Ani DiFranco in Concert

The Club Orion Ciampino will host the September 10 Roman leg of the tour of Ani DiFranco, American singer songwriter, self made ​​woman par excellence, who returns, after 6 years since her last live. After past 20 years in the music business, she continues to describe himself as Little Folksinger but her influence on musicians, activists and non-conformists of the world has been enormous.

It proudly identifies as a folksinger, but her music is steeped in soul, funk, jazz, electronic music and words. Among her 20-plus albums released, including the double live CD "Living in Clip" (1997) and the two retrospectives on his career, "Canon" (2007), and the more recent "Which side are you on" (2012), Ani has never stopped evolving, experimenting, testing the limits of what can be said and sung.

Her numerous tribes ranging from Pete Seeger and Utah Phillips to a whole new generation of twentysomething singer-songwriters who grew up with his songs and performances, as well as the likes of Prince, Maceo Parker, Bruce Springsteen, the Buffalo Philharmonic, Gillian Welch, Cyndi Lauper and the Burmese activist and Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, with whom he crossed in a myriad of ways. Earlier in his career, Ani DiFranco has made ​​a choice, now shared by many people but against those in years to refuse to record any agreements to be the boss of herself.

Over the years this decision has gained a lot of attention and respect, but it has never been the main reason for which was sold out to his shows around the world or because the fans discuss every nuance of his lyrics and numerous ask artists clamoring to work with her. The real reason was to be able to use her voice and his guitar as honestly and freely as possible, write and play songs that come directly from his own experience, his limitless imagination, from his sharp wit. He did it in noisy bars with nothing but a shaved head and a guitar solo in 1990, and he's doing it with renewed intensity today.

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