Maserati Ghibli Diesel

The Maserati Ghibli  is one of those classic cars that put you in front of a crossroads passion or reason. If the purchase is rational and weighed in every respect, one must consider that Maserati, this sporty sedan, has just entered into a field mined. Germans, for years, are the masters with products almost always flawless. Before which the Ghibli, in some respects, he pulls his breath and touch again to chase.

Who relies instead on the passion, and the choice is with the heart, then this product can find something that the others have only partially: a stunning design and strong brand image, which Maserati relies mainly on foreign markets where in fact the Ghibli is slaughtering of hearts, with the aim of placing well 50 thousand units by the end of next year. There are in fact several things to put on the scales, in assessing the Maserati Ghibli. We idea there we made ​​and in these pages we will try to draw the picture of the situation.

The strengths of Ghibli, in our opinion, are three the image, the powertrain and the dynamics of gear. Of the first aspect, the photos speak for themselves. And the fact that you're not the only one thinking that the Ghibli is really beautiful, you know it by counting the amount of people who turn to look at her, his face dazed, was not even passed in the street a supermodel completely naked.

Second point the 3 liter V6 diesel developed by VM the company Cento orbit now Fiat is the same, and plan the best turbodiesel competitors. It is mellow, velvety, rich torque 600 Nm, but silent, wanting, lustful as a V8 petrol thanks to the speakers in the discharges that change the voice. In addition, it is coupled with the best automatic transmission in the square, the very well known ZF 8-speed preferable to a dual-clutch transmission .

Third, although the weights Ghibli one sproposit or nearly 21 pounds with the actual full and the track is slower than direct rivals, it has a character that makes it rewarding as few, returning the driving pleasure but a perfect aseptic German today hard pressed to provide.

Then, however, come some down sides objective. The most obvious is the quality perceived : just hop on the Ghibli, welcomes you to the usual glitzy decor, made ​​of quality leather and various trappings.

But past the first five minutes, the enthusiasm starts to wane. Blame the components taken verbatim from Chrysler, which clashes with everything else and it is not even remotely comparable to the obsessive attention to detail of the German: the control buttons of the seats, the steering wheel electric windows or those that return a negative feedback to the touch and to view the multimedia system from graphics and limited functions, some plastics rather cheap. 

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  1. The car looks stunning and technically advanced in tata’s series of cars. I got very good reviews about this lately.


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