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Travel & Recipe Ideas for a Romantic Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day is an opportunity to devote time to your loved one, away from it all, a special occasion to declare or reaffirm their love. There are two categories of people for those who love Valentine's Day and celebrate it with romantic dinners, couple trips and gifts, and those who hate this tradition and refuse to celebrate it, whether they are engaged or single. To please both factions, we thought to suggest the ideal destinations by offering travel ideas more or less suited to lovers.

Valentines Day travel

For a bucolic Valentine's or to the castle full of beauty and luxury, here are the classic and unmissable destinations to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Valentine's day in Paris

Who said that Paris is only kissing and cuddling under the Eiffel Tower or romantic walks along the Seine? You can walk to the Erotica Museum, a short walk from the Moulin Rouge, to know the history of eroticism through the world and cultures. You will discover lots of spicy memorabilia from around the world.

Here you will find all the details of what to see in Paris.

Valentine's day in Prague

Reach the viewing tower, along the way you will find the statue of Karel Hynek Mácha, the great Czech Romantic poet, the meeting point of lovers who meet, to swear eternal love on May 1, the day of love in the Czech Republic. Although it will not be the official day of love, you can kiss under the statue and promise eternal love!

Valentine's day in Venice

In the city of Romeo and Juliet, the Valentine's Day is celebrated in Piazza Bra with a special event, the Verona in Love. The festival invites you to celebrate Valentine's Day in a romantic and picturesque surroundings in the historical center of Verona. Now anticipated event, this event devoted to the myth of Romeo and the theme of love has already been very successful in past editions.

Valentine's day in New York

Well, why not, a nice romantic getaway in New York. Obviously you'll have to skate under his arm at Rockefeller Center, or curl up by the heated blanket during a ride in a carriage along Central Park. And of course to keep the tradition, do not miss a kiss at Ellis Island that from 1892 to 1954 was the main point of entry of immigrants. The personnel at the checkpoint has a column dubbed 'kissing post'. It was just at that point, in fact, that the neo family found themselves Americans and love they had not seen for some time.

Here you will find all the details of what to see in New York.

Valentine's day in London

Art, history, culture, display, local, ad hoc theaters and restaurants you can get an offer for the flight to London. Gorgeous views, show in the West End, romantic walks, dinners, history and culture.

Here's what it has to offer the British capital in the weekend of Valentine's Day.

Valentine's day in Blarney Castle

You want luck in love? Your destination then is not far from Cork, Blarney Castle. According to legend, anyone who kisses the stone placed on top of the castle will be rewarded with an extraordinary eloquence and the ability to enchant even the most skeptical of people. Lie on your back, arch your head above an opening that faces the vacuum and kiss the stone upside down.

Here you will find the guide to the most beautiful castles in Ireland.

Valentine's day in Sydney

Reach Sydney, for a romantic night, where you will be greeted by a real starlit path.

Here you will find all the details of what to see in Sydney.

Valentines Day food

Not a terrific cook? You have laden the table and placed the candles, but have not yet decided what to cook? Looking for delicious recipes for a romantic dinner on Valentine's Day? Discover all the Valentines recipes here to prepare an irresistible dinner for two to know in advance the easy to make gourmet dishes for a Valentine's Day to remember.

If you like to live this feast in a romantic atmosphere with your partner, choose not only aphrodisiac dishes, but also a few unique dishes to make with our quick and easy recipes. Do not forget to prepare the tasty sweet Valentine chocolates or heart-shaped cakes, depending on what you like best.

To celebrate Valentine's Day at home in 2017, and ignite the passion, get inspired by the recipes that we have selected for you and you will see how easy it is to tempt the person you love. Just combine the special ingredients, carefully chosen, in a good deal of your creativity, to obtain irresistible dishes.

Do not worry, here are simple recipes to create, for a guaranteed success. If you are afraid of making some mistake, please read our tips on not making mistakes. For desserts do not skimp on the chocolate, prepare a delicious cake in a heart shape or a creamy dark chocolate mousse. For fine dining but easy to prepare at home, these recipes are recommended as the special recipes for Valentine's Day!

Rice Krispies

Gulab Jamun


Peppermint Bark

Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Cupcake

French Toast

Black Forest Cake


Banana Muffin

Every day is special for lovers, but on Valentine's Day the atmosphere is magical.


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