Temple Run Update

Temple Run is a video game developed by the manufacturer Imangi Studios, based in Washington is available on devices iOS, like iPhone and iPad devices and Android. In December 2011 he was among the 50 applications downloaded in iTunes, and probably the first free between iOS applications. Initially downloadable to 99 cents, from 2012 is free; developers earn from buying extensions, upgrades and powerups.

In January 2013 it published a sequel, called Temple Run 2. The game is an explorer in his escape after stealing an idol from a temple, chased by giant monkeys. The player will have to run along a route full of obstacles and perform various actions to avoid them.

The barriers consist of walls, ravines, tree trunks and roots: the explorer can jump, slide, or move to the side to avoid them. The same moves also help to collect coins scattered along the route, which are expendable in the game menu to buy skills, bonus and other power-ups .

The route changes each game, because the game engine generates a different one each time placing obstacles random; the game is not therefore a true end, because the game ends when it bumps into an obstacle or when you end off a cliff.

In June 2012 the producers of Temple Run put on the market a spin-off fee inspired by the movie Disney Pixar Brave - . In place of the explorer hero of the original, here is the princess Merida on the run from the demons of the temple but not by his enemy, the bear Mor'du. Although the setting is moved from the temple to the Highlands of Scotland .

The graphics are definitely more cured of Temple Run original and the protagonist speaks, commenting on the actions of the game and making a few jokes from the film. The gameplay is rather essentially the same, but over run, dodge obstacles and collect coins the player must also use the bow and arrows of Merida, in special sections where you have to hit the targets. In any update was also introduced the novelty of the world of Wisps: when you see a particular icon, the player is transported in an alternative environment to play, where instead of the coins are of little goblins.

Finally, instead of the characters you unlock costumes and, at a cost of 500,000 coins, you can unlock the character of King Fergus, which slightly changes the gameplay.

In the gaming market, defined store, can be purchased the characters used in the game through the coins collected.

Microsoft had announced that all users who have upgraded to Windows 10 would find pre-installed in the operating system the game Candy Crush Saga, a title very impressed by it iOS and Android. A few days before the official launch of Windows 10, Candy Crush Saga has landed in the new Windows Store and the Insider can already download it and try it on their PC.

To highlight that Candy Crush Saga is distributed in the form of universal application and between notes of the board of the Store expressly states that in order to download the game you must have Windows 10. The game, developed by King and localized in Italian , this will not be the only software company to land in the new Windows Store for Windows 10. In the future, will come more and more famous titles distributed in the form of universal applications. The intention of Microsoft to distribute within its new operating system a series of games is very clear. This is definitely an attempt by the Redmond to immediately more attractive Windows 10 , especially to all those who use a lot of the PC to play.

A choice, however, he did turn up their noses at more than one analyst. Many users stamped, in fact, as "crapware" the choice to force the installation of Candy Crush Saga in Windows 10. The game, however, should be able to be safely removed from Windows 10 if not prove acceptable to users.

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