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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mr. India directed by Shekhar Kapur with Anil Kapoor, Sridevi, Amrish Puri, Satish Kaushik, Ashok Kumar.

Arun rents a house to turn it into an orphanage but doing so hinders projects Mogambo, a shady individual who chose the same building as a base of operations for its criminal activities aimed at the conquest of the country. Despite the intimidation that rain down on him, Arun is not resigned to abandon his boys and fortune assists him when Professor Sinha, on his deathbed, the delivery, after having kept secret for years, the formula for invisibility that father of the same Arun had discovered.

Transformed unfathomable executioner Mr. India, the man, now, undertakes a victorious battle against the cruel Mogambo and also manages to win the heart of journalist Seema that he harbored little attention before.

Not just "Moganbo" but Mogaaaambo, being the most evil of all time, the most charismatic, the most emblematic of all the wicked of the Indian film industry. No, it, at the end of the film, he is a nice touch. While I'm bad to the end. This story is mine, that my takeover on the black market in India to control all the land of those miserable crabs. And my quest for invisibility to sit still further my grip on the subcontinent.

Oh sure, it's not the same seduction. However, can you tell us about this house that you had to purchase for your traffic, this close to the beach, where there were all these people. The runts that's all. An orphan who became an adult has found nothing better than to gather all the abandoned children he met. A herd need to dress, feed and house and lived on credit. That's true Arun ( Anil Kapoor ) was struggling to support his generosity, only, you forget Seema ( Sridevi ), journalist came to live with them. This has somewhat disrupted your plans.

What has upset my plans is Arun will be obtained the power of invisibility. By the way, about that power, it made ​​me fear that the film is full of special effects not very convincing. Fortunately this is not really the case. Most often the tricks are simple and what shocks the eye and ears are on the one hand your acid bath and your rockets, and other hand the sound of the golden statue of Hanuman ... that looks rather the sound of a frying pan.

You forget that the director is Shekar Kapoor which is the second film after Masoom . And then he realized Bandit Queen but Elizabeth (and its sequel) with Cate Blanchett, movies that have very well internationally. In Mr. India , we have tried to do as well as what was at the time. It's true that Mr. India eyeing a little about James Bond  : for humor, the aspect of "wacky inventions" and especially for the wicked, you. Moreover, we can apply these words to you Bénabar:

And with that, the hero can do nothing. It is powerless against a bomb. So that the film is not as childish as it looks in its treatment of history. It's a family movie, but not naive, because life is not rosy anyway. Finally, not only the film became a classic, but it's also for some music. I refer in particular to Kate Nahin Kat Te _ I love you a beautiful and very sensual love song to the beautiful and haunting melody that is a hit on wet sari. But do not forget Hawa Hawai, one of the most famous pieces of dance Sridevi, with that of Nagina .

It's true that Sridevi made ​​a strong impression in the film (although younger than me by cons). Its number of Charlie Chaplin is not to be missed. She knows not only show playful and charming, but also very stubborn. In this role, it is a bit of Lois Lane of Indian cinema. Also a journalist, she starts in unbelievable situations for a scoop, while relying on the protection of his superheroes. Fortunately Anil Kapoor has no blue tights, because it really is the worst taste.

You did a costume inspired by military uniforms of the late XIX th century. customized with skulls. Finally failing light suit, the hero separates almost no sound bob. Each style. Here, Anil Kapoor is very casual and very aptly role. As for fiddled children, she brings good times. Normal as the rest of the cast is good, he had to be at my height.

The film is spread over the complex interweaving of quotations, symbolism and commingling of genres that constitute the stylistic of the way of making films in India. The themes for the Western viewer are structurally related in turn to the musical, melodrama, to fantasy, science fiction, the satirical comedy, contribute, here, to outline the synthesis of a common feeling, in which smile, drama, weaknesses and evil are human composition in an inscrutable fate repairer and that it is simplistic to interpret the rigid categories of expressive realism or fiction.

Mr. India is one of the few films of evasion that have received praise even from the American public, perhaps because the trend fable, almost comedic Disney, which informs this latest adventure, generous man invisible.

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