Varsham based on four colorful characters. Prakash Raj plays the ungrateful father, spendthrift, alcoholic, with long teeth (literally), ready even to sell his daughter to have something to play cards! As is often the actor is impeccable (should be seriously counting his appearances in Telugu and Tamil films a year, it should not be far from holding a record!), By adding the role of a comic touch unpleasant father hilarious and irresistible .

If Prakash Raj plays the father, who has got the role of bad guy Bhadranna? None other than Gopichand here in one of his first roles at the time he made ​​his debut by playing only the wicked. Since then, he will save damsels in distress with great style! The actor brings a certain relief to the character, not quite inhuman, not quite beastly, which we can not determine if it's love or pure desire that Shailaja research. One of the best scenes of the film is undoubtedly the one in which he stopped a performance of the Ramayana (clues to the source of the scenario are scattered throughout the film) and asks the actors to play a different purpose, where Ravan succeed in marrying Sita .

Sita / Shailaja interpreted by Trisha and it is clear that this is one of his most enjoyable roles. His character could have passed for a pathological sick (she speaks to rain anyway) but the actress makes us seem naive and endearing than anything else. Moreover, it actually shares some chemistry with the hero is none other than Young Rebel Star Prabhas. He fears nothing and no one, to ride bike on sunset background (a small Rebel side of Lorenzo Lamas) escapes blast jumping in the air, puts HS several trucks with a poor gun, robbed kicking as a person and of course wins a fight against one of 50 through a burning wheel ... and all with style!

The greatest asset of this friendly masala very traditional invoice is undoubtedly impeccable soundtrack by Devi Sri Prasad, full of frenzied dappas, romantic ballads and upbeat songs wish. The first clip is the best known, the one who is renowned Varsham , and which tempted to hundreds of spectators to discover this unusual film the video for the song Nuvostanante nenodentana .

Varsham is a brilliant demonstration that a film can go wonderfully in our eyes and in your ears while allowing your brain to rest.

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