Sunday, January 27, 2013

India 2020

My vision for India in 2020 is like any other ordinary Indian of an India which will become an example for the entire world. India will then lead by example and not simply follow others and to achieve this, we don't require large changes but little changes and India can be a super-power once again. I dream of a corruption free, caste free, a complete literate India and that can change the entire scenario of the entire country. Some of the most common 5 problems of today is corruption, poverty leading to non-literacy, biased marking system in examinations, politicians cum decision-makers having their way with poor people, costly primary education and education for all.

Today corruption is the biggest challenge to us in our society and to eradicate that we need better and complete education for each and every citizen of this country and equality will follow by itself. So we can see today education and literacy is the biggest factor which can change the path of our society. Once the common man is alert nobody can fool them.

Although education is a challenge but if we the educated ones can atleast take an initiative of education atleast one child or atleast motivate or support one underprivileged child to go to school, I think the scenario can completely change in India.

We the people can also adopt atleast one child for teaching them just one hour a day, for a month and then similarly adopting another next month and in this small way, if every educated person comes forward in no time our country will be a fully literate one bringing joy to millions of lives.

I also plan to support financially as also teach myself along with raising volunteers for teaching the under-privileged and spread the awareness and then the scenario can completely change in India.

India has a very robust education system, but the problem is in the Primary education sector, Parents are wary of sending their children to schools due to high cost of education especially in villages and in the Higher education sector, there is too much politicization of education these days.

My view will be towards a absolutely free education till College and a bit higher fees can be charged at the higher education level, i.e for specialised or professional courses like in Medical, Engineering, MBA, CA or other specialised courses.

Another change I would like to see is in the performance appraisal system.

The marking of exam papers needs to have a more professional approach with a collective assessment, for example, marking the same answer paper by atleast 3 checkers and then giving the marks on the basis of an average because marking is one thing which varies from person to person, so most often a discrepancy is found in the marks awarded for the same set of papers by two different teachers.

I see India in 2020 as leading everyone by example and not just following others and for that what we require foremost is self-sufficiency in almost every sector from infrastructure, power, health to fooding requirements. And also not to forget about our environment of a pollution free country where we can breathe freely. Its all about sustainable growth and not just in bits and pieces. India has the potential, only if we each individual don't think ourselves as individuals and come together, join hands and take India to the position it deserves in this universe.

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