KISS Movie Review

Priya Banerjee does not have any desire to wed the man her father decides for her and chooses to submit suicide. Just before hopping off a precipice, she is protected by Sunny (Adivi Sesh), a hooligan who persuades her to have a ton of fun before completion her life.

What's to come is startling however the profundity of the ocean is scarier to summon the boldness to hop into it and submit suicide. On the off chance that that dilemma was not sufficiently awful, a criminal with a blade shows up from no place and needs to plunder her. Life can't get harder for her.

The family is settled in the US and pretty much as her dad has plans for her life, Priya has plans for herself. She would rather seek after her higher studies in Oxford where she gets a seat. The picked lucky man is additionally Harvard instructed yet Priya has her needs for her life.

At the point when the husband to be's family gets back home and the union is settled, Priya practices the main choice before her. She drives off in the lucky man's auto. She conveys it to a dramatic end close to the ocean on a precipice. Priya needs to end her life yet the hooligan who shows up won't let her. There's a war of words. He persuades her that there is a whole other world to life than simply submitting suicide. She's persuaded that she needs to do all that she has in her heart and afterward practice the suicide alternative.

The hooligan, Sunny (Adivi Sesh) has a representative like methodology. He will demonstrate her everything the great things in life that she has missed so far however she will need to pay him for his administrations. She concurs grudgingly. Priya's family is concerned and a hunt party embarks to discover her.

In the interim, it is the ideal opportunity for the sake of entertainment for Priya and Sunny who watch the sun, the flying creatures fly, move at bars and carry on a great time. Sunny is willing to go all the separation for Priya just with the goal that she will disregard conferring suicide. The following day is pivotal. Sunny who went the distance from Ameerpet to America' has booked tickets to come back to India. The couple acknowledge in the 24 hours that they have been with one another, they can't live without one another any longer.

Priya at long last is sent home. Also, Sunny heads for the air terminal to get a flight. On the off chance that you can't think about what happens next ask somebody who had even accidentally watched the closure of a Telugu film.

In so far as the topic is concerned, the producer Adivi Sesh has demonstrated that he has a reason in making the film KISS. He likewise drives home the point in a viable way. Maybe, a percentage of the scenes could have been pruned. As the lead character in the film, Adivi Sesh likewise gets a characteristic vibe into his depiction. Priya Banerjee places exertion into getting her demeanors right in her part. Shafi shows some comic drama in his abnormal part, demonstrating another shade of his ability.

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