The ingredients of Luck are an actor's experience, Sanjay Dutt, who plays a mob boss Indian, a rookie launched towards success, Imran Khan, in the role of a boy exceptionally favored by fortune, a female presence, Shruti Haasan, for a romantic touch finally found an unusual around which to build the whole plot and due to which insert action scenes of great impact. It would seem not miss anything, but something did not work.

Though there is a great interest in Bollywood for films of action and the development of special effects worthy of the film made ​​in the USA, the disappointing result at the box office of Luck shows that mix badly adrenaline and feeling is almost never sufficient: the Indian viewers are accustomed to something better.

A group of people are recruited from mob boss Moussa (Sanjay Dutt), because they defy the massacre in a game in which only counts the lot. Each of them has a different reason to be involved, but they all want to win the big prize, while, in the world, gamblers anonymous link on the possible winner.

Luck has a style heavy and seems have completely forgotten about the script. So much so that the film is like a realty show, more extensive, in which none of the characters is capable of hitting an emotional connection with the viewer. Ironically, the characters all remain on the sidelines, no one can convey the desperation that led them to be involved in situations like crazy to jump from an airplane with a parachute might not open, swim among the sharks, a gun or the temple with one another.

I honestly do not feel any empathy for Imran Khan who leaves his mother for the South African hinterland, due to heavy debts left by his father commits suicide. And do not even pay for the patriotic greater Mithunda, who needs money for his dying wife. Or for the fifteen Pakistani, Chitrashi Rawat, who competes on camels buy a Lexus. And definitely not for the serial killer Ravi Kissen ... The plot is thin and serves only as an adhesive for a series of action scenes that are not all that adrenaline.

Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a real action movie in hollywood style. Think about it, Bollywood has not churned out many films many action comedies. There is a lack. But Luck has filled this gap. Rest assured you had not seen such effects from Dhoom 2 ... but the film slips due to the development of the story goes, in the second hour, from compelling a weak

In Luck it comes to luck, the luck that should be at the table or by which it happens to be the only survivor of a catastrophic accident. Raghav Kapoor, for example, played by Ravi Kissen, is a murderess sentenced to death but, at the time of his hanging, the rope breaks and he is saved because performance may not be repeated.

All participants in the bet Moussa showed that fate is on their side. The luckiest among them will be able to survive, to be the winner and earn a substantial amount of money. sounds like fun? It would be if it were not that, as you can imagine, everyone is encouraged to stake their lives in exchange for money must be in a desperate situation. At the start then with an 'unbearable parade of dramatic stories: those who have left home a dying wife, who pays for the mistakes of an irresponsible sister, who was a single mother overwhelmed by debt.

You can really talk about luck when a guy is in able to fish, among hundreds, the winning ticket in the lottery but his father committed suicide? Beautiful: - Chitrashi Rawat, was a pleasure to see on screen actress, hockey player, who played the little Komal in Chak de India ! - The opening sequence, Sanjay Dutt blindfolded darting between moving trains is legendary. The bad: - The history, absurd but, what is worse, not very intelligent and at times unintentionally comic. - Imran Khan, really too convinced if same.

Kann Pesum Varthaigal is a Tamil movie, Directed by R.Balaji, starring Senthil, Iniya, Ilavarasu, Saranya.

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