Garnier BB Cream Review

Garnier BB Cream is the phenomenon of the moment, which has now become a fashion in the daily routine. Out of curiosity for this type of product, I tested with pleasure that of Garnier and I must say I was quite satisfied. Being the first BB Cream of which I offer you the reviews, before you talk about the product in question, I propose a small introduction in which I will explain in what is essentially a BB Cream, for those who still they do not know.

What is hiding behind the initials BB is Blemish Balm, originally used by dermatologists in Germany for its exceptional soothing properties for the skin, especially after procedures such as facial peels.

Imported from Korea, the BB Cream has been a great success, attracting the attention of the most famous actresses who have started to use it quickly becoming their beauty secret.

In a country where women use at least seven products, the BB Cream, has had a phenomenal success. A single gesture, a single product to treat, protect, and even out the complexion with immediate and lasting results. BB Cream is multi-functional and combines the advantages of for the treatment of skin products, such as hydration, correction, repair, offering brightness and UV protection. It also features a colorful texture that gives a light coverage for a natural result

Below I'll talk about the details of the BB Cream by Garnier to find out all the pros and cons that I found in this month of use. It looks like this:

Packaging is the classic tube which I find very convenient especially for reasons of hygiene. And 'beige, plastic and contains 50 ml of product. From the hole on the cap comes out the right amount of product although I recommend you do little pressure on the tube may spill out any excess. The BB Cream is placed inside a cardboard box where there are indicated the various information on the characteristics and the use of it.

The cream has the appearance of a typical cream colored. It has the consistency not too fluid that makes really easy to apply. The thing that has particularly surprised me is that compared to a normal fluid foundation is not fixed on the skin dries a bit ', but remains fluid as long as it is not absorbed as if it were a normal moisturizer. This characteristic ensures that the product is particularly suitable for those who have a dry skin, normal or mixed (as my). In contrast there is the fact that it tends to polish already just the stretches (at the beginning it had me quite scared XD), but with a powder the problem is easily solved.

I use the Mineral Booster of ELF after using BB Cream and opaque my face all day. If with combination skin can compensate for the lucidity with a little 'of powder, I would advise against this product in case of oily skin because I think in that case the powder would not be enough to minimize this defect (or whatever they recur during day). I believe, for the same reason, the use we'll be limited to the rather cold months where the skin does not sweat. But let's get to what I liked about this BB Cream: no doubt the natural look that gives the skin. It really seems that he does not put on anything, but looks bright and uniform.

As we know the coverage is a sore point of BB Cream (which still are not born with this purpose) and I have to say that this is no exception: if you have redness or scars, they can expect not covered. I just noticed a slight improvement on the coverage of large pores. But to avoid this, just use a concealer before applying the BB Cream and you're done! It also has an SPF 15 that protects the skin from the sun throughout the year.

A note that I would not be overlooked is that the BB Cream has a flowery smell say quite clearly, and that remains a bit 'even after the applicazione..Personalmente does not bother me, but this is subjective. After a month of use, I can say that I was not tried any allergic reaction, but this factor is strictly subjective and also the benefits of the cream I I note that last for the entire application time.

To roll it usually use one stippling brush i find really suitable for products not particularly dense, otherwise your fingers are fine. Usually I put a small amount of product on the back of his hand and fetch this as the product with the brush in a circular motion.

The Garnier has readjusted the formula of BB Cream specifically for the western market. The two tones proposals, in fact, do not change color on gray as most of these products, but are shown in a clear variant and even in a dark (which is typically difficult to find). The BB Cream that I have received is the hue Middle-Scura which I believe does not reflect well my complexion (I have a medium to light skin), but does not deviate even that gives a healthy glow without creating deadlifts with neck.

Although it may seem very dark if dosed and perfectly nuanced, the result is still natural. Summarizing the major defects that I have encountered are: the shiny effect that makes it not suitable for all skin types, the minimum coverage, the smell quite strong which you can like it or not, not exactly natural.

The positives that I have observed are hydration, the brightness and the natural effect and uniform that confers, the easy availability and the presence of a darker shade of which many may need. I remember that it is the first BB Cream that I use, so I have no comparison.


Ben@Nexera said...

This is so exciting post! And thanks for sharing

Amelia said...

Hi Kaylan, thanks for introducing this wonderful BB cream. I'm using skin 79 BB cream from Korea. Will check out Garnier Nutri to compare.

Have a nice weekend, regards.