Kevvu Keka Movie Review

An abducted agent is strangely helpful as well as requesting that he be dealt with well. A telephone call to his wife to coerce cash from her, stuns the criminals who get a sudden answer. She offers Rs 75 crore when they request Rs 50 crore yet with one condition: that they ought to impart the plunder to her! There's perplexity, there's comic drama and that is Kevvu Keka.

Lights. Move camera. Activity. Also, there's no halting our lead on-screen character Naresh whose name in the film is Buchi Raju. The main man who can call cut in his life is his sweetheart Maha's dad Subba Rao (M S Narayana) who wants a rich spouse for his little girl. Maha (Sharmiela Mandre) finds no choice however to present Buchi Raju as the executive of a gathering of shopping centers while the young fellow is just a sales representative.

Subba Rao's fantasy that he ought to have a crorepati as child in-law pushes Buchi Raju to arrive in Thailand. On the off chance that just Buchi Raju can lay his hands on the two agents, now in Thailand, who had deceived his dad, he would turn out to be overnight rich. Ghottam Gopalakrishna (Ashish Vidyarthi) who claims an article of clothing assembling organization releases Buchi Raju when he approaches him to give back the cash he had taken from his dad.

Ghottam is an intense nut to separate and Buchi and his uncle (Krishna Bhagawan) settle on an arrangement of activity: seize him. It's here that three unique groups of individuals for various reasons are on the same mission. Interestingly enough, Ghottam himself scripts his seize with one gathering and Ghottam's wife arranges the hijack of her spouse with an alternate thought process and with an alternate group. The third group in conflict is Buchi and his `mama'.

The motion picture is quick paced. Exactly when you think one hindrance has been succeed, another scene emits to keep you locked in. The witty jokes are what make the motion picture. There is no constrained parody however just planned play on words. It's entertaining. The film chief Devi Prasad has vigorously depended on the fun component in the script and seems as though he didn't give careful consideration to the camera work.

Naresh is calm all through the film and Krishna Bhagawan, with his comic feeling of timing, tickles your entertaining bone. Sharmiela Mandre is one who will give out any bit of data while attempting to shroud it. The chatty young lady makes for a pleasant character. On the off chance that you are searching for some activity, there's a few despite the fact that it may not be quality stuff. There's Mumait Khan as well and she is dominated by the music in her tune, much to the alleviation of the group of onlookers.

There are an excess of occurrences that might incite you to scrutinize a few scenes that create. Unwind. In the case of something is amusing, giggle. On the off chance that it is not, you can't resist the opportunity to rather giggle at the created amusingness.

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