How to Activate WhatsApp Web for PC

WhatsApp has created a version to use even on computers of its application to send messages via the Internet, very popular around the world in its use of smartphones and is not a real program to be installed on the PC, but a web application that for now only works through Google Chrome browser.

To be able to use just visit this site, open WhatsApp on your phone, choose from the menu which opens by touching the icon with the three horizontal lines the WhatsApp Web and at that point where the camera of your smartphone the QR code a kind of bar code evolved shown on the page. In this way, the system combines the account WhatsApp with the computer and authorizes the connection between the two devices.

WhatsApp for desktop is very basic and offers more or less the same features available on the application for smartphones. There are therefore the chat, the ability to send photos attached, insert emoji and send voice messages. The system works by passing data through your phone as well as the computer's connection to the Internet which allows you to keep connected computers and smartphones, so it is advisable to use it especially when we can connect with your smartphone to WiFi, to avoid to consume your data plan on the cellular network.

The smartphone is connected your account WhatsApp must then be turned on and connected. In case it is not the service through browser is disabled and you can not send and receive new messages.
WhatsApp on the desktop can be used by those who have a smartphone with Android, or by those who use BlackBerry, Windows Phone and some models of Nokia. It is not yet possible to use it with iOS for technical reasons: those of WhatsApp have said they are still working to achieve it, but did not specify when it will be available.

After many rumors, finally the announcement the most popular messaging app in the world also works on PC and Mac. But you must always a smartphone and the iPhone for now is not compatible. WhatsApp arrived on computers.

And now, without fanfare, with a simple post on Facebook , here comes WhatsApp in the desktop version, no software to install, but a window appears in the browser where the conversations that you continue to play via smartphones. For this the device must always be connected to the internet, even if you're using the computer. The update of WhatsApp presents a new entry in the settings menu that allows you to associate a specific account to a computer in order to send and receive messages via a web page.  

Activation of the profile web occurs by scanning a QR code visible on the site be captured with the camera of the phone from which you normally use the app. This will generate a single answer that is the result of QRCode and account data for which you require qualification. It is a safe method that should prevent the fraudulent use of internet chat seen that the authorization is valid only for the computer from which it performs the procedure.  

According to the declarations of the same CEO Jan Koum Whatsapp, when you can not use the chat via web with Apple smartphone, to inherent limitations to the operating system of the iPhone. No problem, however, for Android, Windows Phone and also Blackberry, provided you have installed the latest version of WhatsApp.  

We tried WhatsApp with Chrome on Mac and PC: the operation is simple and straightforward and does not seem to have encountered difficulties. From the web you can also send audio files, while still expect voice calls on the model of Skype, announced by Koum just a year ago and confirmed last October . Again there are screens  that would confirm the imminent launch. A series of photos published in December on Dutch site AndroidWorld.NL fact show what could be the new look of the phone menu, this time on iOS.

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