Hare Rama Hare Krishna

Hare Rama Hare Krishna is a film of 1971 directed by and starring Dev Anand. The title refers to a mantra Hindu made ​​famous worldwide by International Society for Krishna Consciousness.

Hare Rama Hare Krishna is a film of 1971 directed by and starring Dev Anand. The title refers to a mantra Hindu made ​​famous worldwide by International Society for Krishna Consciousness. Prashant and Jasbir are brother and sister who live in Montréal in Canada with their family when their parents separate Prashant follows mother and returns to India while Jasbir remains with his father. Some years later Prashant receives a letter from his father which is informed that his sister has run away from home to live in a commune hippie in Nepal, so decided to go in his quest.

If you want to get an idea of what the hippie era in Kathmandu, look Hare Rama Hare Krishna , which does not attempt to give a perfect image, but rather paints a realistic picture and disenchantment of a place and a mythical era. Children, Prashant and Jasveer living in Canada with their parents. They divorced, the mother off again in India with his son, the father remains in Canada with Jasveer and made to believe the girl that her mother and brother are dead, it accepts more easily stepmother.

As an adult, Prashant (Dev Anand) wants to find his sister. This left Canada and lives in Kathmandu, under the name of Janice (Zeenat Aman), surrounded by a community of hippies from all over the world. In Kathmandu, Prashant also meets Shanti (Mumtaz), a local beauty who falls in love with him. Shanti and Prashant were soon involved in a traffic stolen statues.

Arrived in Kathmandu finds his sister the woman has since changed its name to Janice, she no longer remembers him and spends his time consuming psychedelic drugs. After a series of misunderstandings the two finally recognize but eventually Janice / Jasbir, ashamed of actions, commits suicide. Dev Anand did not skimp on the scenario, the adventures of the detective and his female apprentice trouble, give a frame capable of pleasing the audience looking for fun.

But the story is only a support, what interests Dev Anand, it is these young people who live on the margins, with codes of their own and who are drowning in drugs. What could lead them to this life? What are they looking? The character of Janice catalyzes all matters of filmmaker and it is through her personal journey that the director tries to approach, gently and humbly hippie question and the responsibility of society towards them.

Zeenat Aman is quite overwhelming, she made a memorable Janice, larger than life, and carries the film with a charm and nonchalance of its own. Dev Anand with orange shirts buttoned to the top, is perfect gentleman strayed hippie earth, desperately trying to make contact with this young woman who lives on another planet, not hesitating to go with ridiculous outfits he is trying to hippies and by demonstrating a willingness somewhat clumsy, facing a quicksilver who laughs at his efforts.

Prashant however moving, and his stature is also carefully reinforced by the innocent love pretty dedicated Shanti him and his investigation to thwart the plans of the villains robbers temples. The other two strengths of Hare Rama Hare Krishna are music and documentary side of life in Nepal in the 70 The film is mostly shot in Kathmandu and its valley, the Swayambhunath Buddhist site in the city of Patan in the Tibetan refugee camps and in the surrounding countryside, with many local extras, a whole environment that adds to the credibility of the film while carefully avoiding the tourist folklore.

The other great thing is the music, including the famous song Dum Maro Dum that comes up during the movie, one of the most beautiful songs of Hindi cinema, the type to sue you for years, but we always humming with pleasure. Hare Rama Hare Krishna is an unclassifiable film, as guide with the same Dev Anand, who explores little surveyed by Bollywood ways, and has a unique charm. It rocks!

Thank you to Bhang, if it goes through here, from introducing me to this film and that song Dum Maro Duuuuuum. the film's title refers to a mantra endlessly repeated by the members of the movement Hare Krishna , born in the USA in 1966 and has many followers throughout the West in the 70s it was not uncommon then see the Latin Quarter in Paris a band of monks pâlichons shaved head, saffron tunic, dancing through the neighborhood to the sound of Hare Rama Hare Krishna ... We also see them in the film Hair .

The role of Janice was originally assigned by Dev Anand in Zaheeda, who had worked with him in several successful films, but the actress turned down the role of judging secondary importance. He was then called Zeenat Aman, almost debutant actress behind with only a couple of films, whose own career took off as a result of this interpretation.

The song Dum Maro Dum starring Asha Bhosle, who in the film is sung in playback by actress Zeenat Aman , composed of Rahul Dev Burman (music) and Anand Bakshi (text), was a great success, he remained several weeks in the sales charts and turned the song at the top of the hit parade Binaca Geetmala of Radio Ceylon dedicated to the songs of the films of Bollywood for the year 1972.

The song was also successful outside the Indian borders in 2004 the American rapper Method Man has used a sample of the song to record What's Happening in collaboration with Busta Rhymes . In 2005 was included in the soundtrack of the video game Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories produced by the software company Rockstar Games.

The film was released in Indian theaters December 9, 1971. The film was well received at the box office making it the seventh for total takings in India among those released in 1971. The main themes of the film are the conflict between generations and the relationship between the Indian culture and the West. The film is a representation from the Indian point of view of the phenomenon of appropriation of cultural Indian part of Western society: the hippies of the film are the distortion of the traditional aspects of Indian religion by foreigners

There was once a major international film company that wanted to carve a slice of cake in the great Indian film market. For this she developed partnerships with local film industries and decided to produce a film of the film industry of Andhra Pradesh in Telugu language. The result: imagine a mix between the castle of the Sleeping Beauty and mosque in Hyderabad, mix elements of the Disney universe (very wicked villains and very nice nice), seasoned with telugu mode (mode , comic, decoration) and you will get ... Anaganaga O Dheerudu.

As for history, it takes the form of a classic tale. Let's start. Once upon a time a wicked witch named Irendri (Lakshmi Prasanna) holding both the witch Snow White (remember the one that was narcissistic and who kept questioning her mirror), the fairy Carabosse The Sleeping Beauty (one that is cruel enough to throw a curse on a newborn) and the Queen of Spades by Alice in Wonderland (the one that says all the time "Off with his head!"), who had managed to capture the snake's strength (Indian touch).

She used it to wreak havoc in the land of Anga Rashtram, Sparing no one, not even poor children. The priests and their rituals were powerless against the strength of the wicked witch. To deliver the country from the grip of evil Irendri, you had a benevolent power that would succeed in destroying the evil forces of the witch, his serpent and his henchmen. Only a child could achieve with magical powers living in a remote monastery, Moksha. For driving in the country of Anga Rashtram to destroy the evil spell of Indira, she was helped by a blind warrior Yoddha (Siddharth).

Yodha had not always been blind. Before the advent of the witch, there was even a charming young man, flirty unrepentant love with the beautiful Priya (Shruti Hassan). The beautiful living a curious village where the houses were shaped snails. And where there was disguised as comic curious woman with windmills instead of the chest. Yodha, Mokha, helped by Druki, a father whose little boy is asleep because of the evil spell of Irendri, will they succeed in defeating the witch, his snake and his army of villains?

After 2 h 15 visual debauchery, it is only moderately convinced by this alliance telugu movie and Disney. The film certainly has undeniable qualities: a coherent story without leaving subplots in all directions, good chemistry between Siddharth and Shruti Hassan, comic scenes kept to a bare minimum (must work the comic), but eventually by having an overdose of bad attifés ridiculously (quill shoes, helmets with skull, etc.), snakes declined in all forms and Manichaeism excessive. The scenes are sung without surprise (except filthy dress worn by Shruti on a plane, kitchari monument) and unconvincing fight scenes.

The Disney dream of an opening on the Indian market was a flop at the box office (27 crore ) despite a worldwide release, so much so that Tamil and Malayalam versions that were planned have been repackaged in cartons, telugu public who may have been confused by a short story, no subplots going every which way. The film was even forbidden to under 13 in the United States for its "violence and scary images" (spines shoes wicked? Wind-mills breasts comic transvestites? Shrutti the dress?). A roof for a film that was meant family!

Anaganaga O Dheerudu can still afford a change of scenery, sometimes comic, for 2 h 15. What can push a huge fan of Tamil films (and Rajini superstar) to cross the border and go see what's going on with our friends Telugu? Disney, of course !!

Once upon a time in a faraway country called Anga Rashtram a wicked witch, Irendri (Lakshmi Prasanna). The latter acquired the power of the serpent-god and use them to terrorize the people of Anga Rashtram. To stop the rise of this evil being, a guru managed to oppose it. Unfortunately Irendri managed to lock his soul in a medallion awaiting the hour of his return.

Many years passed, and people of Anga Rashtram forgot Irendri. Unfortunately, a badly hit the country's children and no healer and no prayer overcame this evil. Thus a man from the village of Agarthala, Druki (Ramji), was sent to the nearby ashram to bring with him the child prodigy of Moksha (Baby Harshita). This child with divine powers is the only one that can overcome this evil unknown. When Druki arrives at the ashram, he obtained the agreement to take a child with escorting a blind warrior Yodha, ( Siddharth ) .

Before leaving, a party is given during which Yodha, Druki, Moksha and the others are attacked by masked men. Yodha proves that despite his disability, he remains primarily a thin blade and reaches the end of its adversaries. However he notices that a brand is engraved on the front of her attackers. This brand reminds him that there was drawing on the medallion of his beloved Priya (Shruti Hassan).

This mystery that torments our hero gets way to Agarthala accompanied Moshka and Druki.

Disney decided since 2008 to target certain of its products, ie, a film that meet specific criteria in order to reach a targeted audience unlike large Disney productions "American" doubled in all languages ​​and all that flood countries. These productions are broadcast and distributed only in the chosen area with the possibility of an English subtitle (eg Roadside Romeo, Zokkomon and Do dooni chaar for northern India, Trail of the Panda and High School Musical China for China). This desire is motivated by the realization that Disney may well be a giant in the West, it can not break into the very closed film industries which are sufficient in themselves. Thus, out of the habit of doing everything themselves, they have developed partnerships with local producers (Yash Raj Films and A Bellyful of Dreams Entertainment including for India) to have a teaser with the audience . Moreover, the fact of using recognized Indian actors to interpret the principal roles and make the voice of dubbing allows to have an even stronger impact among the local population and thus a chance to sell and to set up in long term.

It is in this light that was directed the film Anaganaga O Dheerudu  : a film for the Indian sub-continent with a star bankable and compliance with codes of local films that will sit Disney. The project is assigned to premises with the provision of a budget "made in Disney."

The question is, what will be the result? Being a fan of Disney, it was unthinkable for me to miss this film, what is more, a film made ​​for the south of India. Now let me be clear, we're talking about a Disney movie, so that fans of masala and neo-realistic films are on their way, there is nothing for them, not even a bone in Anaganaga O Dheerudu.

For others, it is here that it happens. The film's story is not the most original that is, a warrior who has to fight against an evil witch to save his love and protect a girl, there is more original. For cons, the good point is that this universal frame fits very well in Indian culture. Thus, the viewer is not disoriented by the context (see the movie Anthology Tamil , year 50 / 60 ). What is regrettable is that, too want to play the security card, there is no risk-taking, and unfortunately it shows in the film that is very linear. Anaganaga O Dheerudu fishing and the screenplay level without falling into the large turnip indigestible.

Thus, at no time one is caught by the emotion ending up talking to his screen: "No !!! Mufasa, you can not die !!!! Simba, it's not your fault this sentence as Baloo and Mowgli running, Mama Bear and Koda, the Beast and Belle. There is no suspense, we know in advance what will happen, which is the case for many of the movies anyway, you say, but still, there is this "routine" which is installed from the beginning of the film and that makes you a little rest our hunger. The characters are caricatures and without play bad, nobody can transcend the shackles of his character and detach to mark the spectator. No one? Sorry, I speak (or writing) too fast. There's one that actually does not leave indifferent, I speak a little later if you wish and even if you do not want, incidentally.

The actors are just overall, Siddharth was a pleasant surprise. Indeed, one can not say that the young man is square like a mountain of muscle, but eventually agrees to its physical character as it has this side "Prince Charming" that fits the film more than the warrior side. It makes Yodha endearing and alluring in romantic scenes, comic in the corresponding scenes and believable in just his fights. Producers might have to change the title because honestly, there is not much of a warrior in this film. It is as if you were told that the hero of The Sleeping Beauty is a warrior ... You see that there is something wrong ...

Shruti Hassan, who keeps on talking to her in the southern films, is just perfect in this film. She has the slender figure reinforces this beautiful gypsy side elusive, his facial expressions, his face while sticking with his character. Also it is really development both in the clips in the movie. Little Baby Harshita mignonette and all, sorry that's the only word that comes to mind after seeing the film. We clearly want to protect it.

Now about the big bad played by Lakshmi Prasanna. She is just brilliant! It perfectly honors the tradition of the great evil of Disney. She has poise of Hex and darkness Ursula and the charisma of Jafar. Lakshmi likes to be Irendri takes a blast playing this wicked witch and it shows. I must say they have pampered, suddenly makeup and psychedelic dress, she is printed on your retina and impossible to remain indifferent to it, in particular consultations with Sarpini. For me, it's just my huge blow heart of the film.

The secondary characters are good, nothing more. The costumes are really worthy of a fairy tale. We never saw a warrior with an embroidered dress that way, but it is not serious (when I tell you it's the look of a prince!). Shruti is also widely highlighted with caskets dresses that accentuate her slender figure and as I said a little earlier, it is Irendri which enjoys the makeup and the most impressive costumes.

Photography is subdued. The natural scenery is beautiful (eg those of Turkey), landscapes, colors, nothing is left to chance. As against the paper mache decorations ... leave a bit to be desired. Obviously, this chief operator, Kovelamudi Raghavendra Rao, was a fan of epic films / epics in the 80s, which would explain this choice "artistic", personally I do not really hooked.

There are also a lot of scenery and landscapes in little CGI as in The Lord of the Rings , or the film 300 . This is something I do not like more than that. In the end you get used to but good for a Disney production that wants to break it would have been good to aim the range above. Ditto for the special effects, some are really bluffing and high quality (eg Sarpini, the scene with the crows), the others are of the order of what is becoming poor to date in all countries.

Again, we could add to cast the "cable" so dear to cinema from the south of India and now every time a character has to jump. And another negative point, the bloody side. For a Disney all age groups, it is average. We can not say that it is shocking that a masala well nag base where it's bleeding everywhere with machetes at any cost, but hey, we did not need to see the wicked do not kill, close-up more.

The music is very enjoyable and eclectic. Indeed, the film's credits and theme Yodha, such is not "typical" Indian music, he has rather a small Irish music side that I like enough (this music, once you have in mind it's over, not to hum something else!). Chandamamala is a pretty dancing Yodha introductory song in the rondo style with a beautiful hand dedicated to the flute and percussion (I advise you to listen to this song without the spoken parts that cut and break a little song). The theme of Irendri is also very class, the song me less packed without being bad, matter of taste I suppose.

Premalekha is a very sweet and romantic song. It is melodious and somewhat reminiscent of the song Chand Sifarish of Fanaa. This is not trivial because it was composed by Salim-Sulaiman (who are responsible for the soundtrack of Fanaa ). Finally, my favorite song of the film, Ninnu Choodani , which is for me a wink or a tribute to a hit Tamil Cinema: Paattu Paadava of Then Nilavu ​​.
Note the presence of the most beautiful voice of Tamil cinema, SP Balasubramaniam on a song from the movie: Tarumukosthundi samayam.

I really enjoyed this soundtrack which is pleasantly different from ordinary South BO with "Dappa" and "love song" of circumstance. There are some critics of net mixed views as to whether to inject color "Middle East" to a film South of India or against the music that would be "copied" in part. Personally, these aspects of the film were not as obvious and do not have shocked me more / it embarrassed me.

What is really frustrating is the inconsistent quality we see in the last Indian productions that want out of the usual shackles of lambda Indian film. What is unfortunate is that Dinsey remained nervous about this film and it shows. They wanted to "local color" without falling into the masala base, while innovating but not much. Thus, we are left with a not completely finalized hybrid product that a little magnifying its core target: an Indian family audience. Spectators have not recognized in this film and shunned, thus, while it was to be doubled in Tamil and Malayalam, it was not screened in other southern states and the DVD version the film receives only an English subtitling. Disney was involved financially without bringing its added value and expertise and it shows in the final product.

Finally, Anaganaga O'Dheerudu is not the best nor the worst Disney exists. As long as you are forgiving, and you love Disney, you will find your account. Because there are bad, certainly, but there is good too.

An intriguing gypsy dressed in veils, a miraculous child, a warrior blindfolded, a malevolent witch-haired Medusa, tropical beaches, camps Gypsies and duels. Anaganaga Dheerudu or be looked at with the eyes of a child rather than those of an adult and in his narrative we find a lost reality of images and ideas. The story will not be varied and exciting as the fantasy-pop container   Magadheera but the film makes you dream and leads into a dream-like dimension where everything is possible. A real fairy tale.

The disturbing witch Irendri (Lakshmi Manchu) wants to capture a girl with supernatural powers who could give her immortality, little is protected by Yodha (Siddharth) skillful and courageous warrior but indulgent in drinking and madly in love with gypsy Priya (Shruti Haasan). Some corrupt priests exploit the fear of the people of the village to perform rituals foolish and end up unwittingly awaken a dark force who slept for years in the soil of the countryside, the new power comes to the aid of the sorceress nearing its total supremacy.

Anaganaga or Dheerudu is a pleasant modern fable signed Walt Disney studios but designed and built in India, the famous American production house marries digital technologies, the stars, the music of the Telugu film and follows the creation of this lovely fantasy movie aimed to awaken the childhood nostalgia in adults and unleash the true imagination of children.

The story is timeless and the place completely disconnected from the Indian context as the best natural set where to set a fairy tale if not the surreal landscapes of Cappadocia. The visual realization, graphics and special effects make this product totally to 'avant-garde. The relationship between the two lovers, Yodha and Priya, is alluring and very little inhibited especially if we consider the target to which the film is headed.

Fully promoted the actors who flaunt a good agreement, Siddharth, actor faced delicious and attitudes of children, is already naturally predisposed to become a Disney hero, even Shruti Haasan pass the test, his air of flirtatious vain makes the character tantalizing and dynamic rather than a simple dummy in the flesh for gorgeous costumes. Despite the girl is covered with silks and jewels his approach is rather masculine, which makes possible a good fusion with the sensibility of his boyish playful companion to the scene.

Find a story in the round with a he, a she and a poisonous wicked witch, in pure Walt Disney. Indulge in a little 'time to return children. Enjoy the fascinating duels at night and romantic duets between the landscapes of Turkey, make a note of the bizarre make-up of Irendri, copy the furnishings of the tent Gypsy Priya and be seduced by the opening credits of the film where the images of the Tarot overlap medieval miniatures and the faces of the characters become cartoons.

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