Vai Raja Vai.

Vai Vai Raja put on humor, glitter, glamor and a pretty cool tone. Overall Vai Vai Raja is great entertainment recalling many American films.

It is never easy to be a son or daughter in the film world, as this can open doors and make things easier, but in return, the pressure can quickly become unbearable. So just imagine the situation of Aishwarya R. Dhanush, daughter and wife of Rajnikanth and Dhanush. The young woman has not left crushed by the weight of her name and reputation of her husband. Her first film, 3 impressed people in 2012, and returns this year with Vai Raja Vai.

Vai Raja Vai is an ensemble film with the theme, gambling. We immediately think of the franchise Hollywood Ocean's led by George Clooney, as Vai Vai Raja put on humor, glitter, glamor and a pretty cool tone. The fine team of con artists is composed by Gautham Karthik. Priya Anand, Vivek, Taapsee Pannu, Daniel Balaji and Sathish, crack between Japan and Singapore, passing through Thailand. Also note that the music is composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja and Dhanush makes a cameo highly anticipated.

Young director Aiswarya R. Dhanush had made a sensational start in Kollywood with his first film Moonu starring her husband Dhanush. This film has increased awareness of Dhanush and Anirudh revealed. Aishwarya has she managed to meet the expectations placed in it?

Karthik (Gautham Karthik) from middle-class Chennai leads a peaceful life surrounded by his family, his best friend Sathish (Sathish) and his love Priya (Priya Anand). A bright future is promised, but in a minor accident he finds a gift that had forced him to make them disappear. It has an extrasensory perception which takes the form of precognition: it is able to predict an event that has not yet happened. His colleague Panda (Vivek) discovers this secret and used to bet on a cricket match. The two friends quickly noticed by Randhe (Daniel Balaji), a henchman of the mysterious Kumar (Dhanush). The intrigue takes us on clandestine betting and casino ground in many American films, but which is rare for Kollywood.

Three years later Aishwarya is back with a completely different movie Moonu. She who was the assistant of Selvaraghavan had imitated the button of his mentor for his first film, but in the second embodiment it is completely separate from him and stands out as a versatile director. She took up the challenge of presenting a commercial film without falling into the trap "masala" and overall it has succeeded. The speed of the story (the film lasts less than two hours) leaves very little time out and hides the flaws. THE director has a satisfactory product throughout and made the most of its technicians.

Yuvan Shankar Raja sign an exceptional soundtrack. It goes wonderfully with the fabric of the film and marks his return. The album set the tone and Yuvan confirmed on the screen. He is the great architect of the success of this project.

The actor Vivek is also back to his best. It is present throughout the film, and as usual he alternates comedy and seriousness to perfection. It is also added on the reason for the success of this film.

The editor VTVijayan has spoken his experience to make rapid narrative, but could instead revise clips that break the rhythm of the film especially the introductory song. The director of photography Velraj still sign a near faultless.

Listed casting, Gautham Karthik has to improve his acting. It is not credible in this role and shows gaps on long dialogues. Priya Anand and Taapsee bring glamor without weighing in the narrative. The presence of SJSurya is unjustified and the presence of Dhanush raises questions. His aura flat throughout the film and the actor entered very late but from the first minute it leaves a feeling of weariness. The character of "Kokki Kumar" actor Dhanush and seem to have been sacrificed on the altar of marketing. The introduction of Dhanush already revealed the first teaser is "mass" but the actor destroyed the image of "Kokki Kumar" and irritated very quickly by his facial expressions.

Overall Vai Vai Raja is great entertainment recalling many American films.

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