Saturday, January 23, 2016

Visaranai Movie Review

Still dazed, with a lump in my throat despite past also more than 24 hours I open a new page and start talking about Visaranai, new work by a director who I admire very much, Vetrimaaran, not to mention the manufacturer, the Dhanush magical. A perfect combination that has already realized with Aadukalam and Kaaka Muttai what are the coordinates to make inroads in the hearts of viewers.

But also wanting sventrarli, dilaniandone the soul and stomach, echoing their voices far beyond the projection time.  I can not say that Visaranai both Tamil film that I liked most in recent times but it certainly went a dent my peace of mind, gave me a shock, he left me thirsty, anxious, nervous. Sometimes it is enough just one scene, a look, and the balance will tilt suddenly in one direction, the right one.

Three boys from humble origins, migrated from Tamil Nadu in Andhra Pradesh to carry laborers and committed work, are suddenly arrested and subjected to heavy interrogation - Torture. The police who charge the resolution of the case are more interested in concluding the matter by arresting three people taken from the road rather than investigate and get to the real culprits.

The first part of the film, from the catch to the release of the three protagonists, is inspired by a real story, a rickshaw driver and two other men were taken at night by the police and tortured for thirteen days just to confess to crimes they never committed . The driver, once released from the nightmare he told his story in a book, Lock Up , it became a starting point for the screenplay Visaranai.

In the second part always we find the three characters but a different story, just as dramatic, but fortunately it is not the result of an experience. Visaranai was screened in world premiere at the Venice Film Festival, in competition in the Horizons section (a first for a Tamil film) and awarded by Amnesty International.

The indolence, corruption, the impassivity of the group of cruel and listless policemen is impressive, the dialogues are raw, the even more images. Violence, injustice, despair, it keeps alive the tenacity of those who are willing to do anything not to lose the dignity. The pride and courage to those who are' certain to be in the right inflamed gaze of the protagonist, Pandi, in solidarity with his fellow sufferers, nearly impossible to physical pain in an instant that pierces the screen and triggers the circuit breaker of the electrical system. I do not want to spoil the scene, but hats off to the choice of Vetrimaaran and interpretation of   Dinesh Ravi, natural, direct. Her eyes are beautiful, and they talk.

Visaranai more than a movie seems a documentary, a bloody misadventure that showcases the corruption of society and seems taken from hidden cameras. The innocence becomes an awkward baggage to carry around when you set foot in a big city and it is just part "the last". Vulnerable and feeble than those who can watch their backs and knows the place making it already part.

The crimes committed in the small barracks are not only the stories of the injustices suffered by M.Chandrakumar, the Coimbatore rickshaw driver, and even the adventures of Pandi, Murugan and Afzal, the three protagonists of the film, if Visaranai hurts is because in its own way gives voice to the unheard screams, the tears shed in silence for so many faces that in the eyes of the world will never name.

The film is clear and presents a simple example. The power often stinks of rotten and sometimes you can not do anything.  The truth does not win, loyalty does not carry away, even friendship and compassion can get the better of written situations from above, ready to be manipulated, carried out or covered up. Can man be left in pain? Maneuvered like a pawn on a chessboard? The need to be all the same and have the same rights is just a dream? Just pretty words? To throw a lighted match just two fingers and the director knows this. Thanks once again to Tamil Cinema.

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