How to summarize a plot with multiple twists. Not easy, then present the different characters, briefly explain their relationship and perhaps will we get what is closest to it. The main core, the heart of Anjaathey is friendship between Satya and Kiruba. Son of both policemen, living in the same colony, that's the only two things that bind. As much Kiruba is honest, straight, having a purpose in life, to succeed the assistance of Sub-Inspector as Satya is a little thug who hangs out with his band.

The day Satya, through corruption, become SI and Kiruba, despite his intelligence and determination fails, the relations between the two friends will significantly degrade. Around them, their families, with the sister of love Kiruba secretly Satya, their friends, including a small troublemaker to an arm which we guess the end if we saw more of a thriller in our lives, and of course, the wicked. Yes, because we can not simply one: Loganathan and Daya are associated in a business of kidnapping girls influential people. The roads will cross, but especially to the transformation into a Satya man of integrity that we will see.

Anjathe represents a revival in Tamil cinema but can be a painful experience for the viewer. Indeed, the film is far from keeping its promises, and shows an appalling amateurism in terms of assembly. Rarely have I been so uncomfortable facing a movie, even coming to doubt the quality of my DVD. Some scenes are linked together without any respect the cuts are too direct and visible, bad job after all.

Not to mention the length of the film, which exceeds three hours, is exceptionally rare in the southern industries amateurism of one side and desire to impose a "leg" missed the other. Indeed, Mysskin tries to impose his style, his way of telling a story and especially filming. While most of his ideas are not bad in any case, they are generally poorly fed. Loose, gradual changes Satya led by the play of light, a minion Daya which you never see the face, then all voltage loaded scene filmed at ground level. It is thus seen that the feet of the protagonists for almost five minutes ...

Let us turn to the actors. If Narain is pretty good in his role, this is not his best performance, or that of the film elsewhere. A little too much sometimes surjeu for one who is not really cut out for such a role, especially in scenes that require emotion, in which he remains unmoved. The great revelation of Anjaathey is Ajmal Ameer who portrays Kiruba. For a star, it marks the spirits always blowing nuance to his character. Honest, yes, but who loves and forgives the gaps of his best friend. Thug yes, but soon realizes that the vicious circle in which he came out of revenge.

Ajmal is a player to follow, for his abilities one sees clearly here, and for his unusual route: the young man was a doctor in Ukraine and decided to return to the homeland to try his luck in a career that passionate. Vijayalakshmi, as we discovered in the excellent Chennai 600028 , is totally underutilized, its role seems to have been written in a hurry, just to introduce a wave of love story (absolutely not developed ). Women do not really belong in the male world of the police and gangs, except that of stooges. Mysskin even trying to get a message that goes far above us, endowing his wicked Daya a penchant for young girls extremely disturbing.

Speaking of Daya is Prasanna in total employment against which inherited the gift. The actor is not comfortable in the role of evil, it shows what is more it was sporting a ridiculous wig, intended to emphasize his unhealthy side. Far from helping to assume this character, wig captures our gaze and we spend more time wondering how it takes and whether it can fly away when he runs, rather than fear Daya.

Three hours may seem very long when a story is poorly developed, especially when it is not broken by 6 traditional songs. Anjaathey has only three, including two pure success. Leave aside the song "romantic" setting there to satisfy producers, whose originality lies in its multiple breaks to advance the story. Kannadasan Karaikkudi and Kathazha Kannala are two pure delight, whether in words, wish to acids first in its lightness for the second.

In conclusion, a failed movie, which nevertheless left with a head (without bad pun), with its main idea of exploring the descent into hell of a saint and redemption of a thug, but marred by too many detours in history and an unfinished assembly work. Nevertheless Anjaathey met with great success in Tamil Nadu, ranking among the hits of the year. To see an idea but with the remote control in hand to avoid falling asleep ...

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