Lakme Lipstick Shades

Lakme Lipstick rich and nutritious. Color full and absolute comfort. A full bodied texture and nutrient from the immediate smoothness and ultra silky. Extreme sensory and soft texture enhance the experience of the application and the subsequent feeling of comfort. Thanks to the tip of a big drop, the color spreads easily and adheres immediately to the lips defining with precision. The color intensity modulated allows careful control of the finish and a writing effect immediately intense, long-lasting.

In the formula, the combination of the raw materials of the latest generation makes the comfortable texture, velvety and emollient, polymers with very high brightness ensures a pure and luminous effect while the delicate vanilla flavor makes it pleasant to use. The design is simple and elegant in colors and lines. The ergonomic shape of the cap, with its upper recess, facilitates the closing of the pack.

Available in 24 colors, from natural shades and delicate to the most brightly lit and with 3 different finish full, satin and pearl.

There are different types of lipstick, long-lasting lipsticks that promise to last up to 4 hours. The packaging of these lipsticks is plasticky and cheap as well as impractical. Part of the stick, in fact, is always out and you risk ruining stoppered. Just do a little attention to prevent disasters but still I do not recommend putting them in the bag without inserting them before in a house or in a lipstick holders. All colors are writers since the first pass and flow with much ease on the lips allowing to obtain an accurate result without the aid of any pencil for the outline.

Something different must be done for the darker shades that require multiple passes to get a solid color without spots. If you had to compare them with lipsticks Mac would no doubt choose the category of Lipstick because as of this writing are very soft and creamy, not drool and within a few minutes are fixed completely giving a completely matte finish.

The duration of all is very high, come quietly to 10h overcoming admirably meals and snacks. Go away evenly and leave lips slightly colors and nice to see. These lipsticks even and usually use the oil of the Goddess of The Cauldron of Gaia because removes all traces of color and at the same time moisturizes lips.

Another aspect to be considering when it comes to lipsticks is the undertone of your skin and then values ​​as chroma and depth. A lipstick that on some neon is in many cases on me is totally portable and vulgarises. In this case it says that chroma is high. Other girls, however, have a deep high and can lead very naturally dark colors and almost close to black. Finally, there are girls soft they're better with desaturated colors and lipsticks very natural.

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