Coolie is famous because it was on this shoot that Amitabh Bachchan almost lost his life. The scene where the accident occurred is also immortalized the film stops on the image with a commemorative text.

Coolie is famous because it was on this shoot that Amitabh Bachchan almost lost his life. The scene where the accident occurred is also immortalized the film stops on the image with a commemorative text. And the fight resumes a dishum session as there are so many. Yet Coolie is not a movie as there are so many: it manages to be both openly communist and great religious fervor, on the theme Unity is strength and God will guide our steps. A big ideological gap that is worth its weight rupees, alas slightly stuck in a sauce masala rather indigestible and that for once we could have done, the main thing being elsewhere.

The most interesting aspect of this film is by far the social side: Iqbal (Amitabh Bachchan) brings together coolies, all dressed in red strike and they combine to require the local exploiter, a decent home subdivision. They will face many insults, but hammer and sickle in hand (you have to see it to believe it!), Iqbal defends his comrades.

He is helped in his struggle with Vicky ( Rishi Kapoor ), a young reporter whose alcoholic mother ( Waheeda Rehman ) has lost his memory and speech. Heaven, but it is the mother Iqbal lost when he was 8 years old, kidnapped by the evil, etc, etc.

It is also helped by a tame falcon Allarakha, which appears opportunely whenever Iqbal's life is at stake. The arm of God. The latter is very present throughout the film, not only to explain the unexplainable, well known writers processes, but also as vigilante service to the poor and oppressed. The surgeons are busy lots of times, but it is the faith of those who pray that saves the hero, strange parallel reality because lorsqu'Amitabh was in a coma, all India prayed in temples, mosques and churches, like in the movie.

Side masala is a true anthology that offers itself Manmohan Desai, writer and director known for his family dramas multiple twists ( Amar Akbar Anthony , Aa Gale Lag Jaa , Suhaag, Naseeb ...). Families dislocated, lost children, we wrongly imprisoned nice, nasty that appropriates the fortune of his adopted daughter, friends separated in childhood who devote themselves eternal love, poor boy in love with a rich heiress, nothing is missing Coolie . Not even humor! Some scenes are reminiscent the great horn-side assumed to Amar Akbar Anthony and Amitabh put their heart's content, especially in the scene where he is preparing a recipe (French) following the recipe to the radio, and to his sweetheart play a joke passes alternately from the issue of food to the yoga program, without beware. We must see Amitabh immortalized statue of "unknown Coolie".

This film is a must see for any fan of Amitabh Bachchan. The latter is simply irresistible with white pants and red tunic, he dances or that bat, he prays, he speaks of love or harangue his comrades, his charisma literally explodes.

Rishi Kapoor made sympathetic antihero without which the hero does not recover. Both characters are well balanced and have a place on the board, for once it escapes the co-star stooges. The girls themselves, are no exception. They are charming, are showing a refreshing spirit of independence, but it is a pity they are left on the edge of the socio-ideological battle, as if they were absolutely impervious to all these questions, only concerned about their stories heart.

The music of Laxmikant-Pyarelal is also firmly focused on romance and masala , it is typical of the films of the years 70-80. Seven songs punctuate Coolie , more dynamic than romantic. The choreographies are not very developed, even become comical if seen accelerated, but special care is taken in the staging, the colors, and the whole is enjoyable to watch, it is not bored. Note: the costumes are very successful, which is not so common for films of this era, special mention for the bridesmaids outfits, particularly flattering, with a good balance between Indian and Western outfits outfits.

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