Kiss Day of Love

Kiss Day, the symbol of love is the global day to devote a thought to the sweet partner or getting lost in a little healthy romance

World Kiss Day, the global day celebrating the significance and value of the kiss. All those kisses unthinkable, hampered, opposites, but we all want to meet and discover as an example, as beauty, as hope. So the symbolic kiss that cancels the power of a wall between the children of different faith that draws cheering clean tomorrow, from the kiss that clears the distances that erases the duality.

The kiss is not just between lovers, is the most natural and spontaneous to show their feelings, such as love between friends or relatives, the love between mother and son, father and children, grandparents, uncles, etc. The kiss is the symbol of love but also of tenderness, gratitude, sympathy, joy, sorrow or compassion. The World Kiss Day is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate his love, to devote a thought to the sweet partner or getting lost in a little healthy romance.

Here's the top ten most beautiful kisses in photography, Doisneau from the famous kiss in Times Square, the kisses of revolt revolutionary immortalized in the streets around the world.

Vancouver Riot Kiss - Two young people kissing while lying in the road next to their urban warfare breaks out, after the defeat of the town of Canucks hockey team against the Boston Bruins . With this shot, the photographer Richard Lam  has toured the world.

Times Square Kiss - Captured August 14, 1945 in Times Square by Alfred Eisenstaedt, this picture has become the icon of the joy of a whole country finally out of the nightmare of the war, a symbol of hope and love.

Baiser de Hôtel de Ville - Oltremodo famous is the kiss signed by the great Robert Doisneau : his photo, taken in 1950, it depicts a young couple, kissing with passion, in the midst of movement and chaos of everyday metropolis of Paris, in front of Hotel De Ville.

California Kiss by Elliott Erwitt , is the kiss in the sea that two lovers exchange, reflected in the rearview mirror of a car, an act of love immortalized in 1953 in Santa Monica.

Famous is also the kiss of Gianni Berengo Gardin, still image of a passionate kiss of love, while in the background, whizzing around the bus.

Kisses, kisses and more kisses even in pictures of Mario De Biasi , one of the most important Italian photojournalists. In Budapest of 1953, De Biasi captures the passion that emanates free from a Hungarian couple who finally ricongiuntasi, embracing and celebrating their love.

In our ranking of kisses, comes in its own right too Priest and Nun one of the images that has caused more stir in the Catholic world: the photo of Oliviero Toscani for Benetton's campaign in 1991 in which a priest kissing a nun.

It became famous thanks to the historic cover of Rolling Stones in January 1981, is the image of Annie Leibovitz, John Lennon clinging to Yoko Ono and naked, like a child, a few hours before his assassination.

After paying homage to the Beatles frontman, go back in time with  an old photo, taken in Paris in 1968, during the riots of  May French kissing girlfriend while a student behind the barricades.

We conclude our top ten with  the picture of two girls kissing, taken by  Gerard Julien,  has been around the world and has become, in spite of himself, the emblem of the demonstration against gay marriage, which took place in Marseille in October 2012.

Here are the top ten of the most beautiful kisses in the history of art, by Hayez to Klimt, from De Chirico to Magritte.

Romeo and Juliet by Frank Dicksee 1844 is at the Southampton Art Gallery. The painting represents the day after the first and only last night as husband and wife between Romeo and Juliet. What that tells us Dicksee Sir with this painting is to surrender ourselves to moments of escape, such as love. Gripped by the frenzy of modern times, Dicksee invites people to seek harmony and a space dimension of man, to seek that which makes us feel good, like love.

The Kiss painting by Francesco Hayez built in 1859 and preserved in the Pinacoteca di Brera in Milan is by far the most famous kiss. This picture became the symbol of the nineteenth century and includes all the features of Italian Romanticism. The setting of the painting is neutral to focus the viewer's attention on the kissing scene between the two lovers; the man has one foot on the steps, making the idea of the imminent departure, but the passion of the kiss it suggests that wants to stay with her. The beloved, compliant, conveys the passion and yearning transport to greet his beloved.

The Kiss by Amos Cassioli of 1870 represents the furtive kiss between Paolo and Francesca, the two lovers condemned to hell by Dante. The stolen kisses - not legitimate, but furtive and guilty - of impossible love becomes even more fascinating. Love, who sees in an act passionate kiss and a gesture politician together, is one of the most frequent subjects and represented by the nineteenth century Italian painting.

Cupid and Psyche, children, is an oil painting of 1890, the painter William-Adolphe Bouguereau which is located in a private collection and is one of the most famous works of the author. The work is erroneously known as the first kiss, and it symbolizes the sweetness of childhood and the most pure love.

The kiss with the window is a painting by Edvard Munch, 1892, preserved at the National Museum for kunst in Oslo. The painting is part of a group of works on the theme of the cycle of life, death and love. The relationship between man and woman is a theme that is often faced by Munch. The two figures embrace, impossible to distinguish separately, represent the loss of identity. The relationship between man and woman is configured as a tension between the desire to love and fear to love. The ambiguous relationship is expressed by the physical merging of the two figures embracing in an attempt to annihilate or assimilate. In what Munch moved that painful sense of loneliness related to his personal life.

The Kiss as famous as the former is certainly one of Gustav Klimt created in 1907 and preserved in the Österreichische Galerie in Vienna. This work, in full accord with the canons of the Art Nouveau style, is painted on canvas with gold decoration and mosaics in the background. Is the ecstasy that causes love. The man and the woman seem to belong to a single body, which in turn becomes one with the universe. The flowers and buds are supported on which the two lovers are the vital energy that is generated by love.

Hector and Andromache by Giorgio de Chirico in 1917 is housed in the Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna in Rome. The characters in the foreground are Hector and Andromache, two well-known protagonists of the Iliad and the episode in which De Chirico refers is the last hug at the door Scaean, before the great Trojan hero Achilles greek face in a duel. The scene of the tragedy lies in the fact that Hector and Andromache, by the will of Fate, lack of upper limbs, so their attempt fails, a last hug and are forced to crash. Hector and Andromache, are mannequins or abstract figures subject to chance on the one hand, but on the other hand, despite the appearance, there are two living beings of flesh and blood who want a human touch. The abstract of the two figures "freezes" the time and makes it eternal, it projects beyond reality, beyond nature, in another dimension which is precisely the metaphysical.

Over the town by Marc Chagall  is a work of 1918, preserved at the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. Symbolist painting depicts two lovers who hover over their old world, flying from their hometown to a new life together. Chagall uses the full range of colors available to describe very complex images with a symbolism of a painful reality lost, found only in the dimension of memory and dream.

The Kiss by Pablo Picasso made ​​in 1925 is preserved in the Musée National Picasso in Paris. The painting depicts a man and a woman in the act of kissing, although the chaos makes the situation whooping and incomprehensible, as in an explosion of passion. Picasso put sexual references to increase the erotic charge of the painting, in different parts can be find phallic shapes or female organs. As in other paintings previously seen the two bodies come together in a plot that makes the distinction between the two shapes almost impossible. The kiss Cubist Picasso remains one of the most important works of the author Andalusian, a sexual impulse that explodes in a framework that tells us much about his relationship with women, and that explains his fiery character that made ​​him famous in the good and bad.

There are two copies of Lovers by René Magritte created in 1928 with the technique of oil on canvas. One is in the National Gallery of Australia and the other at the MoMA in New York. The painting depicts two lovers kissing passionately with her ​​head and face covered by a white cloth. This refers both to the pure passion of physical love that does not need many words, and to the difficulty of communication of the couple. This, despite the reference to the death of his mother's suicide found dead with a cloth over his face, looks very disturbing. The interpretations are and will be many and reflection to which the work should lead the observer has always been the artist's will. Hiding their faces, making them not visible, the artist wants to show the multiple meanings of reality through new points of view.

Last November 2 was held in Kochi, Kerala, the first protest Kiss of Love. A group of free thinkers rallied along Marine Drive, the city's waterfront, and did something that is illegal in the country and in different parts, risks as well to catch the blows kissed in public. As things turned out later, it is not good news.

Sunday, November 2nd movement Kiss of Love, against all forms of puritanism imposed by force, took to the streets in Cochin. The other part of Kerala does not seem ready to open to change costumes, kisses and outpourings of affection are taboo difficult to dismantle. Talking to the guys of Trivandrum and Cochin that support the movement for freedom of expression, you feel a strong charge of idealism.

They are young people who have received a good education and want to believe that we can improve, change the company to accommodate new requirements that previous generations did not know. They want to spread their wings, without necessarily having to leave the country, without forgetting their roots. On the other side of the fence there are other young and old especially Hindus and Muslims) who are afraid of losing their identity, convinced that the dictates of tradition should be defended against corruption (which almost always comes from the west.

And then on Sunday in the street there was a crowd of onlookers, arrived for boredom in the hope of seeing something different, and not even know who was missing, perhaps precisely because of sexual repression, he yearned to see some passionate kisses exchanging the event for an erotic fair.   The event of Kiss of Love on Sunday night in the end it went like this: the protesters definitely a limited subset of the curious and the anti Kiss of Love were arrested before the event starts. Breathing tension and fearing the worst, the police locked up 50 organizers of Kiss of Love before they come down the street.

No opponent with truncheon however ended up behind bars for preventive purposes (perhaps because they were too and definitely less peaceful). Almost certainly there would be clashes and someone would get hurt. Some protesters still managed to give the elusive kiss (on the cheek many) before the eyes of the people gathered around, the objectives of the cameras and the cameras of the media flocked - if you surf a bit on the internet by inserting the words kiss and kerala you can get an idea of the media coverage.

It seems that, at least for the moment, the is not ready for the free expression of affection in public. But there is a spark of change in this state characterized by high levels of literacy and at the same time very conservative and puritanical. Its an interesting moment in history, with many forces that face and are likely to clash. The technology also does its part in this revolution: the maximum spread of the movement took place via facebook, thanks to the page Kiss of Love created after vandals had devastated a cafe that favored promiscuity among students who attended it.

For now kiss the revolution was quelled, but we hope that you will continue to talk about it, we hope for a constructive dialogue without violence and clashes between those who see it same world in two different ways.


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