Zanjeer Movie Review

Messed up and exuberant, in a nutshell, a pure delirium. Zanjeer manages to be dangerously exaggerated without losing sight of the plot, passionate with a captivating story and expertly interpreted. In the chaos you are involved and the characters seem to come alive and take life directly from one of the colorful posters hand-painted.

Vijay is a cop who can never simply to do his duty, every enemy is a personal obstacle and is also able to break the law in order to reach it and condemn it. At the root of this behavior there is a heavy trauma in childhood that his mind has removed over the years. But the memory is held every night in the form of recurring dream, Vijay is haunted by the image of a white horse topic which by the way was taken in an ironic way in the film Jaane tu ya Jaane na and understands that this behind her phobia is hiding something.

The decisive factor will be meeting with Mala, which will fall in love, and with Sher Khan, the bandit who chooses to change his life to be his best friend. To see the films produced by Mumbai in the 70s is perhaps necessary to accustom the eye to the heavy characterization good-bad, heroes villain, and try not to stop at the simplicity of the surface to get to the bottom and focus on the actors framed and on the ability of directors to create from nothing a real epic.

Become attached to the film of the decade is to have suspended all control to catapult into a reality of contrasts where everything seems predictable, to rediscover and always different.

Big B is as usual perfection. I'll have to stop repeating myself or become boring. To quote a phrase from the movie is a freshwater lake created by the force of a volcano. Jaya Bhaduri, plays a lively and dynamic multi-hued. Not only a female figure to the left of the hero as could be Parveen Babi or Bindu but a perfect protagonist able to steal the show even in the same Amitabh perhaps the only one who can counter the uncontrolled presence of her husband on the screen , carving always very good performance, which, given its historical modesty, it was not ever boasted.

Surely capture the attention of the bad good guy played by Pran, from the costumes and hairstyles improbable, halfway between a drawing and a comic book character in a play medieval. But the real antagonist has a more sophisticated look. Vijay starts to search for the culprit from the bottom capturing Sher Khan to realize that the evil comes from high. The real villain is surrounded of power and is the most prominent king from the strata of society; as in many masala movies of the 70s, is a bad-bad-bad and is extremely recognizable.

Considered by critics among the best films of Bachchan, offers one of the most famous scenes of the pair Jaya Amitabh, what has been dubbed the scene of the window. The two protagonists look of street artists perform in a love song and do not know if you look for with the look or avoided. Is not it curious that the most celebrated of an action movie turns out to be just that.

Zanjeer titled Toofan in Telugu a remake of the classic 1973 Hindi film of the same name is a Indian action film about raging vengeance, the account of an orphan who finds reason to exist in the very insecurities that torment him starring Atul Kulkarni, Ram Charan, Priyanka Chopra, Mahie Gill, Sanjay Dutt, Prakash Raj directed by Apoorva Lakhia, shot simultaneously in Hindi and Telugu produced by Reliance Entertainment.

Zanjeer is the first film like angry young man, the one where the nice Amitabh poet turns into vigilante not convenient - and more attractive than ever. Some images will be found elsewhere on many movie posters as a "trademark" Amitabh-angry-young-man.

Vijay at the age of 7 has overview of the murderer of his parents with his armed wrist adorned with a chain (Zanjeer) silver pendant with a horse. Collected by a policeman, he made ​​continual nightmares haunted by a white horse ridden by a man in black, neighing in the fog.

Adult, Vijay became a policeman. Uncompromising, he makes each case a personal matter, even the set his way regardless of political or policièrement correct, guided by a fierce hatred of corruption. Solitaire, it seems impervious to any feeling, his only friend is a former bookmaker he did back on track with his fists, and even the charming Mala (Jaya Bhaduri Bachchan) soon is admitted to his entourage that because it should be protected after encouraged to testify. Vijay attacks the local kingpin and his corrupt network. But when it feels too threatened, he dropped into a trap and Vijay policeman integrates up behind bars. On leaving, one idea animates avenge his trampled honor and stop the harmful activities of Teja.

If Vijay - Amitabh and anger form the thread, the interest of the film lies largely in its secondary characters, which one attaches much as Vijay. First Sher Khan the tiger red (Pran), which offers stunning scenes of male bonding. Then Mr D'Silva (Om Prakash), the strange informant hooked to the bottle, which brings a touch of humanity. Finally, Mala (Jaya Bhaduri) with a sharp tongue, given also sharpened its knives. Not to mention Teja (Ajit), the villain extremely deceitful, flanked by the demonstrative Mona (Bindu).

The only downside we could find Zanjeer is the sudden transformation of the intrepid Mala in shy bride looking down at, what a pity! Director felt more concerned in the second part of the film, by the quota dishums and drama of history, very well staged. It raises the tension so that the great final scene where Vijay finds the famous bracelet horse, a real fireworks.

Also be appreciated throughout the film repeated use of the bars in many scenes they terminates all windows delimit the space. Difficult to say today if they reflect the insecurity of India 70s, elegantly denounce the imprisonment of the country at a time when you could go to jail if you criticize the government, or even a symbolic way of showing the confinement of the characters in their chains, linked to their fate.

But the talented Prakash Mehra remains in its way to film heroes, the scenes shared between Amitabh and Jaya are classic but often moving, such as the scene where, early in the film, he thanks for helping to expose guilty of killing. This enraged cop is no longer a large embarrassed boy is too cute!

The music of Kalyanji Anandji is not memorable but it is very nice, the clips are friendly, more oriented to the charm of female performers (Jaya romantic version Version sassy Bindu). He had to keep a bit of glamor so as not to disturb the audience more accustomed to romances as whistleblowers movies! Yet the best clip danced by a man Yaar Meri Zindagi with Sher Khan, can not be said to have great dancing skills but the song and his production is one of the highlights of Zanjeer.

Prakash Mehra, director and producer, was taking a gamble with this new kind of film, with a new actor not known, embodying a dark man and the antithesis of romanticism ... Won bet: the film was a hit at the box office in 1973 He received the Filmfare Awards for Best Story and Best Screenplay for Salim (father of Salman Khan) and Javed. Amitabh Bachchan's career was launched.

Zanjeer deserves its reputation, 35 years later it remains a strong film, served by superb actors in the service of a noble cause. However, in the kind angry young man with Amitabh Bachchan, Deewaar, Roti Kapada aur Makaan and Laawaris are just as powerful, and perhaps more.

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