Kiev Complain Russian Raid

Voltage to the stars between Ukraine and Russia. The Kiev government reports that on Thursday night a column of Russian armored vehicles entered into the territory of Ukraine and was partially destroyed. A serious charge, which Moscow strongly opposes and bubble as fanciful, but that could be supported by the strengthening of the separatist file 150 armored vehicles and 1,200 men trained in Russia announced yesterday by the new prime minister of the self Republic of Donetsk.

To be witnesses of the alleged crossing of the border by 23 armored but there are also journalists of the British newspapers The Guardian and The Telegraph, which argue that the encroachment has taken place through a gap near the border post of Izvarino-Donetsk, which leads to the Ukrainian region of Lugansk. The same which is expected to pass the massive Russian humanitarian convoy of nearly 300 trucks stopped at the border since at least two days because Kiev to the Kremlin fears could serve as a pretext for an invasion or arming the separatists.

The movement of military assets in Ukraine from Russia has been denounced by NATO, and the United States say they are not yet able to confirm or deny whether the troops of Kiev have actually hit a Russian military convoy in Ukrainian territory, but ask anyway Russia to cease the provocations. And EU foreign ministers on their part urged the Kremlin to stop "any unilateral military action.  

Input, real and alleged, of military means in Ukraine is certainly not a massive invasion by Russia, but seems to confirm the suspicions of Kiev and its Western allies, who have long accused Moscow of arming the militia separatists. The rebels deny having received military means, but in a video posted on YouTube yesterday, the premier of the pro-Russian Donetsk, Aleksandr Zakharchenko, announced the imminent arrival of reinforcements 150 armored vehicles, including 30 tanks, and 1,200 men.

Zakharchenko does not specify where they come from men and means, but argues that they arrive at the crucial moment" and especially emphasizes the training of new fighters for four months in Russia escalation of tension yesterday has plunged the European stock markets, and tomorrow the foreign ministers of Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France will meet in Berlin to seek a solution to the crisis. Meanwhile, the fighting continues and increases the number of tragic deaths, which according to the UN are already more than 2,000 since the conflict began in April, 1000 of which only the last two weeks, that is, when the Ukrainian troops are tightening siege the separatist stronghold of Donetsk and Lugansk.

To pay the highest price in this war is probably the civilian population, and the observatory on the international protection of human rights, Human Rights Watch denounced the use of heavy weapons against the population centers by both warring factions and remarked how the humanitarian situation is "very difficult" to Lugansk, for several days without electricity and running water and short of food.

And it is precisely in Lugansk which has directed the Russian convoy of alleged humanitarian party Tuesday from a military base near Moscow and stopped by Thursday to Kamensk-Chaktinski, about thirty kilometers from the border with Ukraine, whose government fears that the column of aid can serve as Kremlin Horse Trojan Horse to prepare for an invasion or arming the separatists. Today, finally, with the mediation of the Red Cross, found a basic agreement that the International Red Cross workers inspect the load on Russian territory and then accompany each truck in Ukraine. However, there has still ok to Kiev, which must recognize the convoy as humanitarian aid.

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