Air Vistara: Debut of the Carrier of TATA and SIA

Vistara Airlines is an Indian airline founded in 2014 and owned for 49 percent by Singapore Airlines and the remaining by the TATA Group. The joint venture formed TSAL in India by Tata Group and Singapore Airlines has introduced its new company Vistara that promises to offer its passengers as of October luxury services ever seen. According to media in New Delhi. Vistara which in Sanskrit means expansion without limits will debut as a national carrier but its stated goal is to expand as soon as possible abroad.

Presenting the brand in the Indian capital, and the uniforms of the crew's CEO Tsal, Phee Teik Yeoh, has shown willingness to avoid than 5/20 of the mechanism by which an Indian company must operate at the national level for at least five years and reach a fleet of 20 aircraft to inaugurate international routes. The manager has finally said the new carrier - committed "to propose a new concept of flight" - is in the last phase of the process of licensing by the regulatory Indian aviation.

According to one of our informants whose sources are very reliable it seems that in the two years 2014/15 the TATA group will invest directly in 2 airlines in India, in particular a low cost airline and a JV with Singapore Airlines on the long haul. Seems also that the bureaucratic process is already well under way with government concessions already granted and aircraft already ordered.

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Jeevan said...

The car looks stunning and technically advanced in tata’s series of cars. I got very good reviews about this lately.

Ramakant Pradhan said...

I will be more happy if the number of domestic carries increases. Kingfisher's exit and now SpiceJet's troubles are not helping the situation. Hopefully, the Tatas with their experience in pretty much everything from salt to software will be able to change the paradigm.