Android: Simplified Login

Good news for all users on Android who love the safety and normally using the system for two step verification created by Google.  For the uninitiated, it works like this every time the user runs the login to your Google account is required to enter your email and password as usual and in addition a security code that is delivered via SMS, or through the app called Google Authenticator.

This safety measure if set is also required whenever you try to connect the account to a Google Android device during the initial setup of the device, for example, or after performing a wipe data. Until now, the procedure certainly did not shine for simplicity, causing a waste of time for users who, after entering email and password, they were forced to access a new page inside which was again asked to enter email and password in addition to code for verification. In recent days, however, the login has finally been improved so as to bypass the double insertion of email and password.

All this may seem very unimportant to those who do not use the security measures in two steps, but we are confident that many others will thank Google for finally solved this little problem.

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