Melancholic Whisper Of Life

That northern Europe is particularly well known for the sound dark and large symphonic constructions is now no doubt, but when even before the word music we hear of Finland, then we literally have a real warranty. And it is from cold Helsinki that the Six Inch begin to make their voices heard Melancholic Whisper Of Life is the first studio album of the Finnish band, formed in 2010 is not without controversy, and already several positive notes pinned in favor of a totally new production. Melancholic, as the title suggests, are the melodies that accompany this album, which can not be classified in a generally well determined. Surely the skeleton of musical construction is closely related to Death Metal, with the exception of a few tracks, such as " Difficulty Of Life ", in a sort of Symphonic Metal, which is not to dominate the orchestration style Nightwish, because in reality the sound of a single violin Pinja on a carpet of keyboards, " My Beloved ", the only instrumental track, a perfect combination of sounds Dark / Gothic of the album is full, and, finally," Wound Torn Bride, "perhaps the masterpiece of this production: sound lighter, typically Dark Rock Finnish, characterized by a tune voice that is difficult to erase from the mind, once heard. 

Among the special features worthy of note, there is no doubt the voice of Andy Moisio, melodic as biting, which makes " Melancholic Whisper Of Life "an album within a single genus in which military are really in many; yet, the perfect combination of romantic themes and atmospheres in style "The Crow", full of the desire to be heard and understood, by the keyboards that fit beautifully in the rhythmic structure of the songs to a violin ubiquitous and totally distinctive.

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