Karan Arjun

Saturday, January 31, 2015

This story of reincarnation, both traditional and contemporary in the background in form, meets in 1995 three young stars on the rise: Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Kajol, around a masterful mother Rakhee Gulzar.

Durga, Ma, is the pivot of the film. She helplessly the killing of his two son Karan (Salman Khan) and Arjun (Shah Rukh Khan), a dark legacy to history. It begs the goddess Kali, venerated by the village, to return her son. Two babies are born far from her, in different families, who grow up without a mother and as adults, have the features of Karan and Arjun. The latter is curious dreams ... They are led to meet, then end up in the village of "Ma" who never lost hope and of course immediately recognize.

Their enemies also. They will have to face their old / new identity, fight against the evil Thakur (Amrish Puri) and his cronies, for their lives and that of the lovely Sonia (Kajol). Fortunately they have the support of villagers who take advantage of this opportunity to finally rebel against the tyrant, which results in the most delightful scene of the film, a western treated as second degree, with an irresistible Johnny Lever, c ' is one of my most beautiful cinema-crazy laughter.

Karan Arjun is certainly not a masterpiece, its realization is rather dated (1995), the story is very Manichean, but it remains an effective entertainment, friendly and unpretentious. Rakesh Roshan carefully mixes drama and comedy, the drama based on Rakhee Gulzar, magnificent in this role that changes us rather nice moms and comprehensive deleted. You must see, vindictive, screaming his rage and hatred, armed men stand up to sommer Kali obey him.

The subject of the film is rooted in the Mahabharata, inspired of distant fight between Pandavas and Kauravas, as Virasat that's where the comparison. The temple scenes are quite striking, inspired less distant from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. As a counterpoint to the drama, the director supports the comedy about youthful innocence heroes, cute, bouncy, with lavish great energy especially in multiple scenes of dishuns.

Lovers of romance will also find their account, with first half of the film loves Arjun and Sonia Shah Rukh and Kajol and those openly machos Karan - Salman and Bindiya - Mamta Kulkarni. The role of these young ladies is not really developed, these are pretty Stooges and they almost disappear in the second part of the film. The supporting roles, however, are very successful, especially the henchmen of Thakur, who embodied for Indian viewers, Arjuna and Duryodhana of Mahabharata series. A wink that represents the spirit of the film, we are certainly in mythology but also and especially in entertainment.

The script is very consistent, it does not lace but it is well built and has enough action scenes, episodes and twists to keep us in suspense until the end, smile lips. Rajesh Roshan's music is nice, several songs were hits in the movie: Jhatti Ho Main, Ek Munda sung by Lata Mangeshkar and number of professional dancers, Gup Chup . A movie to see one night when we did not want to take the lead!

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