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Lakme Foundation performance multi leveling and smoothing with SPF 10 is suitable for all skin types. Duration tested up to 10 hours. The concept of a perfect complexion evolves into a smooth texture, creamy to the touch and easy to apply, which melts on contact with the skin, leaving it smooth, smooth and uniform.

The formula with medium coverage, easily adaptable, is enriched by special ultra-fine pigments that maintain the brightness and intensity of the color unchanged over time. The finish brings out the natural color of the skin without weighing down the traits and without glossy effect. Formulated with a blend of active moisturizing and antioxidant useful for protecting the skin from external aggressions and enriched with SPF 10, Skin Evolution Foundation takes care of the beauty of the face, defending it from photoaging.

Available in 18 shades to suit all skin types and ethnicities. Cream foundation specifically for mature skin, comfortable and full of active ingredients selected to fight the signs and imperfections due to the natural aging of the skin. A sublime synergy between makeup and skin care products, developed to complete the system of treatments Anti-Age awakens the youth of the face and gives the complexion a uniform, smooth and bright.

Rich, comfortable and perfectly blendable, the texture of the cream foundation  Anti-Age Foundation SPF 15 gives an adjustable coverage: more light for a cool effect in harmony with the complexion more built for a result total perfection, however natural. The latest generation of photochromic dyes foundation created on the face of a diffuse brightness, stable over time and to vary the intensity of light: the skin looks fresh and rested, while blemishes and discolorations are minimized. Its exclusive formula of this foundation for mature skin contains K2 age-conceal, exclusive pool of active properties smoothing, firming and anti-stain, among which:

Assets of biotechnological origin extracted from a plant known for its ability to fight the signs of aging wrinkles, dryness, loss of bone density linked to hormonal changes that characterize advancing age. Complex polypeptide that enhances the integrity of the support structure of the skin. Feeds, redensifies and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, giving compactness. Derived innovative of Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant capable of inhibiting the formation of melanin inhomogeneous and therefore to prevent brown spots.

Anti-Age Foundation SPF 15 is enriched with sunscreens to protect the skin from photo-aging. Available in 9 shades, for a face makeup is always perfect and complete agreement with all types of skin color and undertone. Smoothing Foundation SPF 15 lifting effect. Color and facial united in a multi-product performance, for a fresh complexion, radiant and relaxed immediately and over time. Its exclusive formula is enriched with K²multi-lift, innovative plant complex containing hyaluronic acid with high purity and extract of microalgae for biotechnological origin.

While hyaluronic acid creates a thin protective film effective in preserving youthfulness, elasticity and tone of the skin - the micro-algae extract acts on three fronts, with effects in the short, medium and long term. Special inorganic powders act on the skin irregularities like real filler, even skin tone and minimizing imperfections without creating thickness. The soft and creamy texture ensures ultra-smooth writing and an adjustable coverage, for a natural luminous finish and a long life.

Enriched with Vitamin E and anti-oxidant protection factor medium (SPF 15), 3D Lifting Foundation helps to counteract skin photoaging. Available in 10 shades flux. Foundation-treatment with active moisturizing effect and medium sun protection factor. Emulsion transformational, that surprises at first touch: white as a cream, contain special pigments that react chromatically microencapsulated at the time of writing to take the natural hue of the complexion. The movement exercised during the application causes the break of the coating of the pigments, revealing a foundation shade able to adapt perfectly to the specific tone of each complexion.

The fusion with the skin is absolute: once applied, the texture soft and evanescent BB Cream SPF 15 becomes like a second skin, giving a slight opacity and brightness healthy and natural. The soft-focus effect allows you to spread the light in a natural way all over your face, camouflaging imperfections and signs of fatigue.

Thanks to the innovative complex K2 energy release, BB Cream SPF 15 takes care of the skin like a real treat: the active ingredients offset the loss of moisture and at the same time counteract the damage caused by pollution on the skin, reinforcing the resistance environmental stresses. Practical and comfortable to apply BB Cream SPF 15 is enriched with sunscreens to protect the skin from photo-aging. Available in 5 shades to suit all complexions, from light ones to the more tanned.

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