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Clash of Clans Update

Supercell has recently announced the arrival in October ClashCon, the first event dedicated entirely to Clash of Clans. The day will be held in Helsinki, capital of Finland, next October 24 . Tickets can be purchased at the following link  in ten days, but the time has not yet revealed the full program. Probably this will represent a kind of event along the lines of MineCon . We'll see the extent of this event and the success it will redeem.

Clash of Clans is a video game developed by Supercell for iOS and Android devices and published for the first time on 2 August 2012. It has been available internationally on iTunes Store for free with version 1.7, and later on Play Store and App Store. Its current version is 7.156.5. The game is to develop a village, with the aim of achieving the highest possible number of trophies, the highest level and get on top of the world rankings or your country, attacking the villages of the other players with their own army, accumulating resources in their own and developing defenses to protect themselves.

Players normally get together in clans, groups of users who work with an internal hierarchy. The game features various buildings, unlockable increasing level of the town hall (the building base). The buildings you can buy with coins of the game or elixirs. The bonus game are the gems that can be purchased with real money, available by removing obstacles (trees, bushes, etc.) in their own village or completing objectives. Ever since the game has received generally good reviews from both the sites that specialize in reviews by users in their store.

Between December 2012 and May 2013 Clash of Clans was the 5 most downloaded game on the App Store and more and in 2013 was the third game in the ranking of earnings on Google Play, bringing the game to the end of year with a turnover of between 800 million and one billion.

The hugely popular Clash of Clans is going to get one of the most massive update for some months now .

Supercell, the developer of the game, is starting to show some of the changes that will be made. At the moment there are eight and are expected to arrive in the day today.

Here are the ones we know so far, with related videos that show them in action:
Dragoni level 5
A second drive flywheel
The factory Spells Black
Potion Poisoning
Potion Earthquake
Two new leagues
Deposits will be immune to lightning
There will be a button to train the armies, without having to return to the barracks.

The dragons of the fifth level might give you lots of new options in attack, while the button without going to train troops from barracks is extremely convenient addition.

Flywheel units are particularly welcome after the last update, and then have two could do very comfortable. Here are three things in action:

The dragons of the fifth level will be released on the tenth level of the Town Hall, while the second unit to fly level nine.

Supercell is changing management Spells and Potions. At level 10 Town Hall will bring 11 Potions instead of 5. In fact the old spells occupy two places, which means that you can always carry a maximum of five old spells, plus a new potion. Alternatively, you can leave the old systems and bring 11 Earthquakes and Poison depending on your strategy.

If at first the Potion of poisoning may not seem very effective, we are sure that in combination with other moves will show its usefulness. This update will add two new leagues, the Titan and the Legends, for all those who have more than 5000 trophies.

Temple Run is a video game developed by the manufacturer Imangi Studios, based in Washington is available on devices iOS, like iPhone and iPad devices and Android. In December 2011 he was among the 50 applications downloaded in iTunes, and probably the first free between iOS applications. Initially downloadable to 99 cents, from 2012 is free; developers earn from buying extensions, upgrades and powerups.

In January 2013 it published a sequel, called Temple Run 2. The game is an explorer in his escape after stealing an idol from a temple, chased by giant monkeys. The player will have to run along a route full of obstacles and perform various actions to avoid them.

The barriers consist of walls, ravines, tree trunks and roots: the explorer can jump, slide, or move to the side to avoid them. The same moves also help to collect coins scattered along the route, which are expendable in the game menu to buy skills, bonus and other power-ups .

The route changes each game, because the game engine generates a different one each time placing obstacles random; the game is not therefore a true end, because the game ends when it bumps into an obstacle or when you end off a cliff.

In June 2012 the producers of Temple Run put on the market a spin-off fee inspired by the movie Disney Pixar Brave - . In place of the explorer hero of the original, here is the princess Merida on the run from the demons of the temple but not by his enemy, the bear Mor'du. Although the setting is moved from the temple to the Highlands of Scotland .

The graphics are definitely more cured of Temple Run original and the protagonist speaks, commenting on the actions of the game and making a few jokes from the film. The gameplay is rather essentially the same, but over run, dodge obstacles and collect coins the player must also use the bow and arrows of Merida, in special sections where you have to hit the targets. In any update was also introduced the novelty of the world of Wisps: when you see a particular icon, the player is transported in an alternative environment to play, where instead of the coins are of little goblins.

Finally, instead of the characters you unlock costumes and, at a cost of 500,000 coins, you can unlock the character of King Fergus, which slightly changes the gameplay.

In the gaming market, defined store, can be purchased the characters used in the game through the coins collected:

Guy Dangerous : character base used from the beginning of the game
Scarlett Fox : cost 10,000 coins
Barry Bones : cost 10,000 coins
Karma Lee : cost 25,000 coins.
Montana Smith : cost 25,000 coins.
Francisco Montoya : cost 25,000 coins.
Zack Wonder : cost 25,000 coins.
In addition to the characters, in the store you can buy five assists, upgrades that once unlocked by paying 500 coins you can find and use (are activated by jumping and hitting the symbol) along the way during the game.

Mega Coin : big money, which provides a large number of coins.
Coin Magnet : magnet that attracts for a certain period of time all the coins around the character.
Invisibility : makes the character completely incorporeal and evanescent so invincible to everything for a short time (remains necessary to bend manually).
Boost : makes the character incorporeal and makes travel many meters running at great speed (curving automatically).
Coin Values ​​: doubles and triples the value of the coins after a certain distance (the coins from the double value will be red while the triple will be blue).
Each powerup can be further enhanced by spending a greater number of coins (eg. Invisibility and Coin Magnet enhanced if they will last longer).

In the store are also available objects used individually defined utilities:

Resurrection Wings : activated by a double tap on the screen, remains active for 30 seconds and allows the player to resurrect and return to play should they crash or were taken from monkeys in this time frame. Costs 500 coins.
Super Resurrection Wings : can only be activated by clicking on the icon at the beginning in the shape of wings, remains active for the duration of the game. Costa 10000 coins.
Boost : activated early in the game by clicking on the icon at the top of the screen, the player is running at high speed to 1000 meters. Costs 2500 coins.
Mega Boost : activated early in the game by clicking on the icon at the top of the screen, the player is running at high speed for 2500 meters. Costa 10000 coins.

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