Vanity Fair

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Vanity Fair is a film of 2004 directed by Mira Nair. It was presented in competition at the 61st Venice Film Festival in Venice. The film is adapted from eponymous novel by William Makepeace Thackeray. It is the story of two friends and at the same time a satire of high society English of the nineteenth century.

The protagonist Rebecca Sharp (Becky), daughter of a painter and a French opera singer, comes from college with her friend upscale, Amelia Sedley. His goal is just to marry a rich noble to have luck in life. First aims to brother of her best friend, who made his fortune in India. The history between the two of them wrecked because Amelia's boyfriend convinces her brother that Becky does not have a social role adequately.

Becky, then, gets a job as a governess in the house of an impoverished nobleman. There is sure to be essential in any business of the house, and after having met the second son, who had promised the inheritance of the rich aunt, who was particularly fond of and lived with him in London, marries him. The aunt, knew the header of his nephew, deletes it from the will, and they will do anything to survive. He is a gambler, and therefore their family budget sometimes goes well and other goes wrong.

In a time of crisis Becky leans a marquis neighbor who openly admires, the two begin to cooperate. She makes fun of him living with dancing and singing and he at the same time introduces into high society in London, coming to present it to the king in person. Amelia, whose family has fallen on hard times, meanwhile, had married her boyfriend, who later will make some overtures to Becky during a dance before the Battle of Waterloo.

Born children of the two friends, but for Amelia things get difficult, because her husband died on the battlefield fighting against Napoleon. For a while is aided by his best friend, Lt. William Dobbin, who obviously feels a deep feeling for her, but it continues to think only of the deceased husband, not knowing that he loved her less than they believed. Forced by economic hardship in which he lives, Amelia entrusts his son to his grandfather and no longer able to see him because she, living in poverty, is moved away from her husband's family.

Meanwhile Becky is accused by her husband of having sold to the Marquis, and for this reason the leaves, reaching a desolate island whose garrison entrusted to him (you will die of tropical fevers). Their son, initially sent to a boarding elite thanks to the good offices of the Marquis, is from the family of cresiuto Rowdon. After a few years, Becky, while working at a casino in Baden Baden, come see the son of Amelia, now large, accompanied by Dobbin, who is still in love with Amelia.

The next day Becky goes to visit to Amelia, and tells of the advances that many years before had sent her dead husband; also seeks to make her understand that instead one who believes only a friend really loves her. The film ends with the marriage of Becky in India with the brother of Amelia.


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