Mirch attacks a virtually taboo of women's sensuality and talent manipulative in the relationship husband - wife - lover. Here, no big story of irrepressible love, exacerbated romanticism, it is well and truly desire and sex. Heaven!

Four sketches variation on in different contexts, different times. All four are funny, sassy, ​​well played, three of them have a common and original high point: these women can make love with their lover in front of their husbands, without it can blame them. It's safe, right? To learn more, look Mirch! The fourth skit is agreed as the others, but Konkona Sen Sharma worth visiting.

The downside of the film is how dramatizations are introduced and concluded, is a bit clumsy, too demonstrative, fetched: a writer a bit temperamental (Arunoday Singh) says his next film to a producer, before his girlfriend (Shahana Goswami) who is also editor and much appreciated by the producer. Two others react to the end of the narration. The trio of fifth skit? This would have given meaning to all, but no, damage. Yet there was the matter, it looks like they did not dare go through.

Despite this, Mirch remains a sympathetic film especially for women. Konkona Sen Sharma, who has two partners, has a look of rare eloquence. And Raima Sen, who plays the other two, is perfect in sweet woman, sensual, love. The husbands are played by talented actors: Shreyas Talpade, Boman Irani, Rajpal Yadav, Prem Chopra.

The lover is always the same: Arunoday Singh, the narrator-writer, less convincing, but with a chest requiring the bodybuildée seemingly irresistible fashion. Unless this is the artistic creation that is irresistible? Either all these lovers are pure fantasy, like cinema, and have never existed anywhere but in the imagination of wives ... Another hypothesis: the real writer of Mirch also dream of being the hero of his films and female fantasies, but it is not enough bodybuilder torso.

The picture is very beautiful, color schemes and light are sought, each party takes place in a colorful harmony (or discolored) that highlights the mood of heroin. The decor of the villagers first story is refreshing and just, the palace where the second place is located at the time of Maharajas, are beautiful, the shots too. The third story, more melancholy, declines the theme of the painting and its harmonies of blue and gray. The fourth, which refers to prostitution, plays the discrepancy in bright colors, emphasizing the vulgarity of the creepy atmosphere. As for connecting scenes, the hard confrontation of black and white portends difficult choices.

Monty Sharma's music is rather unique although some pieces do much thinking about the soundtrack of Paheli, I like his side qawwali revisited. This film pays homage to the intelligence, imagination and spirit of appropriateness of those women who might have never deceived their husbands if it had trusted them and had loved them as they loved. The moral of the story?

Shimla Mirchi is a film written and directed by Ramesh Sippy stars Hema Malini, Rajkummar Rao, Rakul Preet Singh in the lead roles.

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