Lakmé Makeup Pro Available on Android

Lakmé Makeup Pro available on Android is your very own must-have real time virtual makeover app soon to be launched on iOS where the camera simulation and makeover effects becomes your mirror, which caters to millions of beauty conscious women globally.

Kareena Kapoor Khan in her new Lakme ad shoot for Eyeconic Blue

Doe eyed fish eyes is not an insult but a great compliment, means slanted fish shaped eyes, such as those of the goddess Meenakshi (meen = fish, akshi = eyes). Eyes large, dark, deep and highlighted by thick eyelashes and curved so the eyes are like the Indians and that, indeed, meet every day on the street. That envy! There are, fortunately, also the tricks. India uses one for centuries the kohl, a past and bewitching look hot and will be yours.

There are a number of kajal or kohl on the market in India, powder from wet, the consistency of a cream in small boxes, conical or pencil with some good ones are natural Lotus, Himalaya and VLCC. But, say Indian women, there is nothing better than the kohl made ​​at home. A simple recipe, lead or other chemicals often found in products on the market.

Indian women make variations to get kohl more fragrant and healing, there are a few suggestions below. It is believed that the kohl protect your eyes from the sun and disease, and who has the power to ward off the evil eye and negative energies. The children of India have often rimmed eyes and a black spot on the face, some mom says it's for beauty, others that it is for good luck: wasting the natural perfection is the envy that draws away the evil eye. Nearly all prefer to rely on tradition and prepare kajal at home for the children, here's how:


Castor oil or sesame 
Ghee or almond oil
Metal plate preferably brass
Clay lamp 
Sandalwood paste or extract of the plant 

The kajal is obtained by filling in a metal surface of an oil lamp usually castor oil. To get healing and refreshing kohl dip a square 10 cm wide muslin in natural sandalwood paste and or species of medicinal plants. Let dry for a whole day in the shade, then roll the fabric to form the wick for the lamp. Light the oil lamp under a plate of brass, placed on a pedestal to allow air circulation. Let completely burn the wick. The black smoke is deposited on the metal surface. Remove from heat and, when it has cooled, scrape away the black with a teaspoon depositing it in a metal container.

Add a few drops of ghee or almond oil and mix until dough is soft and dense: the kajal is ready to use. The Indians apply it with the tip of finger, drawing a thick line that tends to widen with the passage of time. Keep away from sources of heat for a period not too long.

Lakme cosmetics is the most popular in India. Its products are among the most popular among the Indian girls who can not resist the charm of some of Kareena Kapoor, the beautiful face of the brand, wearing perfectly every single color and various collections. That this period, for example, focuses particularly the bold colors but not too strong, which give that extra touch to the eyes, face and lips, just when the weather and temperatures tend to turn off the whole thing. The invitation is not to homologate nor even to lie down on the usual neutral tones. Indeed, as long as there is that touch of light more.

Plum, raspberry and tea: There are no proposals for breakfast or a snack, but the colors that Lakme has chosen for the lips during this time. The shades range from Strawberry Margarita to Almond Ice and the finish is certainly shiny and opaque. But the strong point of these lipsticks is definitely their creamy texture that facilitates the writing, for a period up to 10 hours.

The colors of nature are the bosses of the eyes. Lakme for this period chooses tonalite vivid and versatile shades reminiscent of forest and fruit. The names of the two blades are in fact Botany and Peacock. A touch of magic. A slight translucent gel with a quick dry formula that fixes the light and its sparks in their place. Similar colors to paint, crystalline brightness to the eyes that turn into jewelry. But even on the cheeks. The Lakme Eye Magic can be used directly but also on the cheeks for a blush-of-pearl effect, in shades of gold or silver.

Blush 3 in 1: a trio of colors and a mini palette that can integrate with warm colors and cooler perfectly modular and easy to apply. The formula is silky and highly pigmented and provides a uniform layer that captures the light and sculpts the face. Infinite options shadows and definitions that highlight the features of the face.

Bouncing around the blogs for the beauty addict Indians and having a look at sites dedicated to female beauty of the Subcontinent, I decided to focus on what are the latest trends in makeup. The watchword, strange to say, seems to be simplicity. spite of the appeal of Bollywood stars and glitter nails, this winter for the face, eyes and lips of Indian girls seem to prefer soft colors and hints of mascara, with little else.

And also the brand made ​​in India, one among all Lakme, a leader in this sector, offering interesting products that fully respond to this need. With hair soft, smooth and natural, even the makeup is more restrained and delicate. Here are the trends of recent months in terms of look and makeup.

Eyebrows: Very important that they are in order, and since the key word is simplicity, should not be overly arched, so as to be aggressive. Thin, but not too much.

Eyes: Abolish the tons of mascara, some better bunch of false eyelashes expertly positioned to enhance the look. And granted touch of black or brown mascara, but do not overdo it. Miss a line of kohl. Just one stroke to highlight the contours of the eye. Eyeconic Kajal seems to be the most beloved of Lakme.

Lips: slightly pinkish or defined with a natural color. Granted even the red cherry, but without gloss. Out: dark colors tend to turn off your face. Winter is already dark of his own. Face: No covers the total that take naturally to the face. Favorite without a doubt just a face caressed by foundation and powder. The ideal is that proposed by Lakmé, the invisible finish. Finally, the nails: a little something on your hands you can dare, but of course are banned extravagance. Yes, chocolate and peach tones. Eyeshadow and eyeliner cream long life.

Sparkling and bright hues in a creamy texture and light with a soft and extremely comfortable. A mere invitation to make up, thanks to the release of immediate color and uniform. The eyes are dressed as a thin and adherent film that lasts over time. The color is applied with extreme ease and is evenly distributed. Its velvety touch offers a sublime stylish accent to the eye, a layer of charm and intense expressiveness.

Colour Shock is versatile, can be applied as an eye shadow classic, distributing it over the entire eyelid, or as an eyeliner, drawing a precise line along the lashes. For best results, it is preferable to spread the color with the brush Rock Boulevard Eyes Brush. Its two different bits are adapted to both applications. Available in 10 color references, has a light and bright light-colored, full metal and dark shades.

His valuable case glass preserves the quality of the texture. For external use only. Pencil eye liner, long-lasting, no transfer and water resistant. The special formula, casting and wax-based, combines the writing and flow of a liquid eyeliner with the convenience and simplicity of using a pencil. At the time of application, the fixing agents in the formula evaporate by drying the product and increasing the seal. The soft texture allows you to outline the eye with precision. The body color of the pencil, reminiscent of the lead inside, facilitating the identification of shades to apply.

Its formula is water-based and polymer film creates an extra-bright color, no-transfer and highly opaque. The light texture and smooth dries quickly and adheres to the eyelid, without fading and without flaking. The felt tip applicator soft, cone-shaped, makes application very comfortable, simple and perfectly calibrated for a stretch from thin to thick. The extended handle of his packaging ensures maximum control in application for lines always impeccable.

Lakmé Makeup Pro available on Android is your very own must-have real time virtual makeover app soon to be launched on iOS where the camera simulation and makeover effects becomes your mirror, which caters to millions of beauty conscious women globally. 


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