Guru Utsav: Tribute to the Divine Master

Guru Utsav is a day of worship, the day in which students express their gratitude to the Teacher. The term Guru means one who frees from ignorance to enlightenment. Gu means the gross form, the attributes of Maya, Ru means without form, transcend the form, the essence of the light. Guru is which is revealed to the disciples and live forever in the hearts of followers. A light fails to turn on another light.

This day is dedicated to the Guru, in particular, to the great teachers. When the mind is perfect, gives birth to the light. The day is dedicated to keeping the mind in full perfection of divine light. When the mind is in perfect silence offers the world love and peace, wisdom and joy, tranquility and clarity. If we can keep your mind in the light, then every day is Guru Utsav. Protect the truth with the fullness of light with no attachment. When you hear the truth, it will follow you and will protect you from the illusion. The state of detachment is the status of truth, that pushes you towards the dharma to follow.

If you protect Dharma, Dharma will protect the back. Keep the truth as your ultimate goal, then the dharma will accompany you to eternal life. Fill your heart with love healthy, do not hate anyone, and loves all with detachment, then the truth will be born within you. Guru is considered the Trimurti: Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara, these three symbolize the three Gunas. The entire universe is made ​​up of the three Gunas which are present in every human being. When the truth is with you not seek someone to teach you. A teacher who teaches others had a teaching only from himself.

It is a spiritual feast that is celebrated in the month of September by the students who follow a spiritual path under the guidance of a teacher. On the banks of the river Yamuna, a fisherman carrying passengers from one bank of the river. One day, after a good fishing, gutting a huge fish, found two babies, a boy and a girl. The fisherman went to the king to ask for an explanation, and he answered that it was the result of a particular birth intrigues among the gods.

The boy lived with the king until he became king of the fish. The girl, who was raised by the fisherman, because of his birth, smelled of fish. Call Kali dark skin or Matsyagandhi the one that smells like fish, later received the name of Satyavati. She grew up with many wonderful and moral qualities, sometimes helped his father to ferry passengers on the raft. One day while his father was resting, he arrived a rishi, Parasara, who was to cross the river and just saw Satyavati fell in love.

Satyavati accompanied him on the other side. During the journey, the rishi was overwhelmed by the sudden passion for the girl who, fearing a curse of the rishi, offered no resistance. He created an artificial island in the middle of the river, surrounded by a thick fog, from which, kidnapped drunkenness of love, they were wrapped.

The rishis, the great joy of the girl, thanks to his powers, he replaced the smell of fish that she gave off a delicate scent of musk and exclaimed now you can go back to your world, but here bear a son who will be a great rishi. She gave birth to a son who immediately became adult, looking strong, vigorous. Addressing the mother said soothingly, Go, do not worry about me. Whenever you need think of me and I shall come straight to your aid.

For the disciple, this is a really happy day, because it can make a sincere tribute to his beloved Guru showing the best part of himself, through the actions that his devotion suggests. The love and devotion to the Master must always be proved, in fact, according to the scriptures, a student is not qualified to sadhana and can not be accepted by a Master, unless he shows with the actions devotion in his heart.

On this occasion, through the homage to the Guru, the disciple deepens his love and devotion . Start a spiritual practice in this day is very propitious. They generate fresh waves of spiritual, everything you feel, see, learn, read, in this auspicious day must be turned in sadhana and selfless service, awakening unwavering faith and love for the Supreme within themselves. Homage and prostration to Thee, O Vyasa Bhagavan, You who are free from ignorance, who created the sweet nectar called Bharata, which can be drunk with both hands whenever it is heard

When Guru Nanak, the founder of the Sikh religion was born, the man was looking not only was out of him, but rather was looking for himself. Being the almost contemporary of Martin Luther, Columbus, Shakespeare, Vasco de Gama, Babur, Kabir, and Michelangelo Nanak was not only witness of new empires, and the discovery of new lands, but also protested the old dogmas and social habits. The languages ​​were contenders for architecture, music and poetry, theater, dance, were new mode of expression together with the tyranny and bloodshed that was synonymous with achievements of new faiths.

Thanks to the genius of Guru Nanak, he on the contrary to popular belief, not only form a reform of religion or social conduct of the individual, but crying the germ of a new people that man could find the words to himself and compimento.Se were not so, the goal of spiritual and social Guru Nanak would end with its enunciation, as in the case of kabir.

No Guru after him Column Switch 'the essence of the metaphysical or moral code created by him, however, as students of history are aware, the nine prophets, who Next edettero to him, he perfected every time in turn, these aspects of life, during a period of two centuries who not only gave new nationality 'the soul of the people but also gave new foundations empire to ruin by foreign imperial forces .

If the land of Punjab and more productive if the man 'more' complete, if the woman and 'more' liberated, if people 'more' Catholic in clothing and in their diet, and less superstitious, and they go around the world for adventure and to earn a living, all thanks to Guru Nanak, whose faith work 'through life living and supporter, wide and deep giving a reason terrestrial and spiritual hope. A galaxy full of saints and soldiers, patriots and scholars, martyrs and men of charity 'nacquero.Prima him looking in the history books do not find' a name worthy of note in the Punjab for centuries before him.

Guru Nanak was born on 15 April, 1469 on the day of the full moon in the month of Kartik, in a small forgotten village called Talwandi, now called Nankana Sahib, in the district of Sheikhupura, 40 km.a south-west of Lahore which is now in Pakistan.Suo father-Mehta Kalu, the tribes 'View of Khatri.Lui was the scribe of the village .Avoid despite his humble parentage before Guru Nanak spiro in 1539, his name was known not only across India in the north of the south East and West.

of Arabia, Mesopotamia, Ceylon, Afghanistan, Burma and Tibet.Tutto this' cause he chose to Travel for thirty years of his life, all these countries, walk from one of his most 'faithful followers, Mardana, a Muslim, who played rebecca while Guru Nanak sang at the hearings creeds and the praises of the Lord.

Guru Nanak went 'school age' of imparo'fra five years, and the other, then, Punjabi, Persian, and sanscitto from the Brahmin villaggio.Pero 'soon despair' of his studies, so his father told him to be a farmer or wait for the cows or wait at the shop as commesso.Pero 'history says that while obeyed' the father to do what 'that his father wanted, his heart was always centered in one Lord, Nirankar, and when asked what his name was, he replied : and the name 'Nanak Nanak Nirankar.Ossia that belongs to the One absolute Signore.Dalla young age' he seems to 'have aquired a mind full of questions, for example when he was asked to bring the sacred thread, custom indu', he refusal is' saying: "I would rather bring the thread that does not break, it gets dirty, it burns, it will lose.

The story says that one day when his father sent him close to the market to buy the vessels, he gave all money hungry people, saying to himself that there was no better deal that feed the hungry and the most 'bassi.Naturalmente his father was furious with him and sent him in Sultanpur district of Kapurthala, by Jairam, of which the sister of Guru Nanak. Jairam uses his influence with the governor of his friend, the Nawab Daulat Khan Lodi, who hired him as a salesman.

The story says that when he had the weight of the grain and came to thirteen, which in Punjabi also wants to say, I am yours, he went into a trance and just kept saying only I am your Lord is your" .So someone reference to the Nawab that he hastily make an accurate inventory of the barn but that 'to everyone's surprise, not only did I check no shortage of grain, but rather there was an abundance.

Jayram advice to Kalu, father of Guru Nanak to marry a Nanak, so that could be persuaded to attend to business of the world with great consideration.Cosi age of eighteen years and since his marriage, had two figli.Shri Chand and Lakhmi Das.Pero 'although working to support his family, he devote more and more time with sadhus and fakiri.Apparentemente through these discussions, they made ​​deep studies in comparative religions whose teachings are full.

Having served the Nawab for about nine years, one day when Guru Nanak went 'to the river to bathe, went in trance and disappeared into the water for three days, already 'people gave him up for dead, but' on the third day riemese.In those three days he senti'di be before the throne of God, and God to be the supreme command 'to enter in his missionariato immediatamente.Dio told him: "Go! It brings to the world is my word, my name.

So when Guru Nanak return home, spread worldwide' to the poor everything 'he had, and when someone asked him what he had found, he replied Na koi Hindu, na musalmaan There is no Hindu nor Muslim.
Your message I create a certain feeling in paese. Qazi call him' to his presence and said, "You say that there is no 'them indu' ne Muslim try it on me I'm a Muslim and a man of prayer, and I know that my faith and ' you to the doubts come to say prayers with me and vedrai.Guru Nanak readily accept', and accompanied by the qazi please together with prayer, the Qazi said to Guru Nanak,

What do you say now?" Guru Nanak replied, "You say you are a man of prayer, but' your prayer can not 'be accepted by God, 'cause your mind while you were praying in Kabul was buying horses ".Complete Qazi was surprised by the intuition of Guru Nanak, then asked," Who then and' a true Muslim "? The Guru replied, "If compassion was your mosque, faith your prayer rug, honest living your Koran, modesty your circumcision, your contentment your fasting, then it really will be a true Muslim.

Let good deeds are the Kaaba, and the truth 'the prophet, and let the prayers are the grace of God and the rosary His Will, then God will keep him onori.Il Qazi was amazed and surprised his vision and wonder': "If there is no 'them indu' it Muslim, then what are you tu2? Guru Nanak replied," If I tell you that they are Hindus 'you'll be disappointed, but' I'm not even Muslim, in fact, are simply a fact of the five elements . "
From now on Guru Nanak at the age 'of twenty-seven years by' in the mission of God's global mission to educate and save the world: He took with him a Muslim named Mardana, and while Mardana played the rebecca, Guru Nanak sang hymns dictated by his heart to people whose language they understood and spoke.

For a long journey in Punjab converting Hindus 'and Muslims to his views, stable centers in charge to his devout followers, many of whom belonged to the caste more' low and are not had virtually nothing they could call her.

A Saidpur, near Gujranwala, was' hosted by a carpenter named Lalo.Gli indu 'high class said that Guru Nanak lowered his estimate of his father living with a Hindu' low-caste and with the company of a drummer mussulmano.Uno of these garments' high class Malik Bhago organize 'a great feast in honor of his ancestors invitation' to attend Guru Nanak, but 'Guru Nanak' refusal andarci.Malik then that he was an officer under the command of the army of Patani, sending his servants to bring Guru Nanak in his presence with the forza..Quindi Guru Nanak went there 'and when it was' before him asked him:

Are not you coming to eat at my table, while you eat at the table of a low caste, what kind of man are you? Then Guru Nanak in the presence of all you did to bring two pieces of bread, and said that the bread he held in his right hand was the bread of Malik, while the bread which he held in his left hand was the bread of Lalo.Cosi 'said squeeze' the two loaves of bread, the story says that the bread of his right hand he came out 'blood, and the bread which he held in his left hand, he came out' latte.Allora Guru Nanak said that the bread was the bread with the blood of Malik cause he exploited the poor, while the bread that came out milk was Lalo who earned his living by the sweat of their brow and that sweet such as milk.

Lalo was the first person consecrated missionary to the faith of Guru Nanak. Hence Guru Nanak trip to Tulanba ', near Multan where he met a (thug) (murderess) name of Sajjan.Era practice to Sajjan to sit outside his door on a mat for prayer with a rosary in hand waiting for travelers, that if they were indu'egli them sat down for the night in the temple, indu ', but if they were Muslims they sat down for the night in Mosque to rob them of their values ​​and then cut the gola.Quando saw Guru Nanak penso'che these were very rich and soon 'all his attentions and courtesies to the Guru and facilities reserved for benestanti.Venne night and Guru Nanak said, "cantero 'a hymn of praise to God, and after andro' to sleep ":

Then Guru Nanak singing: That bright light has the bronze, if the scrub will make you' black hands, wash it all you want, but impurities' did not will "instantly .Sajjan conprese to have been discovered, then you throw 'the master's feet and asked him forgiveness of his misfatti.Guru Nanak said: Deploy everything' that you have to the poor and meditate on God's name ".Sajjan did and stable 'the first Gurdwara "The door to the infinite" that is the church of Sikh.Dopo of Guru Nanak who already' known as "Guru illuminator" journey 'towards the east in places of Hindu pilgrimage', visit Kurukshetra, Banaras, Gaya, Patna and then coming up in Dhaka and Assam.

A Hardwar on the banks of the sacred river Ganges, he saw people throwing water towards est.Quando wonder' what they were doing, they said: "We offer oblations to ancestors in the other world ": Then Guru Nanak began 'to throw water to the west, then the people marveled at his strange behavior, they asked him what he did, laughing, Guru Nanak replied that if they threw water to their ancestors in the next world, he threw water to his fields in the Punjab who were much more 'vicino.Quindi they understood.

A Banaras he convert 'a famous "Pundit" "equal to the Hindu priest'" named Chaturdas, his faith was for idolatry and the worship of simboli.Guru Nanak inculcated 'in his devotion to one God, the One supreme living in him the attributes and its lodi.Chaturdas become' a zealous missionary of the faith Guru Nanak Sikh.

In Kamrup Assam, beautiful women tried with their charms, but Guru Nanak broke the spell and made ​​him believe that the only pleasure was pleasure eternally durative and excessive indulgence of the pleasures of the flesh that only lasts a few moments, it was a vain inseguimento.Nel his way, he was not 'well received in a village that he village.

In blessings', saying: May you flourish. Where another village where courtesy was' immense, he said: "This village will be 'distributed" When Mardana asked the' cause of these prophecies, Guru Nanak replied, "Those who received us badly that they reproduce and they're where they are not SO pollutino others by their conduct sgraziata.Pero 'those who received us well, that is cause their expansion will be 'an example to others, virtuous and good education.

Upon his return, the Guru is still 'in Puri where and 'installed a Hindu image' of Jagannath, Lord dell'universo.Nel temple Hindus 'were reciting "arts" and that' a kind of thanksgiving to God, turning around the image carrying baskets where the lamps were burning to the ground while flowers rained.Guru Nanak remained silent, and when he was' asked 'cause did not participate in the service, he replied: "This tribute and' too small for an awesome God as the master dell'universo.Dicendo this he singing 'the following hymn of praise to the Supreme Being for his imagination and' unparalleled in the history of Indian mystic poetry. "

Sometime later, Guru Nanak step 'his days traveling the length and breadth of the Punjab.Fu during these days who knew him Brahm, the twelfth in the line of the great and famous Sufi saint, Baba Farid and therefore very significativo.Fu 'in those days that the bottom of' the city of Kartarpur The city of the Divine Lord" you built a house and lived there with his family.

On his second tour in the south, the Guru journey to Ceylon Called Siri now Lanka, Accompanied by two of his most 'faithful disciples of SAIPO name and Gheo, then visit Jaffna island that convert to his faith of time before one of his followers, a merchant named Mansukh.

After that Guru Nanak if I went 'to the north, the Himalayas where you encounter' with the yogi who created an impact in the Punjab in the last ten centuries, on that trip was' accompanied by a maniscalto named Massu and a washerman named Nanak was Sihan.Guru dressed in a cloak of skin .Prior through the western part of Nepal and Tibet and call mount kailash where you encounter' with the hermits yogi, he talks with them on the frivolity of miracles and the living as recluse.

Guru Nanak return 'to the plains of Punjab through Ladakh, Srinagar, Jammu and Sialkot.Accompagnato by Mardana, Guru once again begin' the fourth expedition to the west and he went 'to Mecca and Baghdad, dressed in blue and with a prayer mat and a book under his arm, and as 'customary for Muslims more' humble.

history book called The Janam Sakhi says that you lie down to Mecca 'exhausted from the trip, at a mosque with his feet toward the Kaaba.Quando Mullah saw this act of sacrilege, is furious 'and kicked him, saying, "Do not you know that this is' the house of God and you're sleeping with your feet towards the holy Kaaba?" unperturbed Guru Nanak replied quietly: Turn my feet in any direction not house of God:

"The Mullah was not 'surprised by this answer, already' that the holy Koran was said that God resides everywhere, to the north, south, east, and ovest.Sentendo that a stranger had entered with the company of priests, Muslims, people will rally 'round Guru Nanak asking: "Who is' the most' larger of the two, the Hindu 'or Muslim?" Guru Nanak replied' " without good deeds both will be sorry. "Again he was asked:" Which and 'your religion? "He replied:" I am only a man made ​​up of five elements, a toy in the hands of God: "In Bagdadi Guru had a discussion with Shah Bahlol, a Muslim divine, and I leave it 'as his great ammiratore.

Shah Bahlol built a memorial to mark the visit of Guru Nanak and was carved the following inscription that still exists: In memory of the Guru, divine master fakir Baba Nanak Aulia, this building 'was built again with the help of seven saints date brings the year 927 hijri (1520-21 AD), Guru Nanak returned to Punjab via Kabul, visiting Hassan Abdal where he still Today there is 'a chapel in his name and in his memory, there' s also a plaque commemorating the visit of Baba Nanak.

Finally Guru Nanak decided to remain with his family at Kartarpur, even many of his faithful disciples did likewise, including brother Lehna (Possibly called Angat) Brother Lehna was a worshiper of Goddess Durga, but 'he converted' to the views of Guru Nanak and the servants' humbly with great humility 'and grace, in 1539, the Guru named him his successor.

was at Kartarpur Guru Nanak start a system of Community canteen called "langar" For eliminate the difference of caste and many prejudices, so any person would visit the Guru, he had to first sit down and eat a meal together with many altri by caste, sex, or credo.Ancora today all Gurdwara in the world and in all private homes where religious ceremonies are conducted, and the langar 'observed, namely the kitchen comunitaria.Basti think that in the city' consecrated to Amritsar in the famous Golden Temple What is the Vatican of the Sikhs, "Darbar Sahib", which literally means the "Court of the Divine Lord." About 10,000 people a day, eat at this table.

When Guru Nanak died ', a strong argument outbreak' between Muslims and Hindus'. each of them claiming the remains of the Guru and therefore wanted each of them that the funeral was prepared to give in to their religion. Cosi 'that was' decided to put bouquets in both sides, one side for the Muslims, and the other for Hindus ', who in the morning were more' cool, would have had the best and bury the Guru as for Muslims, or burn the body and how 'tradition indu'.Cosi' did, however, 'in the morning there was' a big surprise because 'the body of Guru Nanak was sparito.Fu' decided that the sheet covering the body was divided in half '., half was burned by Hindu', and half buried by the Muslims.

Guru Nanak was not only a great devotee of God, but also a man in the affairs of the world, was not only a great poet, musician and philosopher, but also a builder of the city ', a social and political rebel, but' also the creator of a new man in a world Again, borne by a new morality and a God who not only punishes and, but also claim and redeemed man is, both the societa'.Guru Nanak was his word persuasive and simplicity' that emanated from his love divine, conquered the hearts of those who preach.

Guru abandonment of all forms and complications without a purpose to grab the only simple and essential truth' through experience that by his grace when receiving the knowledge of the eternal was the abandonment of caste, of all forms of pride and ego and teach 'to seek refuge in the name. (Here we must' explain that the name matches the mantra.

The mantra and technology for enter the infinity of ourselves eliminating all forms of mental pollution that cloud our consciousness and allow us to communion with God supremo.Pertanto the repetition of the mantra that we Sikhs and 'commonly called "Naam Simran" affects the way liberation through the tortuous maze to get to the Guru says the Naam and 'the raft that will make us' cross the stormy ocean of material existence


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