Shimla Mirchi

The spices are part of Indian cuisine. You can not help it, the food is not spicy is not Indian. Whoever does not love spices and spicy food probably will not get fat during a trip to India but not even die of hunger. Think about it, the flavor of the spices or hot peppers. It often tends to stay, but think about the spicy food spicy. If its just the chili to not like then order food at a restaurant in India is not an impossible task. If you are the spices to irritate you, eating becomes more difficult tend to the cuisine of northern India abounds with chilli and uses less spices, while the south is less spicy and more spicy.

For travelers from the stomach and more delicate palate, here are some tips to remember when you order to the restaurant in India Ask specifically to the waiter less spicy for having brought less pungent and no chilli or not hot to avoid spicy but do not expect that this is enough, what you consider spicy for an Indian could be bland. Do not order anything with the word chilli or mirch chili in English and Hindi, manchurian or vindaloo two styles of cooking that abound in piquant. Do not taste the pickle (achar in Hindi), the deep red color immediately notify the ingredients hot chili powder, spices, vinegar or lemon and unripe fruit.

Here are some foods and less flavored flow, which commonly appear on restaurant menus a bit all over India: A dish made ​​of yogurt, cream and in South India coconut milk, sweet and sour flavor due to dried fruit. Usually it is not spicy but can be spicy cumin, coriander, saffron in the north, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove spices are the most popular in the south, but everything is muffled by the cream and the yogurt. There are several variations of with meat or vegetarian. The vegetarian korma and Navratan korma, with 9 kinds of vegetables just more fireproof.

Cheese made ​​with fresh lemon. The  paneer present spices and dishes that you use are usually less spicy. As a snack or appetizer are the perfect paneer pakoda or pakora, savory pancakes stuffed with cheese. For the main course we recommend the malai kofta meatballs sort of drowned in cream sauce, paneer makhani , paneer butter masala, shahi paneer with cashews or raisins and palak paneer .

The dishes that have this ingredient are less spicy, thanks to the power of dairy. Some dishes with yogurt are going dahi, dahi bhalla, dahi aloo. Salad of yoghurt. Can be with onions, potatoes, cucumber, tomato and mixed vegetables green pepper attention that could flavor it. If you are afraid to eat raw vegetables, opt for the pudina raita , the yogurt sauce and mint -but remember to ask not to add chilli powder and other spices.

Definitely not the hot jeera rice rice with fennel seeds which help digestion, lemon rice, curd (yoghurt) and coconut rice with coconut milk. A sort of crepes with rice flour, typical of southern India where you eat at breakfast and as a snack. The plain dosa and ghee roast dosa not have stuffing and are therefore neither hot nor spicy; the masala dosa  has a filling of vegetables, usually potatoes, sauteed with onions and spices (few). The dosas are eaten with a sauce of coconut chutney and sambar a kind of soup with lentils and tamarind, which could also be hot, if it please the chef.

Idli always a breakfast snack in the south meatballs are shaped disks, made ​​of rice flour and steamed. They are eaten with chutney and sambar while the idli are healthy and not spicy, beware of sauces was already for dosa. The noodles are noodles twisted from China. It tends, at least those vegetarians, are not spicy.

All forms of bread is not hot. The most tasty to eat even without accompaniment are the naan bread leavened type wraps, especially the cheese naan  with melted cheese inside. Good, when served hot, are pure and Bhatura, chapati or tortillas of wheat flour unleavened, which are then fried in hot oil the pure are small while the Bhatura are as big as a medium pizza. Most at risk of spicy but just avoid the chili inside are the paratha stuffed: paratha is yet another style of bread typical of the Punjab, cooked on the plate with plenty of ghee clarified butter. Do not miss the delicacy are the aloo paratha stuffed with mashed potatoes in a lightly spiced-and filling enough to fix a lunch.

At the end of a meal lassi shows the temperature of the digestive system to normal. The lassi is a yogurt smoothie that of spices to taste. The Indians prefer the salty lassi, sometimes the lassi with mint . Westerners usually turn up their noses to the idea of yogurt with salt but it is an excellent tonic against the loss of salts caused by excessive sweating and I prefer the sweet lassi, with sugar. Or better yet the mango lassi, or other seasonal fruit. A Pushkar and Varanasi and perhaps in other places in the north is also the b hang lassi , but do not drink it if you do not like to have altered perceptions due to a substance bhang of the cannabis family.

Personally, we love Indian food and we advise travelers to experience without preconceptions, to taste, sometimes wrong and discovering other delights. If you happen to have in the trials mouth on fire, do not panic, here is what to do to appease the fire. Accompany every single morsel with bread naan, chapati, roti that is mitigate the hot dish with yogurt which we advise you to order in advance as a precaution, you can choose yogurt or raita. In the absence of other eat half a teaspoon of sugar.

Who exactly are allergic to spicy can always count on the continental food. Pizza, pasta, chips, omelette and puree can be found almost anywhere. The main tourist spots and you will have no problems elsewhere on the streets and in restaurants ... there is plenty of fruit!

Indian cuisine is very different from state to state. The northern India and Pakistan cuisine have dishes of Islamic tradition (Mogul) from central Asia with many recipes based on meat, especially lamb and mutton; the South Indian cuisine is very spicy; that of Bengal and Bangladesh is much use of cheese (paneer); Goa is a special case because it was a Portuguese colony until 1965, so you will find a lot of pork (the Goan Catholics are) not consumed in other states for religious reasons; in Gujarat, the dishes are bittersweet; in Maharashtra you eat vegetarian.

Tamils ​​and Sinhalese (Sri Lanka) cuisine is more diverse because it has been the most open to Western influences (the desserts are original Dutch and Portuguese). Outside India, it consumes very good Indian food in London and South Africa.

When you go into an Indian restaurant you have to remember that when ordering from the arrival of the dishes may take a long time. It 'best to order and take a stroll around and come back after half an hour. Due to hygienic reasons, the meat should eat in Goa and restaurants in the big cities; otherwise it is better to opt for rice and vegetables. The fish is great on the southern coasts of India, Ceylon and the Maldives. Very rare to find the wine; in the south it is practically impossible to drink alcohol because beer bottles (old and rusty with the cap) are not too inviting.

Better to drink tea. curries are very spicy, but after a few days you get used to it, however, are less and less "hot" than those found in the western Indian restaurants. Never eat raw vegetables or eat in the "stalls" : epidemics are always lurking. In a restaurant tandoor and a medium one, better to choose the first one is cleaner than the land where you cook the food tandoori kitchens (full of mice). In India we rediscover the atavistic pleasure of eating with your hands, feeling the heat of the dishes to try first with his fingers with his mouth and palate. Eating in restaurants also costs very little top.

Alu chat - slices of boiled potatoes with chilli, tamarind and coriander. Appam, appum (Kerala, Tamil Nadu) - Pancakes with rice flour and coconut milk. Bhajia kaju - fried cashew nuts in shell. Bhajias - fritters with spiced vegetables and bananas. Serve with fresh mint chutney. Bhelpuri - Small sandwiches served with fried onions into small pieces, puffed rice, potatoes, lemon juice, and coriander chutney. Bora - fritters of fish eggs. Chanachur - Pretzels mixed. Chiura - Mixture of PhoA (flaked rice) fried in plenty of oil. Dal - Pasta with chick peas and peanuts with salt, sugar and chili powder. Dhokla - batter made ​​with rice and chilli, steamed and then fried. Frikkadels - meatballs flavored with dill, breaded and fried. Galgappas - Waffles fries; served with cooked channa, potatoes and sweet and sour sauce.

Goja - Pastries to nigella. Kochoris - balls of dough stuffed with spiced potatoes or lentils. Mas paan - leavened muffins stuffed with beef curry. Nimki - Deep fried banana or other fruit. Oothappam (Kerala, Tamil Nadu) - Pancake spiced rice flour and lentils. Pakaudi - Pancakes soy. Pakoras - Fritters. And 'the northern version of bhajias. Papar, pappadam, poppadom, puppadum - Crisp waffles and spicy, similar to giant chips, baked or fried. Pustholes - puffs of flour stuffed with vegetables, meat curry or other mixtures. Samosa - Pancake triangular fried and stuffed with minced meat or a mixture of peas and potatoes. Shinghara (Bangladesh) - Mess of vegetables. Vada, vadi, wada - Snack fried lentil flour or chickpeas, chopped nuts and spices. They are served dry with chutney or yogurt.

Am chawal - rice with mango. Bath, buth - Rice. Biryani - rice dish with saffron (or turmeric) with meat or fish. Chawal - Rice in white. dhania Podina Chawal - Rice with mint and coriander. Copra kana - Cooked rice in coconut milk. It can be colored with turmeric. Dahi bath - rice with yogurt. Dahi ka shorva - Cold yogurt soup with mint. bath From - Rice with lentils. khichri Gili - Khichhari stew cooked without butter with bay leaves and peppercorns. Hazur Pasand - Pilau with meat, fruits and nuts. Iddi yappam (Sri Lanka) - Hopper steamed and served with curry. Idi appung dodol (Sri Lanka) - rice pudding with coconut milk and cinnamon. Kaha bath (Sri Lanka) - Rice with saffron; cooked in coconut milk. Kesar chawal - rice with saffron. Kiri bath (Sri Lanka) - Rice with coconut milk.

Sambol often served with coconut or granulated sugar. Kitcheri, khichhari - Rice and lentils cooked together and very spicy. M├Ąchler polao - spicy rice with fish. Makhani chawal - rice and butter. Mattar Pilau - Rice and peas. Memna pilau - Pilau with spicy lamb, almonds, carrots and cucumbers. Margh pilau - rice with chicken. Masur rasam - very spicy lentil broth. Mulligatawny - chicken soup or beef. Narial ka chaval - Rice with coconut. Nimbu ka chaval - Rice with lime. Pilau - Rice cooked in ghee first and then in water (or broth). Pishpash (Sri Lanka) - Meat soup. Sabzi pulau - Rice with vegetables. Shahi pulau - Rice with almonds, cream, yogurt , spices, butter and broth. Shahjahani biriani - Saffron rice with lamb. Sudu bath (Sri Lanka) - Rice in white. Tahiri - Rice with peas. Thambung hodhi (Sri Lanka) - sour soup with spices and tamarind. Vengi bath - eggplant and rice.

Aab ghosh (Pakistan) - Lamb boiled in milk. Ambu thiyal (Maldives, Sri Lanka) - Fish Curry acid. Anda ki kari - curry eggs. Babath (Sri Lanka) - Tripe. Baffat (Goa) - Curry Pork or Beef with radishes. Baida vindalu (Goa) - Vindalu with eggs. Bakra - Capra. Ballachong balchao - Prawns in vinegar; very spicy. Barra kabab massalam - spiced meat, cooked on a spit with the bone. Bathak - Duck. Bhuna gosht - lamb or beef dish spicy. Biryani (Pakistan) - Lamb stew with yogurt, saffron, cumin, cloves cloves, onions, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, garlic. Bithra (Sri Lanka) - Eggs. meen Mumbai (Maharashtra) - Fish curry; typical dish of Bombay. Bommaloe machee (Maharashtra) - Fish dried in the sun and fried.

Served as a snack, as a side dish or curry. Boti kabab - Bocconi marinated meat, cooked on a spit and spread with butter. Chingri jhoal (Bangladesh, Bengal) - Curry spicy shrimp and coconut. Chirga - chicken with yogurt, ginger and onion on skewers. Chorchuri (Bangladesh, Bengal) - Vegetables and fish heads. Chourisam (Goa) - Pork sausage and liver. Cu cu lu (Sri Lanka) - Chicken. Dahi Wali Machli - Baked cod in yogurt sauce . Degh bhurta mhaans - lamb with chickpeas, lentils and dumplings cooked in yogurt. Dhallo Badun (Sri Lanka) - Curry fried calamari. Dhansak - spiced meat with fresh vegetables and dried. Dhansak Fasli - Meat with beans.

Dudhia Machli - Fish coconut milk. Dum Machli - Mackerel baked. Dumphokat - Spicy fish steamed. Ekuri - Scrambled eggs with coriander and ginger. Ghai ka gosht - beef. Ginga - Shrimps. Gobi mhaans - Braised with cauliflower. dopyaza Gosht - Meat with onions. salun ka Gosht - Meat Curry. Gosht Madras - Curry beef. Gashtaba (Kashmir, Pakistan) - meatballs of lamb and curd. Gurda - Rognone. Harak mas (Sri Lanka) - Curry meat. Hazur Pasand - Spicy fish and baked with tomatoes, sour cream and yogurt.

Hurran kabab ka gosht (Himachal Pradesh, Nepal, Uttar Pradesh) - Deer on the grill. Imlidarh - Fish tamarind. Indad (Goa) - Curry sweet and sour pork. Isso ( Maldives, Sri Lanka) - Shrimps. Jhal frazi - Fish with spices stir-fry. Jhinga - Shrimp. Jhinga ka pathy - Shrimp with coconut. Jhinga ka salam - Shrimp curry. Jhinga ka tikka - marinated grilled scampi. Jhinga mach kalia - Prawns in spicy sauce with potatoes. Jhinga Pakari - Prawns in batter. Jhinga saag - spinach shrimp. Jungli budhuk ka salun - Curry Duck. Kabab - Usually indicates small pieces of meat, fish or vegetables skewered on a spit and grilled. darayhee Kabab - skewered meat and vegetables cooked on the grill.

Dehin Kabab - Kabab with yogurt. kaishgee Kabab - Pork chops in aromatic sauce with fruit jelly. Moghlai Kabab - minced lamb with spices, grilled on a spit. puksand Kabab - Slices of meat tied and cooked on a spit. Kabab pursindah seekhi - Lamb on the spit. Seek Kabab - rolls of minced meat. shami Kabab - Beef mince with lentils, spices and onions. shikhampuri Kabab - Kabab minced meat ram. Tikka Kabab - Kebab cooked in tandoor or on the grill. tikkah machchi Kabab - Fish marinated and cooked on a spit. Kabob (Pakistan) - patties of minced lamb mixed with cumin, chili pepper, onion, cloves, cardamom and ginger. Served with yogurt. Kagina - spicy omelette, folded in four.

Kachu Jhinga - Prawns with Sweet Potato. Kakuluwo (Maldives, Sri Lanka) - Crab. Kaleja - Liver. Kaleja sheesh - Liver spiced with onions. Kalia - Carp stew. Karavadu vambotu (Sri Lanka) - Fish curry and eggplant. Kari - Curry Shrimp. Kari Madrasi (Tamil Nadu) - Mackerel curry. It 'a typical dish of Madras. Kashmiri rogan IOSH (Kashmir) - spicy stew d 'lamb. Kekra - Crab. Khasa - Fish cooked, then covered with spices and fried. Khargosh, kurghosh - Hare or rabbit Kheema - minced meat. Kheema aur bhaji - minced meat with vegetables. Kheema mattar - Beef mince with peas. Khubab hans - Roast goose. Kima (Pakistan) - minced lamb with spices. Kiri malu (Maldives, Sri Lanka) - Curry white fish.

Delicious. tikka Ki - Mess of fried shrimp. ki tikki - Fish fillets rolled up and stuffed in the oven. Kofta (Gujarat, Kashmir, Pakistan, Punjab, Rajastan) - dumplings with minced meat or cooked vegetables such as korma; sometimes flavored with curry and cooked on a spit. It 'a dish of Arab origin. kofta kabab sheer-mal - Meatballs in a spicy sauce made ​​from milk. Kofta kari - lamb meatballs in spicy sauce. nargesi kofta - meatballs of ground beef filled with boiled eggs with sauce curry. Kofta shami machchi - fish croquettes. Kohlee (Tamil Nadu) - Chicken. Kohlee Molee (Tamil Nadu) - Chicken and coconut milk. Kookarh - Pollo. Koonee (Sri Lanka) - dried shrimp.

Korma - Beef braised with yogurt and cream. badam malai Khatai Korma - Korma lamb with spicy cream and almonds. bahadhar shahi Korma - Korma lamb with almonds, yogurt, cream and egg yolks. Korma dil-Pasand - meat and vegetables braised in sauce d 'garlic. Korma Hazur Pasand - Braised lamb with egg whites, nuts, raisins and saffron. Korma jogurath - Braised beef with spices, yogurt and cream. Korma kasa - Meatballs with vegetables. lowabdarh Korma - Korma braised in milk and yogurt . Roghan josh Korma - Korma lamb. sadah Korma - Korma meat yogurt. Kukul (Sri Lanka) - Chicken. Kurleachi kari - curry crab. Lamprais (Sri Lanka) - Portions of rice cooked in broth, mixed with beef curry, and frikkadels sambols. The whole thing is wrapped in banana leaves and baked.

Machchi bhurta - Cream of spicy fish. Macherjhal - Fish stew with turmeric. Machli aur tamatar - Spicy fish with tomatoes. Machli ka tikka - marinated fish rolls with turmeric, cumin , ghee, garlic, chili pepper on the grill. Machli kabab - Deep fried fish. Machli kofta - meatballs stewed fish. Machli masala - Marinated fish and fried. Machli ka salam - Fish curry. Madras Anday - egg curry. Madoo ( Tamil Nadu) - Manzo. Magazh - Brains. Masaledar raan - Roast beef spicy.

Matan - Lamb. Meen Molee (Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu) - Fish curry with coconut milk. Mhaans dumphoktai - Braised with garlic. Mhaans kabab machchi - minced meat and spicy with lots of garlic. It is deep fried and served cold. Mhaans phali - Braised Bean. Mhaans turrcarri sadah - Curry meat. mappas Min - Carp with fruit and coconut milk. Moghlai - Chicken dish with saffron. Moghlai sabz - Chicken with herbs and yogurt. Moghlai sadah - Curry Chicken. Moghlai Talawa kasta - Chicken fried batter of besan in the past, spices and yogurt. Moghlai tendoori - Chicken marinated in spiced yoghurt and cooked in a tandoor. Moghlai tikka - spiced chicken Kabab. Molee (Sri Lanka) - Meat or fish in spicy sauce of coconut milk. MurGee, murg, murgh, or murgo Murghi - Chicken. MurGee badam sheer-jogurath - Chicken with almonds cooked in milk, yogurt and cream.

MurGee Dehin - Spicy chicken with yogurt, pepeoncino and garlic. MurGee do pyaza - Chicken with onions. MurGee dumphokat - Spicy chicken. MurGee kabab seekhi - Stuffed chicken on a spit. MurGee khara massaledarh - Chicken with whole spices. MurGee Khasa - Curry Chicken. MurGee korma - Chicken spicy yogurt. MurGee makhani - butter chicken with tomatoes. MurGee massalam - Chicken marinated in yogurt, cumin, onion and pepper, then baked in a casserole with spices and served with walnuts. MurGee masthana - Chicken with spices, rice and dumplings made ​​of chickpea flour. Murghabi - Duck. Murghabi Kashmiris (Kashmir) - Duck with walnuts. Murghabi pistadarh - duck with pistachios. Murghi ghawal (Pakistan) - Chicken with rice. Murghi tikka - chicken kebabs. salam ka Murgh - chicken curry. Murgh korma (Pakistan ) - Spicy chicken.

Muzbi - marinated lamb cooked on hot stones. Myhee mahali - Fish with yogurt and onions, fried and served with a spicy sauce of almonds and cream. Nargis - Plate of boiled eggs cut in half. Ogu roloung (Sri Lanka ) - Scrambled eggs. Ooroomas (Sri Lanka) - Pork. Pakki Hui Machli - Baked fish with masala and coriander. Parcha kabab yakhni - rolls of mutton with spices and eggs. Parcha seekhi - Leg of lamb on a spit. Patia (Andra Pradesh) - spicy prawns with lemon and tomatoes. Patrani Machli (Maharashtra) - Fish stuffed with green chutney, wrapped in a banana leaf and steamed. Peegodu (Sri Lanka) - Liver. Pulicha - Baked fish. Pursindah seekhi - skewers of lamb.

Pyazwala Masale khare ka gosht - Meat with onions. Qabargah (Kashmir) - Plate of lamb. Raan - Roast leg of lamb marinated and cooked in the same marinade spiced yoghurt. Rarrah - Shoulder d ' lamb. Roghan josh (Kashmir, Pakistan, Punjab, Rajastan) - Spicy Lamb. Rolong (Sri Lanka) - Scrambled eggs and spices. Sadah (Pakistan, Rajastan) - Montone. Sag mhaans - Beef with garlic, spinach and yogurt. Satay ( Sri Lanka) - skewered meat in spicy sauce. Seekh kabob Khasa - skewers of grilled lamb with ginger, onions, chili peppers and other spices with yogurt grilled. Seek kebob (Pakistan) - minced lamb with yogurt, chopped onion, chili , cloves, black and red pepper, cumin. The mixture is blended and stretched on skewers. Seer (Sri Lanka) - Fish.

Serpathala - spicy dish made ​​from blood, liver and pork. shahi korma - lamb with almonds. noor-mahali Shami kabab - Kabab with lentils, onions , anise seeds and kalonji. Mixed with yogurt. Shami kabab ka mas salun - Curry pork. Shami kabab mas korma - Pork braised with yogurt. Shami kabab mas vindalu (Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu - Beef curry with spicy vinegar. Shikar vindaloo - sweet and sour pork. Shythani salun ka kabab - Kabab Curry with spices. Simore (Sri Lanka) - meat or fish cooked in a spicy sauce made ​​from coconut. Sindhi gosht - lamb marinated in spicy sauce. Sorpotel (Goa) - Pickle pork casserole. Subh Degh - Plate of lamb with spices and cooked vegetables in brine, mixed with yogurt and steamed.

Such machchi - Fish fried in batter. arnung Tamil (Maldives, Sri Lanka) - Fish in picante sauce. Tanduri Murghi - Chicken cooked in the oven. Teesri - Mollusks. Teesryo (Maldives, Sri Lanka) - Curry Mussels. Teetur - Pernice. Thakkali malu (Sri Lanka) - Fish curry with tomato. Thara father (Sri Lanka) - Curry duck with arak. Thel Dhala (Sri Lanka) - Deep-Fried Shrimps. Thora malu siyambala achcharu (Sri Lanka) - Fish with tamarind. Tulika - Bianchetti coconut milk. Turrcarri sadah - Curry fish. Umbalakada (Maldives, Sri Lanka) - Dried fish and reduced to powder. undah khitcherie - Scrambled eggs with onions, tomato, chilli and coriander. Val-ooru-muss (Sri Lanka) - Curry wild boar. Vath - Duck. Vath ka quilting - Duck Curry. Vathoo vindalu - Duck vinegar. Vela (Kerala) - Fish curry with chili and tamarind. Vindalu (Goa, Gujarat, Kerala, Maharahstra) - Curry flavored sour and spicy, with vinegar and prepared with pork, duck or goose.

Achar tandal - Stems of pickled cauliflower. Alla (Sri Lanka), aloo - potatoes. Aloo dum badam - potatoes and almonds. tarkari Aloo Baigan - Eggplant and potato curry. Aloo dam - Spicy Potatoes steamed with yogurt and spices. Aloo gobi - cauliflower with potatoes. Aloo ki tikya - potato patties. raita Aloo - Potato salad with yogurt. kehek Alu (Maldives, Sri Lanka) - Green Bananas. achar Am - Mango Pickle. MIRIS Amu (Sri Lanka) - Chilli green. Arbi - Sweet potatoes. Arbi ki kari - Curry sweet potato. Arhar from (Tamil Nadu) - Peas with chilli. Avakki Mangai - mango chutney.

Avial (Kerala, Tamil Nadu) - Vegetable Curry with bananas, seeds breadfruit, green mango, coconut and vegetables. Badaun (Sri Lanka) - Curry dark, fried and dry. Badhapu Lunis® Sambola (Sri Lanka) - Outline of fried onions. Baigan pora - Baked Eggplant. Bandhgbi - Cabbage. Behndi, bendikai, bhindi, bandakka (Sri Lanka) - Bamia. Bhaji (Maharashtra) - Cooked vegetables often very hot and dry. Bharela kheera - Cucumber stuffed. Blachan (Sri Lanka) Outline spicy prawn. Brinjal - eggplant. Brinjak ka bharta (Bihar, Himachal Pradesh, Nepal, Uttar Pradesh) - Creamy spiced eggplant. Brinjak ka tikka - Baked Eggplant stuffed with vegetables. Brinjal pahie (Sri Lanka) - Eggplant Pickle very hot and spicy.

Cachumbar - salad with chilli onions cool. Chaat - Fruit salad, salt and spices. Channa dal - spicy stewed chickpeas. Channa Masaledar (Punjab) - Chickpeas cooked with onions, garlic, ginger and spices. Chatni brabarr tamattar - Chutney of green and ripe tomatoes. Chukunda - Beets. Shilpi (Gujarat) - spicy mango chutney. Chutney - sweet and sour spicy mustard made ​​from fruit or vegetables. Dahi bara - lentil patties with yoghurt. Dahi go - meatballs cream of lentils fried with yogurt. Dahl - Deadline Hindi indicates all legumes. Dehi achchru temperado (Sri Lanka) - Lime Pickle in oil very hot.

Dehi lunu Sambola (Sri Lanka) - Sambol lime salted with onions and chili. Dehi installment indi (Sri Lanka) - Lime Chutney and date; very spicy. Elolu kiri hodhi (Sri Lanka) Curry with mixed vegetables. Foogath - Dish of fried vegetables with masala, onions and coconut. Gagar - Carrot. Garam Nimboo achar - Spicy Lime sutt'olio. Gobi - Cabbage or cauliflower. Gooda - Zucchini. Gova (Sri Lanka) - Cabbage. Guchhi - Mushrooms blacks. Guranthor alu - Sweet Potato. Kabuli channa - Ceci. Kadoo - Pumpkin. Kakadi - Cucumber. Kala chana - Small chickpeas blacks.

Kala aur alu (Haryana , Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh) - spicy dish made ​​with kala chana and potatoes. Kanji - Pickle carrots. Kaju kari - Cashew Curry. Karhi (Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh) - Latticelllo and besan. Kashmiri (Kshmir) - Chutney of green ginger. Kela - Banana. Khasa - very spicy chutney of mango cream. kheera - Cucumbers. kheera Raita - cucumber salad and yogurt. Khumbi - Mushrooms. Masur - Red Lentils. Mattar - Peas. Mattar paneer - peas cooked with cheese and spices. Mattar Sukhe - peas with butter, turmeric and coriander.

Mellung (Sri Lanka) - Vegetables boiled with cumin and grated coconut. pada Min - very spicy pickled fish. Moong ata Sambola (Sri Lanka) - bean sprouts served as sambol. Motth - Type of lentil. Muli - Rapanelli. Mung from - Mung Bean. Mutchakotay - Dried beans spicy. Navrattan sabzi dum - Mixed vegetables steamed. pachadi (Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh) - Vegetable plate with curd and chilli. Paneer (Gujarat, Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh) - Out of spinach and cheese.

Paccai payaru (Sri Lanka) - mung beans. Paripoo (Sri Lanka) - spicy lentils. Patiya - Potatoes with bananas. Philouri - lentil fritters. Phulgobi - Cauliflower. Phul-varhia - puffs of rice. Pickle - jam fruits and vegetables with spices and pickles. Pipinge (Sri Lanka) - Cucumber. Pipinge Hodi (Sri Lanka) - Curry cucumber. Puli ingi (Kerala) - Curry spicy ginger. Pyazwale sookhe alu - Potatoes with onions. Rabu Kolle (Sri Lanka) - Leaves of radishes. Raita - Vegetable salad with yogurt. Ramps ( Sri Lanka) - pandanus leaf. Rajma from - Beans curry. Rathu MIRIS (Sri Lanka) - Chilli. Saag aloo - potatoes sauteed spinach.

Sabzi Mughlai - Mixed Vegetables with almonds, pistachios and spices, cooked with ghee and yogurt . Same - Green Beans. Same ki bhaji - spicy green beans. Sapattu mal (Sri Lanka) - hibiscus flowers used for sambol, curries and drinks. Sarson ki sag - Mustard and cress. Savia - Vermicelli made ​​with besan. Shalgam (Gujarat, Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh) - spinach and turnips. Shalgam bharta (Punjab) - Cream of turnips.

Seeni Sambola (Sri Lanka) - Sauce fried onions, spicy and very flavorful. Simla mirch - Green Bell Pepper . Such saag - spinach sauteed. tamatar, thakkali (Sri Lanka) - Tomatoes. Tarka from - Mashed lentils. Uppama (Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nudu) - Vegetables, nuts and vermicelli fried with herbs and spices. Urd - Beans blacks. Urd from ki - Beans curry. Vambotu (Sri Lanka) - Eggplant. Vatakka (Sri Lanka) - Yellow pumpkin.

Abba (Sri Lanka) - type of mustard that is added to curry or serve separately. Bajre ki roti - bread mile. Bakarknani - thin and crispy bread. Bhatura - Fried bread. Boondi ka dahi - yogurt sauce with dumplings besan. chappati - Unleavened Bread of wheat flour and cooked on the plate. Chasnidarh - dishes that are seasoned with lime juice or vinegar and sugar for a sweet and sour flavor. Curry - Here we are at the famous curry; sauce made ​​from onion, garlic, coriander, turmeric, chilli powder, garam masala, ghee (clarified butter). Dal-chini - Cinnamon sticks. Diliya dosa - Oatmeal Pancakes.

Doh peeazah - Variation of korma: prepared with two bunches of onions. One half is browned and then braised with the meat, while the other is to add grated then. Dosa - Pancake lentils and rice. Used as bread. Double roti - Loaves. Dum - Technique steaming, between two fires low, one above and the other below the food. Firni (Pakistan) - Rice Pudding. Gajar ka halwa - Sweet carrots. Garam masala - Mixture of ground mixed spice, usually added to dishes during the last stage of cooking or before serving. The mix is made ​​with cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, cumin, coriander and black peppercorns. Ghee - Clarified butter.

Obtained by melting the butter and leave to settle - continue to cook very slowly - the most creamy butter itself. Halwa (Pakistan) - Sweet carrots. dhania Hari ki chutney - Salsa fresh cilantro. Idly - bread or rice cake and white round, steamed. Jalebi (Pakistan) - puffs. Kari (Tamil Nadu) - See curry. From this name comes the term curry. Kari flap - Curry different from the curry powder. Karapincha (Sri Lanka) - Curry leaves. Khara - Technique for cooking the meat with whole spices. Khir - Cream of rice. Kiri hodi (Sri Lanka) - Salsa coconut milk. Kulfi - Gelato Eastern Europe. Lucchi (Bangladesh, Bengal) - Variety of fried bread similar to the pure.

Makki ki roti (Punjab) - Corn bread baked on the plate. Massalam - spicy dish. Mughlai - All food mogul. Molee - Curry typical white southern India, based on coconut milk, green chili and ginger. Mulligatawny (Tamil Nadu) - means "pepper water," or spicy soups. Nan - unleavened flat bread cooked in a tandoor. Nimbu achar - Brine lime. Paan - betel leaves stuffed with lime, spices, nuts, tobacco and various berries that are chewed after meals as a digestive and breath freshener.

Paratha - crumbly bread flour Complete with ghee or butter, cooked on the plate. Parcha - meat or vegetables rolled up and stuffed. Phulkay - chappati leavened. Puri - flat bread and fried. Rasgulla - curd balls in syrup. Rogini nan - leavened bread dish and baked. sambals - Appetizers served as side dishes. Saunf - Seeds of anise, eaten as a digestive after meals. Seviyan - vermicelli pudding. Sui ka halwa - Sweet semolina. Tandoor - Clay Oven, usually underground. The meat is marinated in yogurt and spices before being cooked. Tandoori - Food cooked in the tandoor. Tandoori roti - bread dish of wheat flour cooked in a tandoor. Tarkari (Bangladesh, Bengal) - Curry.


Alebele (Goa) - pancakes with coconut. Aliathrum - Pancakes with rice flour and eggs. Amphulia - Mango and rice. Appam (Sri Lanka) - Hopper. Balushahi - Donuts. Burfi - Sweet milk. Beebeek - Coconut Cake . Beveca (Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Kerala, Tamil Nadu) - Rice pudding with coconut. Bolo folhado (Sri Lanka) - Layer Cake. Breudher (Sri Lanka) - Cake. Chirupayaru payasam (Kerala) - Sweet lentil . Chakoli - sweet dumplings cooked in milk with cinnamon. Firni - rice pudding. Foguete (Sri Lanka) - Pasta with fried pastry stuffed. Gajjar jamun - Sweets in the form of balls. Halva (Pakistan) - Dolce of Arab origin. Hopper (Sri Lanka) - pancake of rice flour, baking powder and coconut milk.

With curry and egg can be enjoyed as a savory dish. Hopper myths kiri (Sri Lanka) - Hopper with cream of coconut. Jalebi - Tortelli fried and soaked in syrup. Karachi (Pakistan) - Jellies with almonds and pistachios, flavored with cardamom. Karanjia (Maharashtra) - Sweet with coconut, various nuts and sultanas. Karrah Mahli - Halva from semolina and almonds. Kathal (Bangladesh, Bengal) - The fruit of the breadfruit. Kervai - Balls to the banana. Kesar pilau - rice cake with saffron. Kheer - Rice cooked in cream condensed milk. Koykotay (Tamil Nadu) - Gnocchi rice flour, sugar and coconut steamed.

Kalupol (Sri Lanka) - Coconut roasted. Kulfi - Gelato. Kulkuls - semolina cake and coconut milk. Laddoo (Maharashtra) - balls of chickpea flour, fried and soaked in syrup. Malpura - Pancakes. Mita (Kashmir) - Rice cake with nuts and raisins. Modak - dumplings coconut and cardamom. Panyarums - banana fritters. Payasam - Rice sweet. Peras - Sweets made ​​from khoya with cardamom and pistachios. Petha - Sweet pumpkin. Phla (Sri Lanka) - Pudding.

Pittu (Sri Lanka) - Pastry flour and fresh grated coconut, steamed and served with fresh coconut milk, sugar and hot sambol. Rabri - Sweet with khoya. Ras malai - cheese balls in sweetened condensed milk. Rosogollas - balls of sour milk and flour with syrup. Sandesh - Cream cheese with cardamom and pistachios. Savia - vermicelli with sweet raisins, pistachios and almonds. Shahi tukra - Bread Pudding. Skakar pure - puffs of sugar. Shrikhand (Maharashtra) - Sweet curd with saffron. Susiam - Balls of potatoes. Thalaguli- (Sri Lanka) - Balls of sesame seeds and palm sugar. Wattalappam (Sri Lanka) - spicy egg pudding, steamed. Zarda pulao - rice cake with saffron, cloves and cardamom .


Arak (Sri Lanka) - based liqueur distilled sap of the coconut palm. False - juice of blackberries. Faluda - Milk tapioca. Gajar kanji - Drink cold carrot with mustard seeds and chilli. Gudumba - Drink mango with cumin and cardamom. Jal jeera, jeera pani - Drink cold tamarind, cumin and mint, served as an aperitif. kahwa - sweet tea. Lassi - Drink sweetened with sour milk or yogurt. Nimbu pani - fresh lime juice and sugar diluted in water. Piyush - As the lassi. Rasam - Water flavored with pepper. Sharbat - Drink iced fruit, flower petals or nuts. Sharbat badam - Drink made ​​with almonds and cardamom and kewra flowers.

Shimla Mirchi is a film written and directed by Ramesh Sippy stars Hema Malini, Rajkummar Rao, Rakul Preet Singh in the lead roles.

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