the result of 2014. The Japanese, in fact, rose from 14.5 to 13.7% on an annual basis and will close out the year with a registered total of approximately 18,300 vehicles. Of these, about 30% are Vitara compact SUV launched six months ago and immediately felt welcomed by the Italians, whose range is now enriched version of 'S' - presented in Turin at the national press - that is positioned at the top, with a list price of 27,600 Euros.

You can order from December, driven by the new engine 1.4 Booster Jet 140 hp with manual transmission is that with the automatic (both 6-speed), but the second will really only available from next spring. The sales target, the next 12 months, is approximately 1,000. Strong of 220 Nm of torque, always available between 1,500 and 4,000 rpm, the new four-cylinder turbocharged direct injection with a turbocharger low inertia, it requires 5, 4 L / 100km and emits 127 g / km of C02. Best results for the segment, also favored by the total mass of the car contained, that the base program remains under 1,300 kg.

Among its features, then, it is to have a very complete standard equipment, so that the list of options is reduced to only automatic transmission, which costs EUR 1,500. On Vitara S, in fact, are much standard all-wheel drive AllGrip as automatic climate control, as well as the system of automatic emergency braking based on radar technology, which also allowed to implement the function of adaptive cruise control. Being an SUV in effect, then, could not miss the Hill Descent Control, to tackle the slopes, even on slippery surfaces, with maximum safety. Even infotainment is all new and uses a 7-inch touch display.

It is able to support Apple CarPlay connectivity and Protocol Mirror Link, plus include the navigation system. But Vitara S offers more inside, where are the seats upholstered in leather and microfiber, the same steering wheel and gear lever. And 'the red theme dominates: the instrument panel, on the air-conditioning vents and dashboard panel in satin. The same color is found outside the frames LED driving lights and contrasts it with the black alloy wheels and the upper body, and with the light gray of the grille and rear extractor.

The Vitara S also can be ordered in three exclusive two-tone colors, where the black upper body is coupled white, gray or red. At the wheel this version 'peppery' Vitara confirmation of all the good qualities of the rest of the range and adds new ones. The combination between the car body lightweight and brilliance of the engine, causes the Japanese SUV is always ready to shoot and to resume with force.

The six gear ratios are well spaced and if in sixth at 130 km / h traveling at less than 3,000 rpm, in third and fourth it has all the momentum that is also used to tackle a mountain road with panache. It certainly is not a rally car and the set is to all other Vitara, but body roll is always acceptable, steering responses are sincere and brake response is encouraging. In short, even if the segment is diesel to dominate, this version can carve out its own niche.

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  1. The car looks stunning and technically advanced in tata’s series of cars. I got very good reviews about this lately.

  2. I will be more happy if the number of domestic carries increases. Kingfisher's exit and now SpiceJet's troubles are not helping the situation. Hopefully, the Tatas with their experience in pretty much everything from salt to software will be able to change the paradigm.