Soodhu Kavvum

Soodhu Kavvum forerunner of a new genre that will appeal to many. Each actor must be commended for its work because the film has unknown actors but also familiar faces in supporting roles

Das (Vijay Sethupathi), a loser has mastered the art of individual removal without endangering. For this he has developed five principles that have avoided him being unmasked. He met a group of three friends with whom he will form a kidnapper team. The new team is organizing the break of the century but the consequences go beyond them.

History has nothing innovative but Nalan Kumarasamy stands out for its staging and depth of the characters. These are not placed at random and reflect many aspects of society. As in his short films, the director evokes several sensitive topics such as politics, corruption or violations of human rights by the police. The writer has cleverly managed to deride these themes to present a film that at first reading can be likened to a comic film.

The comic word can be reducer for Tamil audience for whom comedy is accompanied illogical scenes whose main purpose and do not laugh and think. In this register, Nalan Kumarasamy innovates by making us laugh in dramatic situations, and then, each character makes us think. Do good wins? What is good? What philosophy should we follow? This is fiction it far from reality? So many questions that may arise out of the room after laughing. Nalan Kumarasmy offers a new atmosphere may seem elusive. But soon, technicians and actors are plunging the audience into this new dimension.Les characters created by director are very engaging as it is Das, Shekar or Pagalavan everyone to its friendly side.

The success of Nalan Kumarasamy is to have included black humor throughout the film without forcing these comic scenes. The most banal dialogues are equipped with a humorous touch. Soodhu Kavvum breaks the formula used repeatedly and greatly demonstrates that developers are not required to make a "rom-com" with Santhanam to make a funny movie or falling into vulgarity. A serious topic can also have a light and comical presentation!

Each actor must be commended for its work because the film has unknown actors but also familiar faces in supporting roles as Yog Japee (Ranjith in Billa) or MS Baskar that are unrecognizable. Vijay Sethupathy reconfirms his talent to innate actor. It adopts the gestures and facial expressions of a looser and his performance is very different from what we've seen of him so far.

Simha and Karunakaren known faces from the world of short films seem to have a promising future in our industry. The beautiful Sanchita Shetty, the only female artist of distribution, has a limited role certainly, but quite different from what the female characters in Tamil films, his most significant presence lacks a bit in the second part.

As for the technicians, the cinematographer Dinesh Krishna, a former team Rathnavelu , made ​​his debut in this film. Despite the low budget of the film, the technician did a job worthy of a great photographer with the Red one. Dinesh is an artist to watch, it certainly has its place in the top 5. John Paul Leo on its mounting table, now a regular production Thirukumaran Entertainment provides the necessary support for the vision of the director and cinematographer. A slight moment of hesitation is felt before and after the intermission, but still forgivable for a young team.

Composed by Santhosh Narayanan, the songs of the films are very short, and avoid the musical effect that our films usually have. The composer performed a mix of traditional music, electronic, Rap / Ganna whose Kasu Paanam which became a big hit with kids! The soundtrack is not very far from perfection, melting rock / electro shifted following the intentions of the director. Special mention to the sound mix done by Australian Steve Smart, Simon and Sean Todkill Still usually working for big international stars like Madonna. Maybe Narayanan is not as popular as some composers on-side, but in a few projects, we will see in another dimension!

Soodhu Kavvum forerunner of a new genre that will appeal to many.

Kevvu Keka is a Telugu comedy film written and directed by Devi Prasad, produced by Boppana Chandrasekhar with Sharmila Mandre featuring as the leading lady, the film also has Ali, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam and M.S.Narayana.


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