MTV Warrior High

MTV Warrior High is a new drama series starring Anshumann Malhotra, Ashwini Koul, Juhi Aslam and Sanaya Pithawalla where friendships are tested, dreams of singing, dancing, boxing are fulfilled, where rivalries breed.

A will his risky, somewhat breaking. This is his choice and we are here to tell you what we think. At first listen, the long tail of the song, but that does not give up electronic instrumentation traditional, there is the exact moment when you realize that a few words, as a harmless poison has crept into the heart and has no intention of getting out.

It seems impossible given the work done on the reduction of his voice that flows into a refrain unusual ones that you do not find an opening to scream out loud. How did so much to us Italians. From this cleaning work already begun in the previous album, shows the power of an important text, written together.

It seems all set in a fantasy, a place in the world where there are no Internet connections, walls and comfort to protect us. There and absurd all live maybe not better, but more intensely.

It speaks of love in "Warrior", in a protective instinct so strong that it seems to tell the unconditional love of a mother for her son, or the opposite when the mother no longer has the strength to fight. For you I shall rise makes you realize that is not talking about two people walking hand in hand on the beach happy.

But to us, that in romantic relationships and humans are always there to climb a mountain hanging from a rope.

His singing almost rapped, immerses you in a gloomy atmosphere but does not suffocate the light of hope. Warrior in 4 minutes tells the story of a rebirth, of what to do when fighting the loneliness and the difficulties of life with a human being by your side. All for love.

It's like when you go under water hold your breath, hit the ground and you give yourself a boost to climb. Just head out of the trap of the sea, back to breathe and feel alive again. Warrior, at first hearing, he dug a deep furrow in the hearts of many. And even in our.

There is no better time in history to be told that we are not alone, that there is someone who will fight for us, that will do it silently, invisibly, without wanting anything in return.

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