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Dhoom 4 is coming soon, although there was no official start date, but one thing is certain, it will not take as much time as Dhoom 3. Dhoom 3 has collected 265 crores till now so Aditya Chopra gave the green light for Dhoom 4! The director currently working on the Dhoom series says Dhoom 4 will be much more entertaining and will take place on a larger scale.

We need something real, far from Hollywood blockbusters. Hope they will understand that the public has changed, he wants change or risks' run out of steam after the 3rd shutters that was successful but opinions are mixed! According to media reports in India fans of the actor Ajith would like to play the villain in the film DHOOM 4 in Bollywood! DHOOM 3 played by Aamir Khan and Abhishek Bachchan was highly appreciated by the Indian audience. Ajith fans claim that Ajith is the perfect actor for DHOOM 4, knowing that Ajith is a pro in Motorcycle racing.

Recently, Indian nontraditional productions to show us the kind of films to Western sauce. Dhoom is in that vein. This is a chase of an honest police officer facing a gang of four robbers on a motorcycle between Mumbai and Goa. The robbers are led by Kabir (John Abraham), who found a worthy opponent in the inspector Jai Dixit (Abhishek Bachchan), he likes to taunt. Jai begins to think like a thief and uses a small motorcycle dealer, Ali (Uday Chopra) to catch the gang.

The American-style staging and the many action scenes, packed with special effects, punctuate this opus dedicated to mechanical sports. However, the scenario does not win the prize for originality. In the same film, it feels view Street Hawk, 48h Chrono, Ocean's Eleven , Matrix 3 and so on. At least we do not get bored!

Dhoom, if it reminds Bollywood by its sung scenes the soundtrack, very rhythmic, is modern and catchy has the merit of possessing of humor, suspense (and if!), adventure, and even love! This pure entertainment so lets watch easily. But Dhoom is far from a great movie, it would rather be a good TV movie. Classical lovers will find it difficult to appreciate it. Dhoom 2 should be released without John Abraham nor Esha Deol. Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai should take over.

Two hours of replays ultra-hyped, close-ups on chest, long legs, bellies and clothes too in, packed in a gift box with the colors of India, the desert of Namibia and Brazil, not to mention in bonus bikinis super fun, all representing the epitome of teenage version of Bollywood culture. All that to do coooool!

At normal speed, the film tells the adventures of Inspector Jai Dixit return (Abhishek Bachchan), the hero of the previous Dhoom , this time teammate Ali (Uday Chopra). They set off in pursuit of a thief named A (Hrithik Roshan), which will also be a partner (and maybe more) in the person of a thief B Sunehiri (Aishwarya Rai). A character C is added to the story. Shonali Bose (Bipasha Basu), a sort of feminine Inspector Harry quickly disappears and is replaced by his double in Brazil, sexier and less useful.

Too hard for writers to imagine that beeps with beeps and beeps, may have a real role. As action director Sanjay Gadhvi motorcycles replaces the first part of the gadgets James Bond. Everything is bigger, wow, more oooh, according to the statements of the production house Yash Raj has reworked some waterfalls after seeing those Krrish. Much Ado see Roshan steal diamonds in disguise Mrs Doubtfire! However, other stunts are far more successful, such as the second character case, the vertiginous jump A and Sunehri off a cliff.

At the performance of the actors, Hrithik Roshan is the only one who understood that even this kind of nanars deserves a correct interpretation. He also won the award for best actor for this role at the 52nd edition of Filmfare Awards. More beautiful than ever, Roshan is entitled in addition to unnecessary slowed but the number is a measure which is the real star of the film. For although it is the mainstay of the series, the inspector Jai is almost set aside by the writer. His family life which yet change significantly is hardly mentioned, limited its actions.

Abhishek Bachchan released her next to "tough cop" sulking and taking the pose. The worst thing for him is probably that even Ali has its moments of glory. But Uday Chopra takes on the role of comedy with just enough talent to hope the death of his character in the upcoming Dhoom (wishful thinking). Aishwarya Rai. The diva is back! This woman knows that it is better to play the green plant in a blockbuster that having an anthology interpretation in a flop (Umrao Jaan) to survive. She was still not have to play too bad, but who cares, it ends the year with a success. Bipasha Basu is vaguely thin thread that connects them all the inconsistencies of a scenario almost nonexistent. The string of the new millennium. A word will suffice for the songs: horrible!

To summarize, Dhoom: 2 happens to be a ffffff ous without being so awful as that. Taking more than marketing the concept of real film, it lets us see what he has been able to sell. And became the biggest hit of 2006 in India. Life must be really slow most beautiful ...

Yash Raj Films Dhoom:3 explosive sequel from Dhoom and Dhoom 2 known for its kick-ass action sequences, With Aamir Khan, Trained as a circus entertainer by his father, Kim DeJesus, Katrina Kaif, Abhishek Bachchan, Jackie Shroff, Tabrett Bethell, Aditi Rao Hydari and Uday Chopra is a Hindi action thriller film, written and directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya and produced by Aditya Chopra.

They are fond of Indian cinema, and for those who are not too blinded by prejudice, I'll present an action-thriller presented last year that I loved it. And 'the third film in the saga of action Dhoom and this time the two ever-present cops, always played by Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra , try to capture a brilliant thief-illusionist, Sahir beautifully played by Aamir Khan , who is one of My favorite Bollywood actors as to interpretation.

Sahir continues to manage the Great Indian Circus Chicago built by his father when he was a child, while meditating revenge for the suicide of the beloved parent, forced to leave him alone because of unpayable debts contracted with the cruel owner of the Western Bank of Chicago, Mr. Anderson. After several spectacular robbery at the bank's branches, the local police called in aid the two agents ACP Jai Dixit and Ali, to be able to arrest him; Sahir but hides a secret weapon, an ace up its sleeve that makes it phenomenal on stage and impregnable on the road.

I cannot tell what is the mystery behind Sahir because it is the most interesting part of the film, I can tell you though that it was handled in a masterly way at the level of director and special effects. Brings out the bravura of Aamir Khan, the protagonist of this new episode of thieves Dhoom. As I have loved Dhoom 2 and the character of Mr. A / Aryan in which Hrithik Roshan another actor among my absolute favorite Bollywood industry has charm and sweetness, I must admit that from the point of view of the scenic Chapter 3 has a higher gear.

Sahir has a revenge to take. Since the day when his father took his own life, strangled by the Western Bank of Chicago, Sahir has vowed to dedicate his life to building the circus that his father wanted to accomplish and the destruction of the American bank and his wicked owner. Indian records for budget and built in the early weeks of programming 65 million dollars in the first ten days of programming Dhoom 3 is the third installment in a series of successful action Bollywood, but exceeds the first two episodes in the second protagonist is Aishwarya Rai both from the point of view from that spectacular artistic outcome. Once again, the duo of protagonists, the pair of policemen formed by Jai and Ali clownish, moves in the background, leaving the proscenium antagonist Sahir.

After all in the best tradition Batman, and therefore does not seem a coincidence that the recent trilogy of Nolan 's Dark Knight , as well as Fast and Furious and The Prestige , represents the main source of inspiration for Dhoom 3 . The set is almost always Chicago with its skyscrapers as ideal tools for the impossible stunts of Sahir, star of incredible robberies , such as to fade even those thieves South Korean The Thieves.

Sahir, played by star Amir Khan, is an elusive thief and signature with a clown mask in the manner of the Joker: his shots invariably leading to lengthy chase scenes that are repeated serially until the cliffhanger that characterizes the range, ancient cinematographic practice still in use in the Bollywood. Khan as an actor is totally over the top and too far from the minimum level that is demanded in an action, but his physicality can make credible the revenge of Sahir and to attract the attention towards his character, the main reason for the sense of Dhoom 3.

The other is represented by the special effects, which stun surprise for abundance but for care in post-production, requiring more than a shift in the release date of the film.

Sure, draws a lot from the American cinema, and if you look at it with an eye there are many inspirations to other films of Western cinema, as well as references to previous films in the series, but manages to retain its own independent identity, in my own thanks to Aamir Khan. The female figure of the situation, Katrina Kaif, assistant Sahir scene is relegated to being a side character that is present in the protagonist's life but does not affect the course of history if not as a pretext for some scenes.

Dhoom 3 is the film in absolute most expensive in the history of Bollywood but he was also the one who collected the most, with $ 67 million in just ten days, as well as the most profitable of Indian films on the international market. He won the Filmfare Award for special effects, the prize to the best action scenes Zee Cine Festival and three awards for lead actor, Aamir Khan.

In short, if you can bear some song and dance, watch it because it's worth it. It is not at all inferior to the action movie to which we are accustomed. Despite some flaws of naivete and the usual duration unnecessarily huge, Dhoom 3 is the demonstration of an industry in great health, able to combine their distinctive properties (from the musical component) to a technological advance never implemented well before now in a Hollywood film.

It is the writer of the first two Dhoom Vijay Krishna Acharya, who directed the third installment of the series starring in the role of Sahir negative hero, Aamir Khan and in that of its Aaliya partner Katrina Kaif. A long pre-credits shows the father of Sahir, Iqbal (Jackie Shroff), manager of the Great Indian Circus, during the winter of 1990, currently struggling against his creditor Western Bank of Chicago to try to save his circus. But the banker, played by Andrew Bicknell - also seen in Jab Tak Hai Jaan - puts the bankrupt and therefore forced to commit suicide in front of his son.

Sahir has now become a clown, magician and especially engineering acrobat. Having managed to take over the circus, he set up a new show and looking for a female star to his height he despairs of finding until the day literally tumbles on stage Aaliya-Katrina tornado. So everything would be fine if regularly Sahir not turned into a thief. Of course, he did attack as powerful bank branches, he wants revenge.

Harm occurring in the United States, why appeal to super cop in Mumbai, Jai Dixit? Just because Sahir always leaves an inscription in Hindi in banks he robbed. Once landed, Jai ( Abhishek Bachchan ) and Ali (Uday Chopra) a trap to cause the burglar. Thus begins a game of cat and mouse between two policemen and Sahir. But Jai realizes very quickly that Sahir a secret, one that is its strength and allows it to disappear as if by magic from his accomplished package, a secret that could lose if the police arrived to break the ...

The map above does not it remind you a scene from The Dark Knight Rises? The scenario ladle a little, a little too well on the side of Christopher Nolan. Of course, the plot takes place in the same city, in Chicago, but there are also some allusions supported a previous film Nolan, The Prestige . The film is built mainly around this incredible arrangement of Sahir to slip and makes no part in the "nice shot" or in its preparation. Just when we see happen grimed, only once, in the bank in the second film part. Are therefore looking for a police comedy. Dhoom 3, it's serious!

We regret the lightness of the precedent, Dhoom 2 , suspense and chameleon disguises Mister A- Hrithik Roshan . Except for the antics of the Stooges Ali, little humor here. Or it may be look for it in the visible use and claimed by the thief machinery, engineering controls such as cranes, ropes and other gear, usually hidden mounting. This is what allows it, for example, run down all along the front of the skyscrapers of the bank or to move from one roof to another clinging to a cable. It is as if, in good magician, he told the audience, I show you something, the better to conceal his real mystery.

We love more, even if it's not very original, the metamorphosis motorcycle Sahir in wave runner or by vehicle to the Star Wars . Purists may argue that special effects are weak, but the result is fun. The motorcycle chases are not what they were in the first two games, and the most spectacular waterfalls mostly cars piling do you want in here behind the protagonists - bored pretty quickly, while such as excessive use of slow motion. However, we will separate the pursuit of Sahir by Jai, suspended from a helicopter scale: one of the good moments of the film.

It is commonplace to depreciate the game Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra. They are equal to themselves in their duet of opposite characters. Sometimes blamed them look like they are bored on the screen. It is rather the minimum service. To overcome the lack of enthusiasm of the two policemen, it was hoped many of the most excellent Aamir Khan in the skin of the enemy service. Probably exaggerated. It appears slightly disappointed by the look on Alex from A Clockwork Orange as for her performance, with the feeling that he shared in fact sometimes either too much or not enough, except danced scenes and acrobatics which will be discussed. But, alas, it is impossible to say more without spoiler, we will abstain.

We love greatly however the real presence of Katrina Kaif in a very physical role. Some (we denounce person) are sometimes tasteless or inexpressive in Dhoom 3 , it fills the screen and alone is worth the trip. His arrival in overalls and shapeless hat, sunglasses perched on the nose and on a bike, is a moment of anthology. It constantly surprises. Two regrets: that his role was not more substantial and the writer-director has not dared to do the real opponent of the two policemen.

It is the song and dance pieces that make all the salt of the last Dhoom. The visual effects are splendid and particular care. The lighting is just as sumptuous, like the Cirque du Soleil. Some numbers duo Aamir and Katrina, especially athletic, also evoke those of the famous Canadian troupe. These musical passages make this the most expensive Bollywood film to date. Both actors had to undergo a very thorough training and pass real acrobatics. Aamir has shimmering hyper-chest, that that personally we never found it very sexy, is air in Malang or, conversely, represents a gross animal strength in another number.

It is likely that many will remember the dance performance of Katrina, the most awaited song of the film, that of Dhoom Dhoom Machale . It is excellent, but not more than Jab Tak Hai Jaan where it already unveiled her dancing skills. With Kamli , which marks its arrival in the film, she surprised everyone and manages to bring together in one piece, a real acrobatic dance, a semi-striptease and humorous number. So, to go or not? For the inaugural muscular stripping Katrina-Alia it passes its cast, for aerobatic performances by Aamir circus acrobat for their duets on a dance floor or in the air suspended from a hoop, you will not regret not to see Dhoom 3 .

Will there be a Dhoom 4? Given the huge revenues earned in the first week of operation, it is feared so. It would be a shame, because it must stop a success. Both older and recurring heroes have more trouble convincing in their roles as super cops. It is cruel, but it is becoming increasingly clear that the series paradoxically holds especially its negative hero. This is especially true here.

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