Tricks to use WhatsApp on iPhone

Here is a collection of the best tricks to use WhatsApp on iPhone with iOS 7. We start out as texting, how to change the status and how to find out if your contacts using instant messaging most popular on the App Store. In reference to the instant messaging on the iPhone, as well as on other smartphones, WhatsApp enjoys a level of notoriety top of mind. Despite the development of similar applications have become essential to communicate, WhatsApp is almost always the first name that comes to mind to owners of mobile devices.
Maybe because its spread has achieved unimaginable a few years ago, it will be because it was the first instant messaging application to debut on the App Store in any case, one can say with almost absolute certainty that already WhatsApp is intended to replace the SMS it is already doing now, but not in a radical way. In this regard, here is a collection of guides with which you point out all the tricks to use to best WhatsApp on iPhone with iOS 7.

Trick # 1 -> How texting with friends, with family, with colleagues from work or university with WhatsApp . We open the list with the primary discover more popular instant messaging ever. Start by selecting the contact list from the Favorites. The box Search gives you the opportunity to type the name of a specific contact, reducing the timing.

Since the first launch of the application, after the signing of the subscription price of EUR 0.89 , are placed in the section all the contacts in address book that have activated the account of WhatsApp , it can happen to not display certain with whom you are accustomed to converse during the day. How do you adjust? You can find it easily within the submenu All contacts, located in the Contacts. As in the previous case, the box Search will help to speed up the search.

Finally, the tab Chat is crucial to start the conversation with that particular contact list. Just simply select it from the list and pressing the button with the icon of the pencil that writes in the square. By doing so, you'll start to exchange messages on WhatsApp with the contact person.

Trick number 2 -> How to find out if the contacts in the address book using WhatsApp. The second trick on how best to use WhatsApp on iPhone with iOS 7 is to check if the list Contacts is the status message. Once you have selected the contact, if you are using instant messaging application, you will see the card with the symbol of WhatsApp next to the phone number of the account; otherwise, you will be shown the Invite on WhatsApp that allows you to send an SMS text, where you invite the person concerned to discharge the instant messaging .

Trick 3 -> how to change the status of WhatsApp: the third and final trick of this first article on the use of the most popular instant messaging app on iPhone with iOS 7 is to change their personal status. Moved to the "Status" tab and type in the phrase, word or whatever you like.

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