Deva ( Surya ), a graduate in computer science, lives alone with his mother holding a small drugstore in Chennai. Instead of applying for a government job as would his mother Deva Das joined the gang (Prabhu), a friend of his late father, specializing in various types of trafficking: Import DVD pirates, receiving stolen diamonds illegally imported from Africa, etc. The thriving illegal trade in Deva Das-faces competition from a rival gang led by Francis Lalanne, uh no, Kamlesh (Akashdeep Saigal) who intends to take control of the entire industry in Chennai, including trafficking narcotics.

For this, he sent one of his men, Chitti (Jegan), Das infiltrate the gang. Deva and Chitti become friends and the first even falls in love with the sister Yamuna (Tamanna), second. Things go wrong when Deva pierces the double play Chitti. Nevertheless Deva forgive Chitti when he dies after serving mule to transport drugs in Malaysia. But Deva is accused of murdering Chitti. He must then prove his innocence to regain the heart of the beautiful and avenge his friend ...

Ayan is the only real blockbuster, and the biggest hit of the Tamil cinema for the year 2009. Its main actor Suriya, whose last two films Ayan and Aadhavan are in the Top 3 of the year, thus grants the undisputed and indisputable king of the Tamil industry status for 2009. But why this film, released in March, and again in select cinemas in July, he has been so successful?

First, to enjoy Ayan , it is necessary to put in the right context. The film does not promise to be a repeat of the magnificent and moving Vaaranam Aayiran . It is a masala of hardcore action, this announcement songs, good fights, comedy, a love story mixed all the way to spend a fun time, and that's exactly what we have here no more, no less. We must not expect too much because it is not a masala exceptional, but if our expectations match the promises of the film, no doubt we have a good time.

We must admit that the film sins on some points, beginning with the wicked, that is, how to say ... laughable. Yet when we came to be a regular at Indian cinema, it has already crossed some ridiculous characters on our course, but now we peaked, especially if we are original French. Indeed, how not to notice the striking resemblance that accuses the pseudo-villain with our famous Francis Lalanne (crowing)? He even has his facial expressions: go ahead and that I will shake the hair, from right to left and then from left to right. It must be said that the actor is from the soap , this explaining that. Not credible at all the wicked-Lalanne! Other elements also lend the film the involuntary laughter, among others, certain exotic destinations (Africa, Malaysia) are the setting for several scenes of the film and do not escape a profusion of clich├ęs.

However, if they disregard these few details, we must admit that the film is rather well made. Obviously, the plot does coaster as is often the case in a masala action, but no one came to see Ayan to find a scenario worthy of Mani Ratnam. So, it's more fun to just go with the twists that nitpicking. Fighting is well made, and usually not too long, as sometimes happens in the Southern films, something for the gentlemen who still crave but also the ladies who would like to have a little less ...

We must not close our eyes, the highlight of the film is its lead actor Suriya. He's handsome, he's strong, he dances, he does his stunts himself, and he can play the romantic scenes. What you ask for! Not much else I think, because Surya is one of the favorite actors of the Tamils, who, when I was in Tamil Nadu, welcomed me as one of them when I told them that it was also my case.

Indeed, Surya showed he could carry on his shoulders dramas, as the only Tamil cinema knows how to ( Pithamagan , Vaaranam Aayiran ), but it also provides the show of masala action with tremendous efficiency. His "good looks" and his bright smile will surely have a significant part in his success, but not the only qualities that we can admire in him, fortunately! And now, a masala action whose originality is not the strong point, much better happens when a charismatic actor provides the leading role . He can make us laugh, saving us the usual clumsy comic to Vadivelu, it can make us cry, and he knows make us smile. In fact, most of the smiles are due to romantic scenes, which by the chemistry between Surya and Tamanna, is very pleasing. The latter is doing well, although its role is not well developed and shows she is an actress on whom to be reckoned with in the coming years.

It will be understood, whether one reason or two to watch Ayan , it is Surya and Tamanna, but they are not alone. Music is also an important asset of the film. The songs, pleasant to listen, so too are watching. Besides Nenje Nenje ("slightly" copied from Guzarish , the love song of Ghajini ), which brings into focus the two heroes and their chemistry, it also takes a lot of fun to watch O Aayiye Ayiye and Pala Pala offering both a costume festival ... original to say the least! Those who like to watch the errors of taste of the Southern stylists, will find their account, and those who see no interest may be seduced by the rhythm and beautiful melodies of both songs. Pala Pala , it must be said excels in both cases.

Ayan seems to be a masala action pleasant to watch after a hard day at work to relax, which is perhaps the key to its success. It has several defects certainly, but which are heavily outweighed by the charisma of its lead actor, songs, and the fact that the film does not take seriously. If you are not fans of masala action or Surya, go your way, but if not, you will probably have a good time.

Video Pala pala where Surya is a nod to the other characters of his films (Perazhagan, kaakha Kaakha, Ghajini ...)

Kevvu Keka is a Telugu comedy film written and directed by Devi Prasad, produced by Boppana Chandrasekhar with Sharmila Mandre featuring as the leading lady, the film also has Ali, Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam and M.S.Narayana.

Kevvu Keka Movie Latest StillsKevvu Keka Movie Latest StillsKevvu Keka Movie Latest Stills
Kevvu Keka Movie Latest Stills

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