Mirchi Movie Review

Varadhi later renamed to Mirchi remade in Bengali as Bindaas with Dev, Srabanti Chatterjee and Sayantika was released in 2013 and the number of people who watched is estimated exceed 80 million. Pramod Uppalapati and Vamsi Krishna Reddy produce the film together, under the name of the production UV Creations. Koratala Shiva, who has always been a successful writer, makes his debut as a director for this film.

How to get on a roller coaster, some have fun and continue the race with open eyes, others clench their fists and shouting never. Mirchi is a film like this, where you find numerous people, places, situations, and the impossible happens between ascents and descents history rides a dizzying track throwing away handfuls of money in the meantime. Then a good movie or a container packed about to burst. At the end of the vision choose the first or the second response but over 2 hours and 47 minutes is certain that will not be bored.

This was a typical Indian movie a mix of adventure, action and romance. In the film there is a great actor Prabhas, directed by Siva Koratala. The film tells the story of Prabhas, who as a police officer, manages to defend two girls, played by the beautiful Anushka Shetty and Richa Gangopadhyay, after many misadventures.

Manisha (Richa Gangopadhyay), a university student, must return to his village in Andhra Pradesh but she feels she will miss the freedom and carefree experience alongside Jay (Prabhas) the guy that she fell in love. The girl's family is wealthy but surrounded by problems and rather conservative, Manisha paws and Jay tries to figure out how to improve the lives of everyone in the family and even more difficult by setting up a relaxed modern mentality.

A movie. I would say more like a saga, a fusion of several episodes of a serial, or perhaps a blockbuster musical that tries to hold the audience's attention for as long as possible. Before arriving at the final gets a huge round and the title Mirchi or chilli might suggest all or nothing. Just another spicy masala movie. Also no, and for various reasons I liked the experiment.

In fact, the film is composed of two parts clearly divided that make it unpredictable but also discontinuous, we do not have time to get attached to a character and a character that everything is blocked on the most beautiful and we must get used to new faces and new names.

After nearly two hours of absolute wealth of Richa Gangopadyay I started to think that in reading on the cover of the dvd name of Anushka Shetty had seen evil. The story of Manesa and Jay entertains and delights, but then comes the other, not better nor worse, just completely different. I state that I love the interpretations and personality of Anushka but this time I was disappointed to see a second story, too serious, take the place of a more carefree and bubbly that until that moment I had fully satisfied.

Defects, however, you forget in a hurry because Mirchi is potentially born for pleasure, as well as beautiful songs catchy and surreal video to be Yahoo Yahoo shot in Versilia and several Tuscan towns such as Certaldo, Siena, Lucca and San Gimignano, the film proposes some social commentary mixed right here and there in a romantic story and pretty.

Interesting ideas which I applauded are well integrated into a pack classic, seemingly harmless and in keeping with tradition, everything is perfectly administered without hurting the feelings of anyone but strong enough to suggest something to the ear.

Pramod Uppalapati and Vamsi Krishna Reddy are producing the film together, under the name of the production UV Creations. Koratala Shiva, who has always been a successful scriptwriter, he made ​​his debut as a director for this film. The film was released in theaters in January 2013 in 1500 screens around the state of Andhra Pradesh, 100 screens in the state of Tamil Nadu and Kerala and the same all over the world, USA, UK and other countries. In addition, the film was seen also by about 30 million people in TV.